What happens now that we've killed Death?

Murdered the Reaper?

Sad thing is, we didn't permanently annihilate him. We've merely conquered Death, that's all. But we did save lives, countless even. And to overcome it with you, how perfect is that? I've never used the word perfect to describe anything in my life. You are my perfection. We've been staring at the Reaper's wriggling and muted gurgling as blood and venom spews from his mouth and wounds. I'm afraid that if we keep watching we're the next sole rulers of death. Not a title I was aiming for.

Our hand grasped so tight, never let go of me again. We turn around and a figure so bright it blinds us for a moment, appear before us. I've never seen anything so marvelous, so wonderfully beautiful. White ivory skin, white long and draping robe but it bears no blemishes. Its robe drags on the wet and filthy ground but nothing stains it. It's too immaculate for this earth. The most wondrous part is the wings. Two times the size of the figure but as thin as fog. They're translucent but at the same time I can see them clearly. Is anything possible to be that bright? The power of the wings radiate through the atmosphere. This is not a man, nor a woman. This is an angel. A courtier for Christ.

Your stare is an uninterrupted awe, jaw hanging open and eyes as big as the wings. So beautiful. God has empowered this miraculous angel for some important reason. We wait to ascertain its message.

The angle speaks, "Come with me. Do not be afraid for I will be with you."

In a trance from its angelic and perfect voice we step toward the bright angel. It takes one look at the Reaper and looks back at us, impressed. The angel thrust us its hands. We latch on while still holding each other's. Never let go. In a blink of an eye we're in a new place. Did the angel even use its wings? Surely, they aren't for show.

My mind cannot conceive this place. Everywhere I look there is not one shadow, so much light. Our hands still holding tight, I begin to sense your nervousness rising. There is nothing we can hide here. There are no shadows, no secrets in Heaven.

But is this our home?

The angel starts moving forward, so beautiful.

"Do not be afraid, for the Lord is with you." The angel says; or sings? Harmony and melody exudes from its thinly parted lips.

Our fingers intertwined, we follow the majestic figure, together. A door. A door made of every kind of jewel and mineral that exists. Some I haven't even seen before. How can just a door be as beautiful as an angel? It opens without a touch. A voice beckons our names. Locked fingers, we enter. I gaze at the scene before me, you peer as well. In just one instant, one moment, first sight, we know.

We're home.