Friends with Benefits by Omnia Vanitas


"Turn the television down!" Kenned called out, progressively getting louder the closer she got to Jeremiah's bedroom door. She pushed it opened. "Turn it down!" The four boys were sitting around the large television, faces bathed in the light pour from the screen. They had the volume of the video game turned very loud. "Do you hear me, Jerry? Turn the volume down." Kennedy stormed over to the group. "Jeremiah!" she screeched.

"Why? Can't you and Nicolette doodle your crushes names with all of the noise?" Jeremiah questioned sarcastically, not taking his eyes from the screen.

It was all she could go to keep from screaming at her eldest brother. Instead, she took a deep breath and said, "Just turn it down a little. Please? I'm not asking you to mute it, just turn the volume down."

He didn't respond right away. Just as she was about to walk over to the outlet to unplug his television, he said, "I'll turn it down in a couple of minutes, okay?"

Knowing it was the best she would get from him, Kennedy spun around and padded off towards her bedroom. The door was still open a sliver from when she came out of it. She pushed the door opened a little more to slip through it, shutting it tightly behind her. "Jeremiah is such a dick," she said loudly over the sounds from the boys room.

Nicolette looked up from the magazine laying on Kennedy's bed. "He wouldn't turn it down?" she asked with a frown.

Kennedy climbed onto her bed, tucking her legs beneath her body. She said, "Yeah, I guess. He said that he would, at least." Nicolette nodded, spinning around on her rear and laying on her stomach. Kennedy watch as Nicolette licked the tip of her finger, flipping a page over. "I hate when my parents go out of town. Jeremiah always thinks that just because he's the oldest, he can do whatever he wants."

"That's because Landon doesn't stand up to Jeremiah," Nicolette added.

And that was the truth. The younger of the twins always was the more subdued brother. Even though they were best friends, they were polar opposites. Jeremiah liked to play football and baseball; he was the life of the party. Landon preferred soccer. When they were together, Landon preferred to let his older brother do most of the talking.

"Let's just go downstairs," Kennedy said to her friend. "It'll probably be quieter down there."

After they made their way down the back staircase, Kennedy sent Nicolette off to pick out a moving from the Tailor family's extensive collection as she made some popcorn. Ten minutes later, the boys came tromping downstairs. Jeremiah reached over the couch, shoving a fist full of popcorn into his mouth. "Aw, man. A chick flick?" he moaned as they all settled on the open areas of the large sectional. "You know Mom would shit a brick if she found out that you were eating popcorn," he added, stealing more.

Frowning, I let my hand fall into my lap. He was right. Instead, I pulled my legs to my chest.

"Do you always have to antagonize her?" Landon muttered quietly for only his brother to hear. Turning to Kennedy, he nudged her with his foot. "We'll keep your secret."

Her frown only deepened. "Yeah, well the scale has a bigger mouth, apparently. You guys can finish it." The movie had barely begun, but Kennedy had tuned out. Once the credits began to roll, the guys hauled to their feet, picking out a new movie to watch. They settled back after several minutes. As soon as the first person was killed by some masked villain, Kennedy got to her feet. "Do you want to back upstairs, Nic?"

Not waiting for an answer, Kennedy swept out of the room and up the stairs to the safety of her bedroom. Moments later she was joined by her best friend.

"Sometimes I really hate Jeremiah," she said, flinging herself onto the soft cushion of her bed dramatically. "He's such an asshole. I don't understand how he ever has a girlfriend."

"Well," Nicolette began, "he is cute."

Kennedy raised herself up, shooting her friend a withering glare. "He's my brother!" She just shrugged her shoulders. "Ugh, no. Don't even think about it."

"I wouldn't," Nicolette promised. "But that doesn't include his friends, does it? Because I call dibs on Dante King."

A grin spread across Kennedy's face. "You can have him; I'll take Avery Michaels."

The two girls giggled, falling back onto the bed.

"Knock, knock!" a voice said from the door. Kennedy looked up to see two of the four walk into the room.

Jeremiah took a seat on the bed as Dante looked at the pictures set out. "What are you doing in here?" Kennedy sighed, rolling her eyes heavenward. "Can't you just leave us alone for the night?"

"We thought there might be a pillow fight or something. Didn't want to miss it," Dante piped up, picking up a picture frame to examine the photograph.

"That's my sister," Jeremiah growled out, causing Nicolette to emit a peal of laughter. He shot her a confused glare. "When are you going to sleep?"

Shrugging her shoulders, Kennedy said, "No idea. Sometime before dawn, probably. No can you leave? We were just going to talk about girl stuff, if you don't mind."

With a deep mocking bow, Jeremiah walked out of the room with Dante in tow.

"On second thought, you can take him if you promise to never give him back."

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