Tyrant Father

Fall a sleep

Don't even make a peep

I'll be watching in the room next to yours

Waiting for your inevitable snores

There he goes

That awful noise

Better remind him

Of who's in charge


Storm in his room

Rip off his sheets

Slap him around

And throw him on the ground


No more noise I say to him

And go back to my room with an evil grin

I can feel his eyes watching me

Little whelp I think and then leave


It was oh so fun!

Better then basking in the sun

When I abused my son

Let him know that I'm in charge

It toughened him up

And made him smart


I knew what I was doing

Don't act like you've never done it

Every one has!

It may seem like you're an ass

But that will pass


Laying in my bed I hear my door creak

I take a peek

It's only my son

And he's holding a gun


Before I can blink

Or call his shrink

I hear the little trigger go clink