Amalia pulled the quilt up to her neck and snuggled into Kasper's side, it was so warm and comfy under there but she really had to pee. Amalia pushed away from Kasper and pulled her woolly jumper down to cover her bare thighs. She padded across the room before hurrying upstairs through the chilly house and into the bathroom. After a few minutes, she went to the sink to wash her hands and stopped. Amalia turned off the water and cocked her head to one side, she could hear a strange noise but it couldn't be what it sounded like.

"What the Hell?" she whispered. Amalia pushed open the window and the sound became clearer. It was a crying baby. She frowned before climbing up onto the bath and peering out of the window, the porch was just visible but she couldn't see anything. The crying was more insistent now and growing louder. Amalia jumped off the bath and hurried downstairs, she passed the living room and ignored Kasper's call. She pulled open the door but there was nothing there.

"Lia, what are you doing?" Kasper appeared at her shoulder; she shushed him and stepped out onto the porch. The night was still and deathly quiet but the crying had stopped.

"I heard a baby crying" said Amalia. She hopped down the steps onto the lawn and looked around but she couldn't see anything unusual in the garden.

"I know you're broody, Lia, but isn't this a little extreme?" asked Kasper, he pulled his robe tighter and leaned against the door jamb. Amalia ignored him and walked around the side of the house; she looked up at the bathroom window and sighed. She had heard a baby, maybe it had just crawled away. Amalia shook her head and snorted in disgust, how could it crawl away? Kasper called her name but she ignored him and continued around to the back of the house. She stopped with a small smile on her face. The crying was coming from the bushes this time. Amalia called back to Kasper that she would be back in a minute and jogged across the back garden. She stepped into the bushes and was so intent on finding the source of the crying that she didn't see the shadow behind her until it was too late.

Kasper sighed and looked down at his watch, what the Hell was she doing? He shivered and went back to the living room, flopping down onto the sofa. Kasper flicked off the movie to save having to watch it again when Amalia finally came back. The news was on, Kasper kept the sound off but when he read the headlines flashing across the bottom of the screen he pushed the volume up.

"Apparently a vicious serial killer has been prowling the local area and luring women out of their homes with a tape of a crying baby." Kasper jumped to his feet and dashed outside, scooping up his mobile as he went.

"Amalia!" he cried. Kasper's voice was high pitched and panicked but, right now, he didn't care. Amalia didn't answer and his panic grew. Kasper broke into a run and hurried around the side of the house, his eyes darted in every direction and then he heard it. A crying baby and it was coming from the bushes. Kasper dialled 999 on his mobile as he approached the sound.

"999 operator, what is your emergency?"

"We need help" said Kasper. He gave their address before dropping the phone onto the grass and stepping into the bushes.

When the police arrived, they found a mobile phone on the back lawn and an empty house. An hour later, they found the bodies of Amalia and Kasper in the bushes at the back of the house. They lay flat on their backs, their eyes wide and their mouths open but dummies had been pushed into them. In the right hands were bottles of formula and in the left were rattles. Between them was an old fashioned tape player, when they pressed the play button the screams of a baby floated out and over the top came another sound.

"Hush little baby, don't say a word. Mama's gonna buy you a mockingbird." The soft, crooning voice was that of a woman.