Heyyyyyy! This is my first attempt at writing a story. If anyone wants me to continue it, let me know!



This was my first word, spoken in the midst of sputters and gargles to a pair of excited eyes. One might find this a strange first utterance, considering that the average child starts out with "momma" or "dadda". But then again, my life wasn't exactly normal. For starters, I lived in the woods.

It amazes me how much things can change so quickly, and how little we notice it. That the few days where one's life changes perminently start out like any other. That up until the very second where things shall change, one could be innocently thinking about what's for dinner or tomorrow's math test. That one wakes up one morning with no idea they are lying in a different bed than the one they will be sleeping in that night.

That a girl could start her day picking berries in the woods and end it in with rope binding her legs and duct tape covering her mouth.


This word, spoken throatily, desperately, followed a blood-curtling shriek I never got to finish, would prove to be my last.