2nd December 2011
Hey Mrs. Evans,

You're a cool, down-to-earth science teacher and I hope that you find a worthy opponent to battle you in wit. I'm happy right now and feeling appreciative with your teaching methods. The period-long lectures you gave to us when you went off topic, the well-deserved merits or demerits, the music that taught us God's word and all the other guilt-trips from you. And your stare. And the rolling of eyes. I'm smiling a very toothy goofy grin as I think about it; you know that? However, we teenagers need to be reminded that there are much more important things than the materialistic crap that usually enters our meagre developing brains, but you knew that, didn't you? Thanks a million for making class just the tad bit more interesting.
Like I said; I'm appreciative,

Eliza Magallanes.