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Grant: 22

A year's passed since the fight with the Weres. And though some days are harder than others I can honestly say it has been the best year of my life.

The morning after Siobhan's sudden appearance we finally left for the Northern Clan. Leo thought we should stay longer until he was sure both of us were fully healed. But Emma and I both agreed we needed to move on. My brother escorted us home, claiming he was due for a visit with Mom and Dad and his clan would be fine without him for a few days. However, I knew that was the whole reason. He seemed a bit overprotective since he found us in the woods compared to how he was before. And not just towards me. The way he watched Emma might have made me knock his teeth out if I wasn't fully aware of how attached to his mate he was.

We drove home from Armena's house that was settled just outside of Olympia, Washington. Leo refused to let me run while my arm was still healing, though he just said it would give us time to talk. Something that wasn't possible while we were in our other forms. It wasn't as if shifters had some weird ability to communicate through their thoughts. That was just a little farfetched. Even magic has its limits.

Thankfully, we didn't have to stop back at Emma's apartment. Everything had already been taken out of except for a change of clothes Emma had left in my hotel room. We didn't bother going back for it. Instead, Leo just sent one of his underlings to go check out of the room and we made our way straight for Montana.

The entire ride Emma was jumpy but she had no reason to be. As soon as we set foot on Clan land with only minor inconvenience from one of the Guardians—Gavin, I think—my parents were there to greet us. My mother immediately ignored Leo and I and went straight for Emma, wrapping her in one of her inescapable hugs. I smiled at the both of them, knowing how shocked Emma was feeling at the moment. My father stood back smirking before coming over and putting an arm over both Leo's and my shoulder, very nearly pulling us into choke holds. Leo managed to slip out but that only gave him more leverage on me. "My boy's finally all grown up, huh? Has himself a mate, does he?"

"Let go," I said, pushing at his arms while Leo just stood there laughing at me.

"Why don't you make me?"

As soon as he said it, I stopped trying to pull away and launched myself forward, sending both of us to the ground. Surprised, he loosened his grip and I was able to get myself free. However, I didn't have time to stand up before he attacked me again. We were rolling on the ground, both trying to get the upper hand when my mother shouted, "Oliver!"

Immediately, my father stopped and I was able to stand while he looked at her as if he was the most innocent person in the world. "Yes, dear?" Both Leo and I burst out laughing and I heard a small giggle from Emma. It made me smile to hear it.

"You're hopeless," my mother muttered as I made the few steps it took until I was able to wrap my arm around my mate.

I cleared my throat and my parents and brother turned to look at me before my father had a chance to retort. Smiling I looked down, seeing the nerves cross Emma's face with all of them staring at us and pulled her closer to me. "Mom, Dad. I'd like you to meet Emma. My mate."

From that moment on, Emma had my entire family wrapped around her fingers. Leo went back to the Western Clan after a few days but he called every once in a while to check up on us. My mother was just happy to have another girl around to bring her a little sanity with my father and me to deal with. Even Dillon seemed completely enamored by her, though I could feel her sadness whenever he coaxed her into playing with him.

My father was a slightly different story. Every time he saw the two of us together he would get this mischievous glint in his eyes. As if he knew something we didn't. Of course, he loved having Emma around as much as my mother. He got to tell her every embarrassing story about me growing up. And, considering she was the only one in the Clan around to see most of it, he had a very attentive audience. But it was more than him getting another way to wind me up. It took a lot of questioning, being an annoying pest, and finally begging before I got it out of him. But it was nowhere near what I was expecting.

We were sitting outside on the steps of my parents' house, kicked out by my mother and Emma for whatever reason when I finally turned to him. "Okay. I give up. You win. Now can you please just tell me."

"Tell you what, Grant," he said, his eyes going round as if he was really shocked.

I groaned and dropped my head into my hands. "You know something, I know you do. Can't you just stop your games and tell me?"

My father laughed, which just managed to make me mad. I stood up, thinking about kicking him down the stairs. Instead, I just huffed, crossing my arms and leaning back against one of the post holding the awning over the porch. I refused to look at my father, but he just laughed harder. "Come now, son. I'm just waiting for you to ask the right questions."

"What are you talking about?"

"Don't you remember? You asked me something about your connection to Emma while you were still in Seattle. Do you know what it was?"

He looked at me expectantly with one brow raised. The same way he used to when I was a kid and he was trying to get something out of me. I just looked at him for a moment, not understanding what he meant. Then I thought back to the tense weeks after I first saw Emma. The start of our strange bond, so different from anything I'd ever heard about. And then the conversation with my father after I first started feeling Emma's emotions. He'd seemed amused then too. "I asked you about the bond. You knew more than I expected," I started slowly and my father's smile widened. "How?"

"I knew you'd get there eventually. Just didn't think I'd have to give you so many hints." I scowled at him and he laughed again while he gestured for me to sit down. "I've told you it's been a long time since the last male to be Called. I didn't tell you who was Called."

It took a minute but it finally clicked and I stared at the man in front of me in shock. "You?"


"But . . . why didn't you—"

"Cats have a tendency of getting themselves into a bind fairly easily. Curious by nature. Tigers are probably the worst. That's why there are so few of us," he said, sadness showing behind his eyes. "The Call is the way fate protects us. It comes at a price but those it choses are given a very special bond that should be cherished. You and Emma share a particularly extraordinary connection. With you both being tigers, I mean. There's no doubt which way your little ones will go. Not like with me and your mother. I have a feeling you'll be the only one of your siblings to carry my blood. Dillon is too much like your brother. I think your mother's given him three haircuts in the last month." He chuckled fondly at the thought of my little brother but I looked away. I felt as if a rock had lodged itself in my throat.

We hadn't told my parents about our situation. Emma wasn't ready to see the look in other's eyes when they knew. I wasn't sure if she ever would be. I'd tried to tell her that no one would care but she wanted to keep it just between us. It wasn't that I didn't understand her reasons, truly I did. But it was hard keeping it from my parents. Especially at a time like this.

"Come on, son," my father said, slapping me on the shoulder and standing up. "Let's go see if the women are done treating us like dogs." He winked before turning around and heading back inside with me behind him.

Outside of my parents' house and ours, life was very different from the ease with which we lived within. Leo was right. I noticed it almost immediately. Rather than the casual indifference I had been treated with before my trip to Seattle, there was curiosity behind many of my clan-mates eyes. Some of the younger ones who had been told looked at me and Emma with awe while older, more experienced shifters sometimes seemed more calculating than anything else. As if they were trying to judge whether or not the stories were true.

Eamon was the worse out of all of them. He had mostly ignored me before because I was the son of the Protector's leader while he was the Guardians.' It was natural for him to dislike me. Since I'd been back, though, it had gotten a whole lot worse. He glared at both me and Emma as if we had killed a close relative of his. Which I knew wasn't true because Eamon hated the Weres as much as the rest of us. And I knew that pack was the only killing we had done unless there was something Emma wasn't telling me.

I could deal with Eamon, though. He was so obsessed with the rules I knew he would do nothing to jeopardize his position as a leader by trying to do something to another Clan member. His little sidekick, Troy, however, was another story. The kid had a look in his eye that made me think he'd do anything if it helped him at all. Still, he wouldn't do anything under Devlen's nose and the man was keeping a close eye on Emma and me.

It was a bit strange having the Leader so suddenly interested in my life when the only reason he knew about me before was through my father. Not to mention the fact that he hadn't taken much interest in anything since his mate's death and the disappearance of his daughter. Of course, he still ran the Clan like before but he never seemed as invested in the every-day things of life before.

Now, though, he had started investing his time into something else. Emma and I. I didn't understand it, but then he did have something to gain from the two of us that probably was never possible before.

The talk I had with my father was over eight months ago. We still hadn't told anyone about the extent of Emma's injuries from the fight. Most of the time it was a good thing. I could see Emma relax more every day that passed. She had a bit of trouble connecting with others. It had been a long time since someone outside of the Clan came to us with the exception of some of the casters. But I was hopeful that would get better with time.

Other times, it wasn't so great to keep this crucial detail of our lives a secret.

"There you are," I said with a sigh of relief. "You know you are the only one I know who would actually think of hiding off of Clan territory when you don't want to be found. Most people just go into the woods around the clearing. I had to get the mate smart enough to run all the way to the mountains before stopping."

Emma didn't look away from the sky she was so intent on. The sun had set an hour ago and now the gibbous moon was the only light. Emma's skin had gotten slightly tanner without the constant rain blocking the sun, but she still glowed as if the light were somehow inside of her. I climbed up the last few feet between us and sat down behind her, placing my legs on either side of hers and slipping my arms around her stomach. Resting my chin on her shoulder, I turned and kissed her cheek but she didn't seem to notice.

"How did you find me?" she asked softly, keeping her eyes on the sky.

"I just followed my heart. It led me straight to you." She snorted, which was what I was hoping for. Her body was still tense but at least I knew she paying attention to me.

"Be serious."

"Fine. I followed my nose. Honestly, Babe. You have the sweetest scent in a hundred miles by far. Unless there's a candy shop within a hundred miles, I haven't checked. It might be a close call then, but I still think you would win."

Unexpectedly, Emma started laughing loudly and leaned back into me. "How did I end up with you for my mate?"

I couldn't help smiling. It had taken a while to get Emma comfortable with the idea of mates but I'd managed it eventually. "I'm just lucky, I guess."

"If you say so."

"I do. So you'll just have to live with me forever." I could see the slight curve of a smile on her face but it didn't fool me. Her chaotic emotions were pulsing through our bond strong enough that I almost believed some of them were my own. "My mom's worried about you. She was under the impression that someone had come in and carried you off." Just as quickly as I had gotten her to calm down, Emma went completely tense in my arms again. Leaning my face against hers, I looked up at the moon, giving her a moment to calm down. It didn't seem to work. "What happened, Babe?"

After a very long few minutes, she sighed and turned slightly to meet my eyes. "I'm sorry. I just . . ."


Emma glared at me for a moment before her shoulders drooped and she looked down. "I'm not sure. Maybe."

"What were you two talking about?"

"At first it was the same as usual. We were just talking. She was telling me about you, actually," she started with a calm smile. "Then Dillon came in. As soon as he left your mom got this look in her eyes. A second later she was needling me about our plans for children. I wasn't sure what to say to her. When your dad called her out of the room I . . . panicked." She spat the word out as if it tasted bad in her mouth and I failed to stop a smile even with the seriousness of the moment. "Next thing I knew I was sitting out here."

"Well you should keep working on that teleporting thing. It might come in handy one day."

"Grant . . ."

"I'm just saying."

"Why do I love you again?"

"Not sure. I'm still trying to figure that one out."

Rolling her eyes, she turned away and went silent. I could tell by the way her fingers had curled into fists that she was thinking too hard. Again. Reaching around her, I grabbed each of her hands in one of mine and gently loosened her grip, running my fingers over the small crescent marks her nails had made in her skin. "Emma, are you sure we shouldn't—"

"Yes. I don't want anyone to know."

"But someone is going to figure it out sooner or later. And it might keep my mother from asking about . . . well, grandchildren, if she knew."

"I know, but I can handle it."

"Can you?" I asked quietly, unsure of how she would react. I'd asked her something similar before and I hadn't been able to hear out of my left ear for a week afterwards. My father had thought I was going crazy because of the way I had to turn my head to understand what he was saying. I wouldn't tell him what was really happening, though. He would have gotten too much enjoyment out of that.

Emma seemed calm for now, though. She took a moment to think about it before nodding slowly. "Yes. She took me by surprise, that's all. I've been so busy since we got here I don't think it's fully sunk in yet. I was just trying to forget about it before but somewhere along the way I think I might have started denying it completely. I . . . just need to accept it and move on."

"It's okay to be angry, Babe. Some people even say it's healthy every once in a while."

"That might be true, but I would rather get angry at you for being an idiot than be angry all the time. I want to enjoy the life I have. It seems like I have nothing but time left." With a small smile she leaned back again only to jump up to her feet a second later. "Shit. I forgot I'm supposed to be on duty tonight. Troy's going to have a field day with this. He finally has something on me."

As soon as the words were out of her mouth I couldn't help smiling while I reached up to grab one of her hands and pulling her back down. She landed on my chest, which I didn't mind but judging by the frown on her face she was a little irritated.

"Grant, let go. I have to get back."

"I already talked with Rafe. He's taking over for you tonight but you have to cover the day shift. I know how much you love it so I told him you'd be thrilled to." Emma wrinkled her nose at my comment. Her tattoo had been more accurate than I thought was possible. It was as if Emma had been born a Guardian, but of course she only wanted to take care of her duties at night. A major inconvenience if you ask me.

I was a little peeved that it came so easily to her. It had taken me five years of training after my change before being admitted into the Guard. And my father was one of the leaders. For Emma it had been an entirely different story. Devlen had gotten personally involved and within six months of our arrival, after all of our physical wounds had healed, Emma was a new Guardian. Completely unfair, but I was proud to have my mate by my side. And that was exactly what Devlen wanted. Two people that could work to mend the rift between the two sides of the Guard.

And here Emma and I had so conveniently fallen into his lap.

It had cut down our time together more than I would have liked. Emma had to guard the borders and train with Troy to learn her duties for the Guard. And I still had to learn my place as a Protector. Thankfully, my father had found something for me to do that wouldn't require me leaving the Clan for the time being. Once a week I went with a group of casters to a settlement not too far from the Northern Clan boundaries so they could get supplies. The whole trip took about twelve hours to get there and back but it was only once every week so I didn't complain. The rest of the time I only had to fill in where I was needed so I had a lot of free time. It wasn't the most dangerous job or the most important but that was necessary. Until my mate was acclimated to the Clan, she was my top priority and my father was very keen on reminding me of that every time he noticed me getting restless.

My biggest concern with the arrangement was probably the fact that Troy was in the company of my mate so often. No matter how much Devlen trusted him I still thought he was creepy. Sometime in the first month he had made a move on Emma that would have had me ripping his throat out if I had just been close enough. Luckily, I wasn't, though, or else I never would have been able to boast of how Emma had put him on his knees; literally. At least I knew she could handle herself in almost every situation. It made me more confident that I could leave her alone every once in a while. However, that didn't mean I wanted to any more than before.

I focused back on Emma as she leaned back on her knees and frowned in a thoughtful way. If that was even possible. "I think I might have preferred getting in trouble. At least then I could yell at Troy while he's being an idiot."

"But this way you get to spend the night with me before I leave tomorrow."

"It's already Tuesday?"

"It will be. In about an hour."

"Where did the days go?"

"I'm not sure. I can send one of the Trackers out to find them for you."

I felt the sharp pain as she slapped my arm but it only made me laugh while she glared. "Are you ever serious anymore?"

"Sorry, Babe. My father brought me up on the firm belief that it is better to laugh than to cry. I guess someone should have warned you about my amazing wit." I expected Emma to say something back in an attempt to deflate my head like usual, but she just stared at me with one eyebrow raised for a long moment. Sighing, I set my expression into a semi-serious expression and said, "Okay, okay. I'm being serious now. Come here." I opened my arms and, after a moment, she moved forward so she was leaning against me.

"I was hoping I would we able to spend tomorrow with you. I guess I wasn't paying attention to the calendar as closely as I thought."

"Why? What's tomorrow?" I asked, trying to think through the dates. It wasn't her birthday, that was last month. I'd never forget that. And we didn't really have an anniversary or anything so I was off the hook on that too.

"Tomorrow's a full moon. And it's September."

Closing my eyes, I clenched my jaw and cursed the pack we'd already finished off. Right now, though, I felt I could deal with a dozen packs if it meant getting a sliver of revenge on their kind. I could tell the words had cost her. Emma didn't like feeling weak, even around me. And while I'd rather she would confide in me I knew I couldn't push her into doing it either. This was one of the rare times she let down her guard completely and I feel how forcefully her instincts were rejecting it. "I'm sorry, Emma. I'm just screwing up in everything today."

"No you're not. I'm just being stupid. It's not even like it's the same day. And we're not alone this time. Well," she started looking around us and down at the valley separating the mountain we were on from the one beside it. I guess she just realized exactly how far we were from the Clan's territory. "at least we won't be tomorrow. I'll just stay home tomorrow night."

"I'll be back just after the sun sets. You won't be alone long."

"Thank you," she whispered, lowering her eyes. "I have no idea what I did to deserve you."

"If anyone here is unworthy here, Babe, it's me. You obviously still need me to remind you of that," I said as I leaned forward and placed a kiss on her neck.

"I have nothing to give you, Grant. And you've given me more than I thought possible. A life where I don't have to hide half of myself."

It was my turn to scowl as I sat up straight and took her face between my hands. "How many times do I have to tell you, Emma? You are all I need. I don't care about anything else. As long as I have you in my life there is nothing else you need to give me. Just yourself."

"I think my mind is rejecting it because it seems so impossible."

"You should tell your mind to butt out for once. Because your heart knows it's true."

She laughed but her fingers ran over mine in a tender caress. "You know you're only this corny when no one else is around."

"That's because I save the best part of me just for you."

"Stop it," she said, hitting me while I just smiled as innocently as I could manage. I leaned down to kiss her on the cheek again and she smiled back before her face went serious. "I really do love you, Grant. If nothing else at least I can give you that."

"That's all I'll ever ask you for, Babe."

Emma finally settled down, but instead of going back we both lay down on the raised ground behind us and looked up at the sky. Well, Emma was looking at the sky. I turned my head to the side and just watched as the moonlight danced over her skin. There was no reason to rush now that I knew she was safe and she didn't have to be on duty for another ten hours. Of course, I had to leave with the casters just after first light but I could deal with one sleepless night. It was nice to have this chance to just relax, knowing there was no one else around to see us or overhear anything we said. I loved living in the Clan, but sometimes it was annoying having so many people living on top of you; knowing everything about your life. Sometimes you just needed to get away.

Over an hour later Emma shifted beside me and turned her head to face me. I watched as she pulled her bottom lip between her teeth, worrying the skin while she went over what she was going to say in her mind. Immediately, I thought it was something bad. Emma was very rarely at a loss for words and her difficulty putting her thoughts into words was a dead giveaway that I wasn't going to like what she was trying to say. After a long moment she sighed and looked straight into my eyes. "I've been thinking about what Siobhan told us . . . that night."

I growled under my breath. Why do I have to be right?

"Stop it, Grant."

"You shouldn't worry about anything she said, Emma. That creature is something that thrives on causing others to suffer. If there is one thing good about her it's that she leaves just as quickly as she shows up."

"That's why people that are different in any way end up causing fights. They won't listen to each other because they think the other side is evil. You need to learn to look past your prejudices every once in a while. Besides, I was just thinking about it. It's not as if I'm going to go do something drastic because of it."

Emma glared at me for a long moment until I finally sighed and nodded. "I'm sorry. Just her name sets my teeth on edge. What were you thinking about it?" I asked, trying to keep myself calm.

She seemed to notice, because she stared at me for a moment with a skeptical look in her eyes before moving her eyes to the air behind me. "Well . . . I'm not even sure if I truly understand it myself. It just popped into my head recently and I haven't been able to let go of the idea. Just before she left, she said something about 'everything I've lost will return with the one who's lost is found.'" Emma said the last part quickly, using air quotes and everything while her skin turned a light pink. With embarrassment or excitement, I wasn't sure. "Do you think, I mean . . . Is it possible she means I might be able to—"

Her words cut off before she could finish her sentence but I understood what she was getting at. I wasn't sure what to tell her. I could feel a sliver of hope fluttery inside of her and it would hurt me just as much if I had to crush it. Of course I didn't trust anything Siobhan or any one of her kin said. But I still believed it might be possible for Emma to have kids one day. The Alpha had given her a purely physical wound and with time all a shifter's physical wounds can heal. It wasn't as if the Were had silver on its claws and he hadn't bitten her. That was the only way I would understand why she couldn't heal fully.

"I guess I know your answer," Emma whispered, most likely feeling my indecision through our bond.

"No Emma, I . . . I don't believe Siobhan. I don't think she can know things like this. I've heard about people who think they can see the future but it just seems a little out there that a vampire would be going around warning other supernaturals about things. Can you understand where I'm coming from here?"

"I guess . . ."

"But I do think it's possible for us to have a child. Even if it takes a hundred years for you to completely heal from that night. I've been thinking it over for a while and there's no reason you can't heal from this just as easily as shifters heal from everything else. But if you really want, we can go adopt. It's not uncommon to find orphan shifter children in the Southern Clan. And the Eastern Clan is filled with a lot of castoffs."

"That's horrible."

"It's true."

Emma paused for a moment, thinking hard about something, and I felt the hope grow a little stronger. After a long few minutes, she looked up at me with questions swimming in her eyes. "Do you really think it's possible?"

Reaching a hand up, I ran my fingers over the smooth skin of her cheek and smiled. "Would I ever lie to you?"

"You better not."

We stayed where we were until just before sunrise, just enjoying our time together. When we got back to the Clan where I was supposed to meet the casters, my father was there waiting for us. He didn't look happy to see us and the scowl on his face as he yelled mostly at me for not letting them know we were okay was enough to make that clear. It was worth getting yelled at to have my mate more calm than she had ever been in the last year.

I looked down at her while my father continued his tirade and smiled as she moved closer into my side. Amusement was coming through our bond from her but her face was completely blank except for a small hint of guilt; the perfect poker face. My father could yell at me all he wanted. If it was a choice between comforting Emma or my parents, I would choose my mate every time. I loved my parents but it was nothing compared to how I felt about the amazing woman at my side. I was looking forward to spending the rest of my life with her.

Whether it would be days, decades, or millennium, I would be happy just knowing I had her to come home to. Wherever she is, is where I will be. And however she is, is far more than I deserve to have.

Eight more years passed and our lives settled into a comfortable routine. Emma earned her place among the Guardians using more than just brute strength to show off her talent like the others. I had been given the task of protecting the children of the Clan, which seemed a bit ironic to me. But then it probably would have been worse for Tyrelle if my father had asked him to do it. And it wasn't as if he was being malicious about it since Emma and I still hadn't told anyone but Leo our secret despite my mother's pestering on the subject.

So, while Emma took care of the borders, I watched over the Green, the place where the kids most often played. None of them knew I was there, which made me feel like a creeper. But Devlen wanted to keep it that way so no one intending to take one of the kids would know to watch out for me. Or Todd, since he had been assigned the same task now that Jasmine had given birth to their third child and she would be able to protect herself again.

There was something different about today, however. Devlen had called for a celebration without any hint of what it was for. I had already spoken to my father but he was just as clueless as the rest of us.

Standing around the already roaring bonfire, I held Emma's hand in mine as usual. It was very rare for us not to be touching each other when we were together. We waited along with everyone else as Devlen walked up followed by a small girl with wavy black hair even longer than Emma's and looking like she was in need of more than a few good meals. Tyrelle was behind them, blonde hair a stark contrast to the duo in front of him. He stood as straight and proper as usual but there was something in the way he leaned in the direction of the girl that looked as if he were being pulled towards her. Her hand twitched towards him and I thought for a moment she might grab his hand but a second later her fingers were hanging straight at her side once more.

I almost thought the celebration was supposed to be because Tyrelle had finally found his mate. He was pretty much Devlen's adopted kid after all and the man might see fit to have such an extravagant party for that. However, the way they stood apart with Tyrelle behind her as if he was supposed to be her body guard squashed that theory. Then Devlen opened his mouth and he told us the story.

His daughter was back. And she was standing right in front of us.

Everyone around us threw up their hands and cheered but I turned my head to look at Emma with wide eyes. Her expression mirrored mine and I felt her fingers clench tighter around mine. "The one who is lost . . ."

"Is lost no more," she said, finishing the words that had slipped out of my mouth.

It couldn't be what we were thinking. This was just a coincidence. Siobhan was crazy. There was no way she could have known the Leader's daughter would be found again when most of the Clan had given up on ever seeing her again. But then I felt movement on my other side and Emma's eyes went as round as plates as she looked past me.

I turned to see a woman with dark red hair and a wide smile cheering along with the rest of those around us. Her image flickered for a moment and I saw the demon underneath her skin appear for just a moment when she looked over and the two of us. "It is starting," Siobhan said, so quiet I knew the words had only carried to Emma and me. Then she laughed loudly and a second later she was gone.

"What does it mean?" Emma asked as the two of us stood still in the celebrating crowd.

My eyes stayed glued to the spot where the demon had disappeared from, the smell of heavy perfume scalding my nostrils and covering up the barest hint of vampire. Tearing my eyes away, I turned back to my mate who looked shocked at what had just happened. I was surprised myself. The only thing I could think about was whoever was guarding the perimeter wasn't doing a very good job. Not if they were letting vampires slip past them.

Then I noticed Emma's expectant expression and I focused back on her. I wanted to give her an answer. I searched through my head trying to find even some small hint that could help us, but I didn't have one. "I don't know."

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