Going under water,

you will never be good

enough. Fallen from grace,

you are everybody's fool.

Made of stone, you are

broken beyond repair. So

sick of the lies, please erase

this solitude that is in the

atomsphere and surrender.

You say goodnight and goodbye

as quickly as you say hello.

Paricipating in an exodus, you

can never go back home out of

fear you may be haunted by old

ghosts of the past. Where will you

go before the dawn? anywhere, but

home. Finally free at last, do what

you want. Thoughtless, you are drifting

farther away on cloud nine, lithium.

You eventually disappear and my

heart is broken. Forever gone,

forever you, my sweet sacrifice.

Swimming home, your star ends

up missing in these oceans of tears.

After all these years, you still have

all of me. Amidst fears of the unknown,

I follow you to the ends of the earth and

toward the end of the dream. Breeding

in a field of innocence, I unlock the secret

door and you walk though the open door.

Feeling the need to evanescence, give me

your hand and come with me if you want to

live. Say you will forgive me and give into me.

Say you will never lose control and open up

your heart to me. Say you will be honest and

share your life with me. Understanding you, I

gain more insights on the weight of the world.

Dying inside, you breathe below zero degrees

celsius. Silently, you whisper to me bring me

back to life. Please take me back to the start, the

point of orgin before everything was fireproof.

Freak on a leash, my snow white queen, you

are not the only one in the world to be lost in the

woods. Lost in paradise, it is a new way to bleed

in my imaginary dream world. Bleed, I must be

dreaming, but still I breathe nomore. Step inside

my heart-shaped box and listen to the rain, my

last breath. So close and yet so very far away,

you are slipping away from me. I will do just

about anything for you in order to save your life,

sweet angel of mine. This is all that I'm living for

so please come and let me be our tourniquet. I

long to be like you even in death. We will be

together again someday on the other side, my

immortal. So close and yet so very far away,

it has never been a goal of yours to be found.

Lacrymosa, Sally's song will be the last song

I'm wasting on you. Please call me when you're

sober this october or burn through my skin like ember.