Author's Note: Hello everyone. Nice to meet you. I'm Tie and I'm a bit new to having a story on Fictionpress. I have a few stories on but that's beside the point. I want to be a writer along with millions of other people so I want criticism. If you find there's something that I need to work on please inform me. Oh, and please forgive me if you find any mistakes. I make them a lot and I often miss some when I'm rereading.

Anyway back to the story, enjoy:

"If the butterfly wings its way to the sweet light that attracts it, it's only because it doesn't know that the fire can consume it."

-Giordano Bruno


The Cage Called Normal

The wind whipped at Siren's face as she ran through the darkness of the night. Her sneakers slapped the pavement as she sped through the neighborhoods, away from her quaint little home and to the almost deserted streets of the downtown are. Cars sped by, their lights illuminating her features for brief moments as did the street lamps. The few people she did pass have her weird looks but she guessed they were warranted; a girl her age running around at this time of night with a twinkled in her eye and a smile on her face? Not normal.

Siren didn't care about normal. She abhorred it. She needed everything not normal. Normal meant confines meant being trapped without even a hint of freedom.

Normal also meant safety. It meant not having to worry. It meant not being hunted. To know that when you wake up the next morning, you know you're alive.

Normal: A gilded cage that there for your own protection.

It was a gilded cage that she was slipping out of this very night.

The Red Bridge came into sight. A tall glorious structure that was beautiful in its unfinished-ness. The Red Bridge wasn't its true name, Siren didn't know the name. She just named it after the color. In the day she wouldn't dare visit the bridge. No one was supposed to be around the bridge until it was finished for the safety of the public. Besides, it was too public for her needs; the sparkly river beneath it reflected everything and the sun basked the bridge in a spot light. Even at night it was too risky-but not tonight. Tonight was perfect.

Siren stopped at the edge of the unfinished bridge, the crescent moon laid "embedded in the night sky amidst the tiny sparkling diamonds" as her mother would say poetically at times. Over the river, fog was starting to roll in in soft waves. It moved as if it were alive and held secrets in its powdered mists. Siren didn't even move when it engulfed her, making her invisible to all who passed.

Siren sighed, a sound of relief as her shoulders sagged and her back began to tingle. In the safe haven of the fog, she did not need to be who she was forced to be. She could just exist there as she was. She closed her eyes and shut off the heavy clamor of her thoughts and just felt. She felt the water vapor in the air, the soft breezes against her skin, the beats of her heart, and the tingling in her back that increased in her back.

And then she took a step off the edge.

Siren felt the air lash at her with more force than her when she ran. She felt no fear, no need to flail and scream. She was perfectly safe within the fog. She was completely within her element. Was it so abnormal to feel a sense of peace as her body dropped from the bridge?

Just before she would have plummeted full force into the dark waters of the river, large wings covered with jet black feathers sprouted from her back. The mighty limbs beat in the air, the wings barely skimming the fog reflected water. In seconds she was in the air, her wings cutting the thin air. Her hair whipped about her face, no longer that golden blonde but the silver of a knife. Her pupils had dilated until they were a simple dot in the swimming color of her irises.

Siren's spirit soared just as her body did. Her wings carried her through the crack in her gilded cage. They allowed her the freedom that could only be obtained attained in small snatches.

Soon she would return home, to safety, to her cage. For right now though she would enjoy her freedom, her true self, and the wind. For these precious few minutes she would pretend she was not normal, that she could be herself, be more than everyone else, and that she was different.

Be something not human.