Recognizing Love

A damsel in distress, in this world,

Betrothed to a stranger,

Thinking him her love.

Everybody told her that-

She is very lucky!

But none cared to ask her-

If she is happy.

I am that lucky girl,

As everyone thinks,

Going to marry a stranger,

Considering him my prince.

Knowing of this planned fate,

Closed the door of my heart.

Always thought love is a treasure,

It cannot be planned!

Always dreamt, love will come-

Like rainbow in the rain,

Birds will sing, spring will come,

Mermaids will dance again.

Prince charming will appear,

In a white horse,

Now nothing is left for me-

Except remorse.

But, a wonder happened one day-

When the storm came in the bay,

Opened the door of my heart-

Which, I thought to be tightly shut.

When all were screaming in fear,

I felt the magic of love drawing me near,

The wild wind caressed me,

While playing with my lips

Kissed me and hugged me,

Before I felt it.

Roaring sea took me-

Into its caring arms,

Felt so safe there,

Felt so unharmed.

Heard all were screaming!

Thinking I would die-

How would they know,

it's my love in disguise!

Flowing water make me feel,

Like a free bird-

Life is no more pain,

It's not so hard.

Am I really dying?

Thought, as felt heaven-

Then I touched the shore,

Felt like born again.

Realized love, it's not dream,

It's within me-

Affection of any stranger

An additional gift will be.