Know right off that each chapter is alternating between the two main characters. The first character is from the boy's perspective, the next is the girls, the third is the boys, and the forth will be the girl's at the end.

Everything I touch dies.

It's like my family and friends are being killed off, one by one by the nightmares of death. The Grim Reaper is claiming all the souls around me. No, I must be the Grim Reaper. Death is attracted to me. It likes me so much that it's playing with me by killing everyone I love. It likes to torture me. Death thrives on my pain; causing physical pain is only half the fun for it.

The real pain is the splitting of my heart being meticulously shredded into microscopic pieces. And now that I see you, I don't know what to do. I know that if I touch you, even give you too much attention that would kill you. The Reaper is very smart. He's just waiting to for me to find you so he can slowly kill me some more. But I can't not touch you, can't not look at you. I don't want to murder you. The day you die, I die. That's the day my heart, my organs, my brain, really stops working. I don't want to be the reason why you fell in love. I don't want to be the reason why you die.

Just one touch, sneak one glance. Too many disguised looks and soft touches. He's seen me, caught the stench of my happiness, my joy, our love. He won't have that, and now that I've tried to evade and hide from him, he's putting your death in my hands, making me stop your beautiful heartbeat. For the first time I feel Death's power course through my cold-blooded veins. I take a breath and inhale the odor of rotted and decayed lives. Who wants this power? Who wants to feel this much rage and destruction? I know why the Grim Reaper claims the lives of loved ones: he's jealous. If he can't have that kind of love and happiness then he's going to take that away from me too.

I always thought Death and killing was his ultimate love, but it's not. He hates it just as much as everyone else. Jealousy feeds his fire and revenge sharpens his blade. Now, I'm wielding his blade and you're standing right in front of me with sad and worried eyes. You plead and plead for me to set down the last thing that will kiss your soft, warm skin. I swing the weapon then gasp, so do you, than we both open our eyes. The last gasp I ever took. Now, I'm standing next to the Grim Reaper, another one of his victims. I took that chance and looked to his face. Hopefully, to see disappointment or anger, instead I saw his white, skeleton etched face laugh. Laugh? No, I should be the one laughing! For so long, too long, he has caused excruciating pain in my life and by taking my own it should end this perverted pleasure.

I looked back at you and heard your mournful sobs, curled up in the corner screaming, "Not again! Not again!"

Oh no, Death has a hold on you, too. He's made your life all about your loved ones dying, also. By me going away eternally has fed his grim, grim pleasure. I helped him cause pain this time. Now, I'm his helper. I hope, soon, you will help me, help him, so we can kill Death. Dig Death's grave and bury him six feet under. Together, you and I create life. No matter how dead we are and no matter how many times the Grim Reaper has won, he's never succeeded in destroying love. Hi knows it's out of his control. More powerful than Death can ever dream to be.

Hurry up, we're destined to save lives, not be the reason why they end.