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Death Here and There

"So what color would be you like Sweetie?" Siren's father0 asked her as he sat on the ground of the garage sanding the newly finished book case.

Siren had said nothing throughout it all. Her father had spent about two weeks on it working tirelessly to give her a new bookcase—actually two, this was the second one. Siren worried that he was pushing himself—especially with the clinic being so busy; most of the pets have been having small episodes of panic and her dad was so baffled that he even consulted with other veterinarians. Siren thought him building the bookcase was taking up his much needed time for resting.

"Any color." Siren said absently as she flipped through a photography magazine.

"How about green—like your eyes?" He suggested with a boyish grin. Her father was dressed in a random blue shirt with an old pair of frayed blue jeans. He looked nowhere near forty.

"That's fine." She said and gave Jacobson a pat on the head. Somehow he had talked her mother into letting Jacobson stay. She didn't mind much; Jacobson was a sweet dog. He didn't bark too much so he usually slept in her bed or near it. Maybe she should ask for a dog as an early birthday present.

Siren watched her dad work away for a few minutes before talking.

"Hey dad." She said quietly. "Can I take Jacobson for a walk?"

Her father paused and then began working again. "You know what your mother said."

"She's not here." She pointed out. Her mother had gone to the next city over to speak to her editor. Most likely she wouldn't be back until late at night—typically she stayed for a drink or two before leaving.

"Siren." Her father sighed and then put down the paint brush and turned to her, sitting cross-legged. She saw the makings of a deep, parental talk so she tried to nip it in the bud.

"Never mind." She said and moved to leave the garage but her father pulled her to a stop.

"No Siren, I think we need to talk."

She couldn't very well tell him no, they didn't, so she sat back at the folded chair. Her father put the paint brush down and then turned to her.

"Siren, you understand why you can't leave the house right?"

"I do but she's not here."

"No Siren, I agree with her about grounding you. We never brought it up but you should have known better than to have a boy over—in your room no less—when no one's home." Of course he didn't say anything about her being all over him—he wouldn't bring up the elephant in the room.

"I know but—"

"Siren, we have always put too much on your shoulders, treating you like an adult because of your maturity but in truth you're only seventeen—"

"I feel as if this is going somewhere I won't like." Siren quipped.

Her father glared. "Siren." His tone said he was not in the mood and Siren found this new side of her father was amusing. "We just think that it's best for you to learn that you aren't above being punished, for all we know you could be doing things that we don't know about behind our backs."

Siren wished she could argue back earnestly but in fact that last statement was kind of true. She did sneak out at night to go flying from time to time without telling them—but that wasn't some huge offense.

"So in other words, you don't trust me." She said.

Her father winced at her bluntness. "Siren, we gave you our trust but you broke it. You'll have to earn it back."

"Then give me a chance to earn it back." Siren suggested. "I just want to take Jacobson for a walk. It won't be that long, at most maybe over ten minutes."

"Siren, sorry—"

"Dad, I haven't complained once throughout these two weeks, I've accepted my punishment because I know I'm in the wrong." She was in no way in the wrong. That situation was not orchestrated by her; it was completely out of her hands. "I'm just asking to have a chance to gain back a little bit of trust that I lost." She was sincere in this and she let it out in her voice.

Her father studied her face for a minute before her ran his fingers through his hair and let out a breath. "Don't tell your mother."

"I won't." Siren acquiesced, relieved that she had broken through.

"You'll be back in thirty minutes."

That was even more time then she could have hoped. "Okay."

"You will not go see Shean or Noah." He ordered and she could see that in that he wouldn't bend.

It helped that she didn't want to see them either.

"Okay dad. I'll be back in thirty minutes and the only thing I'll be doing is walking Jacobson—I won't even go in the direction of Shean's house." Siren promised getting up hurriedly.

"Don't tell your mother!" Her father yelled as his daughter went running through the door to the house with Jacobson following behind eagerly. Siren almost gave up on the idea since, for a few precious minutes, she couldn't find Jacobson's leash. She felt triumphant though when she found it partially hidden under some boxes in the second floor hallway closet. Quick as lightening she had the leash attached to Jacobson collar and them out the house into the shinning sun.

For two weeks she had been stuck in that house with her mother and it had been hell. Yeah she had been outside for snatches at a time to grab the newspaper or take out the garbage but nothing that was longer than a few minutes then back inside.

Siren took a deep breath and smiled. Jacobson pulled at his leash, wanting to get on with his walk and Siren couldn't agree more. She had only thirty minutes outside so she would make the best of it. With a hair tie in hand she gathered her blonde hair into a ponytail to keep it from bothering her. While she watched her father work on the bookcase in the, she had worn only a pair of black sweat pants and a tank top and felt that it was sufficient for running so she didn't change. She had grabbed her iPod so Florence + the Machine's Strangeness and Charm was blasting in her ear as Jacobson and her took off at a jog in the direction of the downtown area. She could have went the other way where the farther out you went, the farther apart the houses grew. A deep uneasiness had prevented her from taking that route. She worried that the wolves would get her if she were alone even though she acknowledged that as a silly thought. The wolves had no reason to be suspicious of her—except for the Noah incident. Suspicions of a different kind would arise from that.

Noah had her worried too. She had agreed to his deal in haste because she was effectively trapped and cornered. His deal made no sense; not objecting to his presence in and out of school? What does that even mean? Was he going to be bothering her or something even worse? And she couldn't say anything about it, she just had to sit there and take whatever his presence entailed? To make her even more confused she hadn't heard or seen Noah in her two weeks confinement—then again it would be in the best wishes of her parents and Noah's that they don't see or talk to each other.

But those thoughts always led to Shean. Even now she still felt regret when she knew logically that this was a better course of action but then she thought about Noah. He negated all the reasons that had made her stay away from Shean. Did that mean that she should just go to Shean? Everything that stood against him was thrown out the window by what Noah had done but how would Noah react? She still didn't know his motives but from what she gleaned from the brief time she had seen them together there didn't seem to be much love between them—in fact she would have to say that there was a slight dependence there from Noah, like he was dependent on Shean. Could that be it? Could he want to shift his dependence onto her? But she's a stranger so that can't work.

Maybe he has feelings for me?

The thought made her laugh. They don't know each other that well for anything to develop besides hatred and mild curiosity.

Siren paused for a moment to give Jacobson a breather. She felt fine; she could run for hours on end and not feel tired. The sun shined down on them and a quick look at her watch said she had a good amount of time left. A quick survey showed that she was in one of those housing complexes. She wasn't that far off from the downtown area. Maybe she should go to the pet store and buy Jacobson a toy. She didn't have much money what with being punished and all but she could at least buy him a little toy for his good behavior.

When Jacobson was finished with his breather, they started running again and Siren enjoyed the simple exertion of doing something. She missed taking jogs in the morning, especially now with being trapped in her home. Before she hadn't minded being home but now, the air seemed stifling; being around her mother felt stifling.

Jacobson started eagerly barking and pulling her this way and that.

"Jacobson stop." Siren said softly pulling on the leash but Jacobson was eagerly moving forward and almost collided with a fellow jogger.

"I'm sorry." Siren apologized to the man. "I don't know what—" She pulled on the leash to enforce some control of Jacobson but the canine was having none of that.

"Jacobson—stop!" The dog had wound his leash around the jogger's legs and butted his head against the jogger's legs.

"I'm so sorry." She apologized.

The middle aged man laughed. "It's okay, my dog at home reacts the same way."

"Let me help you." Siren said and tried to help him out of the tangle Jacobson had made with the leash.

It was only a small contact, just her finger brushing against his leg as she tried to untie the leash. A small touch with cloth between them. His aura was completely fine; colorful, bright, healthy.

It came out of nowhere.

The elderly man lay in a hospital bed, his skin a pallid color. His hair was completely white with age and his face held wrinkles and crevices of passed time. His heartbeat was slow and his breathing was harsh. He seemed small and fragile under the light blue of the bed sheets. The whiteness of the room made his skin color look sickly.

He was dying.

His ocean colored eyes looked so serene.

A young woman was nearby, crying her eyes out and holding tightly to the hands of the dying man.

Her eyes were ocean colored too.

The man was close. His heart slowed even more, his eyelids fluttering as if he were about to fall asleep. The sun shone bright through the hospital room. A doctor watched by the door. Daises sat on the windowsill, a bright yellow center seeming to leach the color from the room.

His heart slowed and he closed his eyes. His eyes opened a few seconds later but they were tired. It took so much energy to keep them open.

The woman sobbed louder.

He closed his eyes.

He breathed his last breath.

His heart slowed to a stop.

"Hey, girl, girl!"

Siren's eyes latched onto the ocean colored eyes staring down into hers. The jogger. He was looking down at her, his hands on her arm to keep her from collapsing. He was worried.

His aura was full and healthy. He didn't look old, maybe mid-forties. His hair wasn't white; it was full with gray beginning to show at the temples. He was fine. He wasn't dying.

He was nowhere near dying.

"Girl, are you alright? Hey girl—"

"I-I'm fine." Siren stammered standing straighter. She noticed that Jacobson was no longer hyper, he sat there calmly with his tail wagging as his black eyes studied her. Quickly, while Jacobson was calm, she unwound the leash from the jogger from her end.

"I'm really sorry about that." She cursed the unsteadiness of her voice.

"It's fine, don't worry about it." He smiled and crinkles appeared at the corners of his eyes. Worry showed in the depths a second later. "Are you okay? You seemed really out of it there."

He was a nice man to be worried about a stranger. "I'm fine, you just reminded me of someone and I kind of zoned out." She lied. The image of an older him popped into her mind, of him in the hospital, dying.

"Again, I'm sorry about my dog." Without further ado she turned and quickly jogged away with Jacobson in tow. When she was a distance away she stopped. Jacobson whined near her side and nudged her leg but she scarcely paid attention. She was looking at her hands.

They were shaking.

She wasn't supposed to have seen that. That death was going to happen years in the future. She didn't see deaths that were not going to occur any time soon; only if they were close to their deaths, only if their aura was barely there. His aura was full and vibrant with health.

Jacobson began pulling on his leash again, pulling Siren from her thoughts. He obviously wanted to continue onward. Siren took a deep breath and let it out.

Maybe it was just a coincidence. It could be some random occurrence that would most likely never happen again. That had never happened before so it probably won't happen again. Yeah that was probably a hiccup with her premonitions.

Jacobson began whining to the point that he was causing Siren a headache. In the end she gave in to his demands almost happily. The dog expressed great enthusiasm as he tried to run faster than she would allow. The dog won their speed contest but she didn't mind running faster. The exertion made her focus on other things than she wanted to at the moment. She lost herself in the running and the pounding music of Hollywood Undead.

Before she knew it, Siren was in the downtown area. People bustled to and fro on the sidewalks and though the street was less crowded with cars, it was still busy. Some of the pedestrians moved out her way warily as they noted Jacobson size but the dog didn't even pay any attention to them. He was wagging his tail and trotting along at a slow pace as if he had all the time in the world. The sight actually lifted her spirits a tad bit though the cheerful song, "I'm Alive" by Becca helped too. The atmosphere seemed brighter than the last couple of weeks. To top it off the smell of sweets and cake lingered in the air. Gently, she led Jacobson to follow as she trailed the scent to a pastry shop that was tucked away in a narrow side street.

Usually she wasn't a big fan of sweets—preferring the bitterer or sour treats—but the shop's smell had caught her hook line a sinker. It was a pleasant smell.

Suddenly, Jacobson dropped down in a submissive pose with his tail tucked between his legs and his paws over his eyes.

"Jacobson? What's wrong?" Siren asked confused. Was there a bigger dog around or maybe...a Werewolf?

She scanned the narrow street but only spied the few humans with their mortal auras. There was nothing there to cause that kind of response.

"Jacobson, there's nothing there." She patted his head, "Come on. Get up."

Siren almost missed it. It came out of nowhere and later she would recall that it didn't register at all to her senses.

A girl. Siren caught a glimpse of a girl. She had long flowing black hair, pale skin, and pale yellow eyes with white pupils. She was tiny in stature with a delicate build, but she looked to be in her late twenties. She possessed high cheekbones and a bow-like mouth. What was the most defining feature would have had to been the mole set directly above the left side of her left eye brow.

She was able to catalog all of that within a second as the girl crashed into her.

I was trapped. Caught between freedom and death, unfortunately a wire fence blocked me from freedom. It was climbable but it would leave my back wide open and Jet Black would have a chance to tear me apart. What can I do? I couldn't run, this was his territory and I wouldn't get very far. This mortal shell wouldn't last me long through another run through the woods..

A howl sounded in the distance but it didn't belong to Jet Black. That was a different wolf. Jet Black was most likely close.

It was late afternoon and yet no matter how I peered into the light shadows of the trees I couldn't spot anything. I couldn't tell where Jet Black was, I could sense him but my other senses were failing to reveal his location.

That damn blonde bitch was to blame. Whatever she did was fucking up my abilities and trapping me in this human shell.

A rustle in the brush had me whirl to my right but there was nothing there.

No, something was there but it had moved too fast for my sight to catch up. He was toying with me.

A baleful growl had me rethinking that last thought.

No he wasn't playing; he was waiting for the best time to attack. And when he did he wouldn't show me any mercy after what I did to his little bitch. Too bad for him I wasn't going to be taken down by a mutt. Besides, wolf fur made exceptional winter coats.

I pulled out my knife and got ready from an attack from all directions. I wonder how his bitch will feel when I show her my pretty new coat.

Branches snapped to my left, my muscles bunched, ready to leap but I paused as I saw something unexpected.

It was a wolf but it wasn't Jet Black. It was smaller with a sandy colored coat and green eyes the color of emeralds. It was bowed submissively and stopped moving as soon as I spotted it.


I felt a wash of aggression and spun quickly.

Everything went into slow motion.

Jet Black was in the air, about to come down on me with its claws outstretched and its fangs bared.

I wouldn't be able to win this one.

Siren came from the vision with a gasp. She looked around panicked but there was no Jet Black anywhere. She was in the side street, music still pounded in her ears from her ear buds, the leash was still in her hands, and Jacobson was still by her side. There was no knife in her hands; she wasn't surrounded by trees with a fence at her back. She was in the downtown area, in a side street lined with buildings and shops—a nice smelling pastry shop was just a few steps away.

She was trembling.

That wasn't her. She wasn't going to fight a Werewolf called Jet Black and die, that was someone else who was going to fight it and die.

"What did you see!?"

Siren looked up, noticing the black haired woman was still there. She was staring at Siren with an angry expression before she schooled her expressions and turned away.

"Wait!" Siren called as she tried to follow. The woman hurried to the main street and Siren sped up to catch up with her. As soon as she stepped onto the sidewalk, she collided with a boy her own age.

He was at a table with friends in the basement of an uncle. White powder lay on the coffee table and he rolled up some paper


Siren yanked herself from the vision, and stumbled backwards into someone else.

"Please, take whatever you want, just leave me alone." She pleaded. He had her cornered in a dark alley way at gun point.

Siren was pushed forward into someone else.

She cowered and curled into a fetal position to protect her head from his blows.


It was raining outside when he felt a pain in his chest. He clutched his chest before falling to the ground.


"His pulse is fading!" A nurse shouted as they led the gurney through the hospital.

No, stop please!

She was talking on her phone, talking about mergers and was about to step onto the escalator to go down when some kids ran past her, one mistakenly bumping and she fell—

The car swerved right for him on the sidewalk.

I don't want to see anymore!

She was old and taking a walk. She sat on a bench and heard birds chirping in the trees. She just closed her eyes to rest a bit.

The knife dug into his gut and was twisted out before being plunged back in.

It was just a little kid. He couldn't swim, never learned how to. He tried to reach for the surface—

Siren clutched her head and dropped to her knees. Tears sprang from her eyes.

I don't want to see anymore! Stop seeing these things!

Her whole body quacked as someone touched her shoulder.

Maybe she should just end it. The rope was tied to one of the attic's ceiling beams and dangled before her. She stepped onto the chair, standing tall. She slipped her head through the noose...

"NO!" Siren cried as she yanked away from the young woman who had asked her if she were alright.

People began to gather and Jacobson began barking wildly at them to keep them at bay. Siren clutched her head as more pain bloomed. She could see them; see all their deaths, feel their feelings. She felt trapped within the circle of people all watching her. She trembled as panic and fear swamped her.

They were surrounding her. She was trapped. The auras were overwhelming her own. They were suffocating her.

The wind blew a few strands of her hair in the air and they were of a silvery color.

Muscles moved in her back and she knew that at any second black feathers would be in the air.

Control yourself!

She needed to calm down and it needed to happen right now. If not she would—she would...

"Miss, you okay?" A man said as he reached down to her. She curled in more in herself and shut her eyes tightly. She didn't want to see anymore, she didn't want anyone to come near her, they had to stay away!


At the sound of her name, she looked up into blue eyes and she scampered backward out of his reach. Now him too? What did he want?! Jacobson, who had before bowed down before Noah, was now softly growling at him, ready to defend her.

Before she could protest, he reached out to grab her hand. Momentarily she fought him. She didn't want to see how he would die too.

When they touched skin to skin, nothing happened. A vision didn't occur.

Stunned, the fight went right out of her as Noah hauled her to her feet and dragged her away from the crowd. Dimly, she was amazed that she was holding onto Jacobson's leash this whole time.

They stopped running when they were a sufficient distance away from the circle of gathered people. Noah pulled them down an alley way and stopped when they met a dead end. Siren collapsed onto her knees not even paying attention to the dirty ground and god knows what else. She couldn't focus on that or the horrid stench. She couldn't think, not past the pounding in her head. Tears sprang from her eyes at the pain and she tried to curl into a ball, compress her body into as small a shape as possible, hoping that would somehow lessen the pain. Jacobson was softly whining next to her.

All those deaths, they just flew through her mind, playing behind her tightly closed eye lids. Young and old, male and female; they all played like a movie reel; black and white, full color.

Noah's gasp of surprise had Siren opening her eyes and she sat up to see what could cause it and felt a familiar heavy weight along her back. Horrified Siren stood, unsure of what to do. She ended up backing into a corner, hoping to conceal them behind her back. Jacobson started growling softly, not at her but at Noah as if he would protect her.

Black feathers floated in the air between them.

Noah's widened eyes showed his thoughts loud and clear.

Only Jacobson's growls could be heard as the feathers descended to the ground between them. Siren was stock still, her pupil-less eyes focused on blue ones warily awaiting the next move. It wouldn't be coming from her. At all angles she was trapped. The only thing she could do was wait on Noah and act accordingly.

Seconds ticked by until Noah spoke.

"Angel?" He asked.

Siren didn't respond, she just watched him.

"Your wings are black." He took a step towards her and she tried to flatten her back more against the corner much to the protest of her wings.

"Don't come any closer." She ordered but he just brushed it off and kept it moving towards her. Jacobson had begun barking now and mock jumping at him to get him to back off. He ignored the dog too only to stop inches away from her. When he reached out a hand, she flinched and closed her eyes. She felt a tug on her hair. She opened her eyes to see a lock of her hair in his large hands and he was inspecting it.

Inspecting the silver color.

A door slammed open a little way from them.

"Get it done Mousky!" A man yelled.

"Yeah, yeah. You see it in my hands don't ya!" A man around maybe his mid-twenties walked out holding two large black garbage bags. He wore a white apron and matching white clothes that belonged to cooks. His hair was shaggy and dark and his chin carried stubble He was muttering to himself.

Noah moved to block Siren from sight and the movement made the guy turn quickly and jump back in surprise.

"Jesus!" He said in surprise and then straightened himself up. "What are you kids doing here?" He asked and then tried to peak around Noah. When he caught a look Siren his demeanor became serious and almost a little threatening.

"Is everything okay here?"

"Everything's fine." Siren said standing beside Noah. Noah was going to thrust her back behind him when he caught look at her appearance.

She was back to normal.

Her hair was the old blonde color and her eyes were normal. Instead of big wings attached to her back, there was nothing except two holes in her tank that showed pale smooth skin. Her expression was back to her usual neutrality. She calmed the dog which had gone a little wild with just a touch. Aside from the shirt it looked like nothing had happened at all.

She grabbed his sleeve. "Excuse me, sir." Siren said to the man before she pulled Noah and Jacobson past him. She could have sworn there was enough room between her and the man. They shouldn't have touched.

Somehow they did.

He was in a convenience store and very hungry. He had just gotten fired so money was tight. He couldn't even buy the good stuff to whip himself up a real dinner. He was stuck buying this convenience store crap. Cup Of Noodles was his every day lunch so was bologna and cheese and bread. He couldn't even afford mayo. He had to cut back on food if he were to keep paying the rent. He needed a job quick before the money in his bank dried up.

He bypassed the beer but stopped. Maybe just a few wouldn't hurt.

When he reached the cash register, Asad, who had become his new best friend sat behind the register looking at the TV, where some TV game show was playing. He didn't know what it was about but there was an awful lot of half clad women on the show.

"You again?" Asad said in his Middle Eastern accent. He took out the tooth pick in his mouth and threw it presumably into a garbage can off into the distance. Asad scanned the contents of his purchase. "This stuff isn't good for you; you should buy something more healthy."

"Are you sure you should be sayin' that?" He asked. "I might just listen to you and take this all back to the shelves and take my money to someplace healthy."

Asad starting ringing his stuff up. "Hey, I'm just trying to look out for my best customer. And that'll be 15 dollars and 79 cent."

"Whatever, just take my money." He gave him a twenty. Asad took it and as he was counting up his change there was a commotion in the back of the store. A couple was yelling at each other, the woman was heavily pregnant while the man was a little rough looking. He would have called them white trash; most likely they lived in a trailer park if their clothes were anything to go about. The man grabbed the pregnant lady's arm and yanked her up.

"Ow! You're hurting me." The woman said loudly.

"Shut up!" The man responded back to her. He twisted her arm around and she let out a pained sound.

"Asad hold my stuff for me." He said to him, he was about to go be a good Samaritan.

"Joey, just leave them alone. The Bobby and Whitney act happens all the time with those two." Asad tried to tell him.

"First of all, I'm a fan of Whitney so that joke is way too soon, and second, she's pregnant." He explained before turning towards the couple in the back. In his experience, he had learned that if people were doing something bad, they would stop when they realized they had an audience.

"Hey buddy!" He called to get the guys attention. He got it alright. The man turned on him with a face bright red with anger and he smelled of liquor so obviously someone over here was enjoying happy hour a little early in the day.

"What the fuck do you want!?" The man said angrily.

"Well, I think this woman would like it if you let go of her..."

"Siren! Siren!" She was then shaken roughly.

She opened her eyes and then blinked some more in the face of Noah, he looked a little on the worried side.

"Hey, hey! Is she okay?" Siren looked past Noah to see the young man from her vision there. His aura was a thin outline around him. That vision would happen soon enough. Maybe she could help him, maybe prevent that from happening.

Suddenly a wave of dizziness hit her hard that she almost staggered off her feet. Noah caught her and steadied her.

"She doesn't look too good." The man said which caused a minor annoyance for Siren. Of course she didn't look well, something was happening to her.

She gripped Noah's arm and leaned close to his ear. "Get me and Jacobson out of here and to somewhere with as few people as possible."

Noah nodded and grabbed her arm, supporting her as he led them away from the alleyway at a fast pace.

"Hey!" The man called after them but they didn't listen and soon they were out of sight. He scratched his head. Maybe he should go after them; that girl looked really sick and he wasn't so sure about that boy. That boy seemed kind of sketchy if you ask him.

"Mousky!" The chef called from inside the kitchen. "What the hell is taking you so long!?"

"I'm comin! I'm comin'!" He said before he tossed the garbage bags into the dumpster and headed back into the kitchen, the door closing behind him with a resounding click.

Siren gritted her teeth as Noah led them through the throngs of people. Pieces of deaths, soon or not, flitted through her head every time she brushed by someone. Faces, names, places, scents, colors, rain, snow, sunshine, home, foreign, pain, peace, blood, stairs, cars, weapons, screams, crying, all passed through her mind. She just wanted them all to stop, she didn't want to see and feel anymore.

Finally they had a break from the crowded sidewalks when Noah led them to Blue Bird Park. There were a few people lingering around, mostly joggers or people walking their dogs.

Noah turned on her in an instant.

"Are you okay?" He said searching her over and noticing her heavy breathing and pale skin. Perspiration had gathered at forehead and neck and she was shivering.

She didn't say anything, in fact her pupils dilated to tiny dot and she collapsed to her knees.

"Siren!" Noah said and from the corner of his eyes he could see that they were gathering attention from the few people there. Noah angled his body so that they couldn't see her easily.

Siren noticed them too but they were becoming blurry and exhaustion weighed heavily on her. She reached a trembling hand to Noah's arm.

"I need to rest somewhere, maybe a bench." She took three deep breaths. "Help me up."

Noah silently nodded and helped her. He took Jacobson's leash from her and wrapped his free hand around her waist to steady her as they walked. Siren wanted so much to push his arm off, it was making her skin crawl and his scent was suffocating her but she needed his help at the moment. She would deal with the repercussions of his help later.

When they reached a bench, Noah lowered her down onto it as if she was fragile glass. She let out a sigh of relief. Jacobson whined as he lay down next to her legs. Noah lowered onto his knees so he could look at her face but he was only looking at her eyes and she knew that her eyes had changed again.

She leaned down until her forehead was resting against Noah's shoulder. She heard him gasp and still like a statue. She was so tired and her eye lids felt so heavy. Closing them seemed for the best.

And she drifted off into sleep.

"Your father is looking for you." A deep voice said cutting through the black fog that had engulfed her. "I don't think he'll be very happy that you're with her."

Siren was fully awake but she continued to play Sleeping Beauty. She was laid out on her back and her head rested on what she believed was Noah's leg. She could feel the sun so she wasn't out that long. She could sense that the man talking was directly in front of them.

He was also a Werewolf.

"Noah, I think it's best if you get back home."

Noah growled low, a sound that shouldn't have come from a normal human.

It was probably best if she woke up right about now.

Siren, stirred as if just waking. Her eyes fluttered open and she sat up, yawning and stretching her arms. She felt better, almost fantastic, if a little hungry. All the visions and pain seemed like a dream away.

She rubbed her eyes and then looked at the guy and feigned surprise as she studied him. He was tall black man packed with muscle. He had a brush cut and wore a sweat pants and a black muscle shirt and looked as he had just come from the gym. He had dark thin eyes that seemed piercing. He looked to be in his mid-thirties.

He gave off an aura of menace but it didn't have the desired effect on her. Maybe it was the fact that there were humans still around and anything he tried would be very very public.

That was to say that she didn't feel a tad bit of unease to have two Werewolves around her.

She looked between Noah and the man. "Um...what—is he a friend of yours?" She asked sounding confused.

Noah closed his eyes and took a deep breath and the agitation and aggression leached from his aura. There was another emotion that didn't leave and it made his aura flare.


"I'm a friend of Noah's father's." The man said, calling her attention back to him. "Name's Isiah." He then offered her his hand.

Siren gave his hand a dubious look before shaking it like the good little human she was supposed to be. She realized a second too late that if she touched him, she would get a vision of his death.

But as soon as they made skin contact, nothing happened.

She held in a sigh of relief and shook his hand. "I'm Siren" Maybe she couldn't see Werewolves future deaths.

He smiled and his eyes crinkled at the corners. "Nice to meet you Siren." Then he lost the smile. "Sorry to disturb you two but his dad—" he pointed at Noah, "—needs him to get home."

"Let me take her home." Noah spoke up finally.

Isiah looked at him as if he had sprouted two legs. She looked at Noah but he looked normal if a little withdrawn. What could he possibly have done to be given that look; maybe him taking a girl home was the reason. If that was the truth she couldn't decide if that was a bad thing or a good thing. Either way, she needed to be out of the presence of a Werewolf, especially away from Noah

"That's okay Noah." She said and actually gave him a smile. "I can get home just fine." She stood but it worked to her disadvantage. She felt a wave of dizziness and had to grab the back of the bench to keep from staggering.

"You okay?" Isiah asked reaching for her but Noah intercepted him and helped Siren to stand straight. He actually touched her forehead. Of course she slapped his hand away the next second.

"She's sick." Noah explained to Isiah. "I was on my way to taking her home when she wanted to rest for a minute." In a way it was the truth.

Isiah scratched his head. "I can't just let a sick girl walk home—since I'm pretty sure you don't have any money for the bus." He looked at Noah pointedly. "I'll give you a ride home." It wasn't a suggestion. "And you, "He looked pointedly at Noah again. "I'm taking you back home. Sorry, he's on punishment." He explained for Siren's benefit.

Siren laughed lightly. "It's no problem, I'm pretty sure I'm the reason he's on punishment."

Isiah laughed. "That is true. Well c'mon, my cars still at the gym." He turned and began walking.

Without any other choice Siren grabbed Jacobson's leash—slightly marveled that the dog was so calm—and began following him. Noah was at her side with his arm wrapped around her waist to steady her. Siren knew that it was to help steady her but she couldn't take it. He was making her skin crawl. So she pushed his arm off of her. He turned and opened his mouth to protest but Siren wrapped her arms around his and leaned against him so he shut his mouth. She needed the support, and this was less intimate.

Unmercifully, the gym was a distance away and an uncomfortable silence had descended on the three. When Siren saw that they had to go back to the main street, she straightened up her spine and braced herself for the assault of visions that was sure to come.

"Can we take a different route?" Noah asked. At Isiah's raised eyebrow he explained, "It's too crowded."

"Sure." Isiah said much to Siren's disbelief and turned down a side street.

He acted like it was nothing even though it put them out of their way. He didn't even think it was a weird request. If it were her, she would think it suspicious. Maybe it was a Werewolf-thing? Maybe they didn't like crowds. Either way she was thankful for Noah's suggestion..

The small detour took them a few minutes out of their way and it was hell on Siren's exhausted body. What she wouldn't have given to just pass out right then and there and never wake up. Her feelings didn't escape from Noah who actually dared to ask if she wanted him to carry her. She wanting to give him a scathing reply but Isiah was there and she had a role to play.

She gave Noah a smile. "Don't worry; I can handle walking for a few minutes. Thanks for offering" She dug her nails into his arm so he didn't think she actually appreciated his suggestion.

When they got to the parking lot of the gym Isiah was going to, he led them to a rusty brown pick-up truck.

This just couldn't get any better.

Actually it did, she had to sit in the middle of the front seater. She had to sit between Noah and Isiah, two Werewolves. Top it off Jacobson was on her and Noah's lap.

This was bringing her headache back.

"So, Siren." Isiah started while he was driving. He hadn't turned on the radio so she assumed it would lead to some sort of talking to her dismay.


"You and Noah, how did you meet?"

Easy. "He saved my life when the ceiling collapsed." She answered. "Didn't you know?"

"No." He sounded curious now. "Noah didn't tell me—or anyone else for that matter."

Siren gave Noah a playful push that she wanted to role her eyes at. "Why didn't you tell anyone that you were a hero?" Noah remained silent as he stared at Isiah who must have felt the intensity in his gaze.

"...yeah, well I got a call from him a week later; mind you I don't know how he got my number." Noah could easily follow up on that lie. Most likely he got it from Shean somehow, maybe his cell. Siren knew well enough that he wouldn't delete her number, yet. "Anyway he called to see if I was okay and I wanted to thank him so there you have it. How we met; I also saw him in school too."

"So I guess you and our little Noah just hit it off huh." Isiah laughed but she could read the undertones there. Those undertones went by the name of Shean Connor.

Before Siren could respond, Noah said, "Siren, how are you feeling?"

Saved from having to respond to Isiah, she turned, "A bit better since we're not walking anymore, though I feel a little woozy."

"I better get you home then, unless you've changed your mind about going to the hospital."

They had told him that it was a slight cold so he wouldn't try to take her to the hospital. That would be a bad idea since she herself didn't know what was going on with her body—or her powers.

"No, I think all I need is to get home and take some medicine and sleep." She assured him. To her major relief, Noah turned on the radio and tuned it up high to fill the silence.

The ride couldn't end quickly enough. She couldn't relax between two Werewolves and Noah kept bumping her arm making her even tenser. Petting Jacobson was the only thing keeping her alert and awake. She just wanted to get home and close her eyes for the rest of her life.

When her house came into sights she could have cried.

"This one right here." She directed Isiah to the house and he parked infront of it. Noah got out and Jacobson crawled off her lap and hopped out. Noah held the door open for her waiting for her to climb out but she turned to Isiah. "Thanks for the ride, I greatly appreciated it."

"No problem. I have a daughter about your age and I would hope somebody could be this nice to her." He said and then paused. "On second thought, if a random man came up to her when she was sick offering her a ride, I don't think I would want her to take that ride."

"Well, you're a friend of Noah's dad so I guess you're an exception."

"Guess so." He laughed. "See you later Siren."

Would she be seeing him again? Hopefully not. "Bye." Noah helped her down from the truck and then proceeded to follow her as she headed to the door.

"You don't need to follow me; I can manage the walk to my door." She said. She could manage the walk, barely.

Noah looked at her with those blue eyes that always seemed so cool and she had a spark as she recalled something from earlier.

"What?" Noah asked. She cursed herself for not schooling her expression better.

"Bye Noah." She said firmly.

Then he smiled. His smile threw her off because there was no reason for him to smile in this situation.

"See you later Siren." He said before he turned away and headed for the truck. Without a doubt she knew she would be seeing her later.

She was tired. She needed to go to sleep.

Too bad when she opened the door and her and Jacobson walked in, her mother was waiting for her in the foyer. Her arms crossed over her chest and anger shinning bright within her eyes.

"Oh, so you finally decided to come home."

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