It gripped me as an iron cage descended upon my body. I struggled against the wrought chains, thrashing in my capture. I felt skin on metal; the coldness that went with peace, the smoothness that went with calm. I breathed, a rapt breath that rasped past the bars and reverberated within my mouth. I savoured the stricken air, the thin strands that slithered through my cracked lips. Just as it had suddenly come, the cage was released, my body falling limp as nothing fell to catch me. My outstretched arm felt nothing but the soft caress of the blanket on which I lay, my breath returned large and fresh. My ribs rose and fell in their heavy gasps, my body finding nothing as I stretched to my height.

Around me lay only the normalities of life. And yet I longed for the torments that enclosed me.

I rose, ready to return to life. My sight went to the mirror, ready to present myself. But the mirror lay cracked. Three paces away, glass lay hanging off its edge, a spider web of patterns. Fragmented bits of my face stared back at the glazed expression that shrouded it. A cage that allowed me to throw my arms as I may. Glued objects sat on surrounding shelves, parts lay scraped in the bin. But never had I broken anything I could not hide. Soon, too soon, someone would come in; find the mirror broken, or find it missing. I could not lie, my pleas of defiance would earn me nothing. An accident I could blame it on, but carelessness was the sin of death.

I slouched across the bed, knees hugged to my chest. The cage lay on the borders of my mind; sat there, sleeping. But I did not control it.

I eyed the mirror, wondered if I could replace it. But its sentiments were worth more than its body. Unlike mine.

I heard a word shout through the room, my name. Excuses flashed through mind, but they passed as easily as they came.

That word again, louder, angrier. I waited, fear coursing through my bones. Glass lay shattered across the floor.

Again it came, this would be the last before I heard the footsteps. The web streaked into the frame.

One at a time, the clattering of anger. A prick of blood pierced my foot as my sole descended.

The knob turned in its socket. I stared at the broken fear covering my face.

The door creaked silently on its hinges. There was nothing left.

The single word erupted again, as eyes took in glass. They streaked across the room, seeing the broken things, the blood dripping onto the blanket. But they did not care for me.

Flailing words, enraged arms. My ears became deaf to the words, knowing what would come. My arm was enclosed in a jewelled hand, my body pulled through the air. I did not resist, I did not fight.

A door was opened, I was shoved inside, snapped at with menacing words. A flick locked me.

Clean, presentable was the room around me. But I sat odd.

More footsteps pronounced them coming, the lock flicked back in its place.

He came in, and as he started towards me, again an iron cage descended upon my body.

A/N I know that it's not completely obvious, but she's meant to be a prostitute. Hope you enjoyed!