Hello everyone! Blaze here, with my first ever FictionPress thing! :D

This poem came to me 2 nights after a strange and disturbing urge overtook me. I won't go into detail, but although I felt kinda embarassed afterwards, I knew the only way to get my feelings across was through poetry.

This is dedicated to a special someone. They know who they are.

Wishing you a happy life,



Those lustful looks I give to you, but that you never return.

Those loving words you never say to me,

but strangely, for them I still yearn.

The times we've frolicked, and we've played,

in nothing but a shattered dream.

It's just my imagination, you see,

being torn apart at the seams.

Your eyes, however fake they are,

still shine, like the beautiful midnight stars.

The times we spend are secret now, and will stay secret forever.

But if there's one thing I promise to do with you,

it's to stay by your side- forever.