"God damn it!" Derek shouted as he threw his phone across the room. He wasn't happy with his conversation with John. As the small device shattered against the wall adjacent to the door Daniel turned sharply to face him, his glare freezing Derek in his tracks.

"Derek, you will calm down now!" He growled.

"S-sorry, Daniel…but we lost our men tailing the brat." Derek stuttered.

"I picked up on that much when you started screaming and throwing things."

"But what are we going to do now?"

"That's probably where I'd come in." Marric chimed in. "I saw something like this happening. While common thugs are cheap, they're also unreliable. Chances are, Jenkins wouldn't have chosen this men and this woman if they didn't have their uses, so it was only a matter of time before they were taken out."

"Get on with it already." Derek grunted.

"I took the liberty of finding some professionals." Marric continued, ignoring Derek. "They should be here-."

"Right now." Came a cool and calm voice. The three brothers turned to see a fairly short man, coming up to Derek's nose. He had a fairly square jaw and pale gray eyes. His hair was cleanly cut and pure white, despite this man being in his late twenties. He wore a black suit with a blue shirt underneath and his look was that of mere apathy.

"And who the hell are you?" Derek said suspiciously.

"The name's Dante Carn." The man stated flatly. "I'm here because the gentleman in the vest called."

Marric nodded. "Ah yes, , I was wondering when you'd arrive. I trust you understand why you're here?"

"Call me Dante." The man replied.

"Very well, Dante, you understand the reason you're here then?"

"Kill a couple of people, get paid, and never see you again." Dante said evenly, not bothering to portray any emotion.

"You realize your main target is a little girl?" Daniel asked, a little surprised at Dante's forward nature.

"Me and my boy's have killed a lot more innocent then some kid. I've got no problems with it."

"And what would the price of such a cold and heartless group of killers be?" Daniel asked with much hesitation.

"We ask for ten percent of the fortune." Dante replied without missing a beat.

"That's twenty million dollars!" Derek shouted.

"And I have a lot of men to take care of. The way I see it we take twenty million, leave you three with one hundred eighty and the money gets split evenly."

Derek soon loomed over the smaller man, his scowl deepening. "I don't appreciate the way you do your business." He placed his index finger on Dante's chest a held it there firmly. "I'll give you five seconds to change your price or leave."

Dante looked down at the finger for a second. "I'll give you three to remove your hand." He said coldly. It was obvious that he was mad, but for some reason instead of getting louder his voice got deathly quiet.

As the three seconds passed Derek never removed his finger. In the blink of an eye Dante grabbed Derek's hand and began squeezing. The large man fell to his knee as his face started contorting in pain. Marric stood up in surprise, almost moving forward to try and help when Daniel raised his hand and stopped him. "Let Derek learn his lesson. I think it's about time he learned to control his tongue."

As Dante continued to squeeze Derek managed to shout. "Okay, okay, we'll talk!"

Dante released his iron grip and let Derek get back to his feet. "I knew you'd see it my way."

"So, twenty million?" Daniel asked as the wounded Derek walked back to the couch and sat down, nursing his hand.

"In cash, once the job is done." Dante affirmed. "We'll see to it that the girl is killed off."

Daniel nodded. "I appreciate your understanding in this matter, Dante. We'll see to it that you get your money."

"No thanks are necessary, all you need to worry about is getting me and my crew paid."

Daniel nodded, "Kill them and you'll see your twenty million, but we get the money only after they're dead."

Dante nodded and started walking out of the room. "Pleasure doing business with you." He called out, more to Derek than anyone else.

When the door slammed shut Derek, whose pride had been wounded to no end, looked up to his brother. "You don't really mean to pay that son of a bitch, do you?"

"I'm a man of my word, brother." Daniel replied, turning to face the window. "And something tells me that if we don't pay him his money he'd find a way to compensate for his losses."

"But he-." Derek started, but was immediately cut off.

"Mark my words. That man is a man of ambition, and we'd be wise to avoid him at all costs. He kills Miranda, we lose twenty million, and in the process gain one hundred eighty million. That's a fair enough deal, isn't it?"

"Yeah…but he nearly broke my hand!"

"If I recall, you brought that upon yourself, Derek." Marric said smugly.

"I'd like to see how that was my fault."

"He gave you the option to remove your hand." The crimson haired man reminded. "You chose to keep your index finger on his chest, and in turn, he took it as a threat. You should consider yourself lucky that he didn't go all the way and snap your hand like a twig."

Derek sighed and laid his hand gently onto the armrest of the chair he was sitting in. "Did you happen to catch the name of his group, at least?"

"He called his group The Devil's Hounds." Marric replied as he leaned back in his chair. "A fitting name for a group of assassins I suppose. Though I can only wonder how it started."

Daniel tuned out the rest of the conversation his two brothers were having and merely began thinking about what he would hope to do with his money when he finally got it.


Dante began walking down the long and ornate hallway. The floor was a deep red color while the walls were a bright yellow. All in all the building was gaudy and tacky. At his side was a very large and muscled man wearing a plain white T-Shirt, green cargo-pants and had a pair of combat boots on. The look the large man had was a constant surly appearance and his hair was in a large and mangled mess. "Call everyone we have stationed in Pennsylvania and tell them to start monitoring any credit card expenditures in any and all hotels. I want to make sure that if our target stops to rest we can move in to strike. Also, set up a few men to do the same in Ohio, just so we can be safe."

"What about you and me sir?" The man grunted in a deep and guttural voice.

"We're going to move to the border of California, David. I want the most likely route mapped out and men placed on every major interstate that these people would go on. Am I understood?"

"Of course, sir." The man grunted again and pulled out a cell-phone. "Do you think they'll pay up?"

"I expect that if left on their own Derek would refuse our help and Marric would double cross us. Daniel, however, understands the risk of not paying for services rendered, and the other brothers don't seem like they want to disobey his orders."

"How many men are we going to commit to this?"

"As many as it takes. This is possibly the best paying jobs that we've ever received and I don't want to screw anything up. Tell the men they are to show no mercy, despite the fact that the target is a little girl."

The man next to Dante closed his phone and nodded. "It's done."