This was actually supposed to be a humorous poem, but it turned out to be macabre and depressed...go figure, eh? ^_^ It's not very good, but then what do you expect from me? *_*


The clock's silent ticks
drive me insane with worry.
The axe has not swung,
yet I am already in a hurry.

While the creatures scuttle about
on their busy acts of reality
I question their intelligence
for me this is only a fantasy.

Beads of perspiration stand out
on my ghost-white face of death
I wish to scream and exclaim
"this must not be my last breath!"

Finally, my wait is over
the beings exit the room
I am left with my misery,
uncertain of certain doom.

~~*~~Ack...well, I wrote it in Spanish in 5 minutes, so screw it. Please review! Thanks^_^