Ffion stared at her bedroom and smiled, everything was in place for tonight. A warm flush spread over her body as she thought of what was to come. In about twenty minutes, Jake would be coming over. She had wine and there were rose petals spread on the bed, dinner was in the oven and tonight was the night. Ffion opened her wardrobe and ran her fingers down the red satin chemise she had bought that day from Ann Summers. It was going to be an amazing night. The doorbell rang and Ffion gave a little squeal of joy and dashed down to answer it.

"Jake, you'll never believe what I've got for tonight!" She yanked open the door and the words died on her lips. Jake was there alright but he wasn't alone.

"Oh, hey guys. Did you need something?"

"We're here for the sleepover!" cried Alvina. She flicked her blonde hair over her shoulder and pushed past Ffion into the house. Alvina's boyfriend, Brice, winked at her and followed the gushing blonde inside. Jake tried to walk past but Ffion placed a hand on his chest and pushed him backwards, closing the door behind her.

"Sleepover?" she snapped. Jake stared at the floor and shuffled his feet.

"I was telling Brice that I couldn't hang out with him tonight because we had plans. Ally misheard me and decided to join the party. Brice's too scared of her to say anything." Ffion stared at him for a moment longer before turning on her heel and slamming back into the house. She stomped to the kitchen, took the dinner out of the oven and dumped it in the nearest bin. There was no way in Hell she was cooking for those freeloaders, if they wanted food then Ally and Brice could order a pizza.

"Ffion, honey, I'm sorry!" whispered Jake. Ffion pushed past him again and went upstairs to the bedroom; Jake stopped in the doorway and looked around the room. Ffion pushed all the rose petals into the bin, dropped all the candles into the bottom drawer of her desk and then opened the wardrobe. Jake's eyes almost bugged right out of his head when he saw the red satin creation hanging on the inside, Ffion ignored him and put it back in its bag with the receipt. As she passed Jake, he let out a pathetic little whimper and followed her downstairs.

"Right, let's get this party started!" cried Ffion. She threw herself onto the sofa and took up as much space as possible, forcing Jake to sit on the floor.

It was gone midnight when Ffion decided to talk to Jake again. She nudged him in the back of the neck with her foot and smiled when he looked around. Jake jumped up and sat on the sofa; Ffion laid her legs on his lap and smiled again. Ally pulled a dressing gown out of her bag and slipped it on, Ffion raised an eyebrow at the hideous creation. It was violently checked in orange and purple and had a huge furry collar. She was about to make a fairly scathing remark when a news flash suddenly interrupted the movie they were watching.

"This is a warning for anyone in the Rockbound area. Due to an accident on the main road, a convict has escaped and probably roaming the local area. Please do not approach him, keep all doors and windows locked." Ally switched off the TV; they all sat in silence for a moment before Ffion stood up.

"I'm just going to check the house is locked up" she said. Ffion went upstairs and dashed from room to room, checking doors and windows. She had just stepped out onto the landing when there was a crackling sound and all the lights went out. Ffion stood as still as she could, too scared to move. A creaking sound from downstairs made her jump, it sounded like the front door swinging open. Ffion swallowed and edged towards the top of the stairs, she peered over the bannister and let out a small whimper when she noticed the light from the street lamp flowing through the open front door.

Ffion took the stairs as quickly as she dared, sliding along the wall towards the living room. Her eyes were beginning to adjust to the gloom but she couldn't see anything out of place. She frowned when she realized the room was empty, where were the others? Ffion called out to Jake in a low voice but he didn't answer. She swallowed and went past the living room towards the kitchen, it was darker in the hallway and she couldn't see anything.

"Jake?" she whispered. Ffion suddenly tripped on something soft that was slumped on the floor, she slid down the wall and reached out with shaking hands. It was a person; Ffion moved her hands up the arms until she felt a familiar furry collar around the neck line. She breathed a sigh of relief and shook the shoulders.

"Ally? Are you okay? Ally?" Ffion's voice was low and panicked but the girl still didn't answer. Heavy footsteps coming up the stairs from the basement made her freeze, they were slow and deliberate. Ffion was screaming at herself to move but it was only in her mind and her legs refused to obey, she was frozen in terror. There was another crackle and the lights fizzed on, Ffion squeezed her eyes shut against the sudden glare. She inched them open and gasped, the rising scream catching and turning into a whimper as it passed her lips.

Leaning against the wall opposite was Brice; blood was dripping onto his shirt front from the gash in his face. It ran from the corners of his mouth and up into his hair line giving him a deformed clown's grin. Next to him was Jake and Ffion began to sob. Jake had been scalped, his hair sat in his lap looking like a raw and bloodied rat. His eyes stared blankly down at the ground, blood flowing freely down his face.

The door to the basement swung open and a man stepped into the hallway. He wore an orange jumpsuit that was almost saturated in blood; splashes of red covered his face and hands as well. Ffion sat perfectly still, like a rabbit caught in the headlights of an oncoming car. The man didn't see her at first; he was busy wiping the slick wetness from his hands onto the walls. Ffion began to turn away when her eyes suddenly alighted on what was left of Ally and the chocked scream suddenly burst forth and the man spun around to face her. Ally was sitting against the wall, her hands were neatly folded in her lap but above the furry collar there was nothing. Her head was gone and the hole that had been left behind was ragged and raw and once Ffion began to scream, she just couldn't seem to stop.

"Shhh, now sweetie. It's okay, I won't hurt you" said the man. Before Ffion could draw breath to continue her scream the man's hands were clamped around her throat. As her life slowly drained away, the man continued to shush her in his soft, lilting voice. Ffion's eyes rolled to the side, back to that furry collar and her headless friend. The last thought Ffion had, was that that was one ugly arse robe.