Where Are You Nemo? By Disneyluver ( AN: this was written in 2004 when i was still disneyluver- BigkidatHeart) Summary: This is a spoof of the song "You are my Sunshine"- "Finding Nemo" style. I made this parody after I saw "Finding Nemo" one too many times. I actually wrote this parody in 2004. please read and review. Marlin: Where are you Nemo? I've lost you Nemo. I've searched the ocean high and low. I've befriended a new partner who can't remember her name Dory: I heard that! Marlin: Oh why did you have to go? I know you wanted to have adventures But Nemo I'm having no fun, Cause Dory won't shut up … Dory: WHAT? Marlin: And she's annoying Dory: I'm not THAT bad am I? Marlin: And she makes me want to find you soon Dory: I'm not THAT bad am I? Who are we looking for again… is it J Lo? Checko? Marlin (groans): why me? So you see Nemo I'm going loco, And if I don't find you, I'll cry. So please come home, my little Nemo Before Dory makes me want to die!