A Part of Me:

People ask my why I play,

And my answer is always the same.

I play because I love it

Because I can't live without the game.

Some call my sport stupid

Well yours is dumb.

I live for the moments

Where not another thing could compare

To the way it feels

To be there.

On the mound,

On the base,

Feet pounding into the ground

As dirt rains down like ocean spray.

The way the ball snaps

Into your worn out glove

With a small little pop!

The way the laces

Roll against your fingertips

The way the bat feels

As you swing.

The crack that it makes

Is enough to know that it's gone.

To make you fly around the bases

Feeling like that shot

Was a million and one.

It's special,

My game.

Because it just can't compare,

It's different somehow.

It's not as easy as it looks

And you have to be good

To get it at all.

So next time you say it's dumb or stupid

Remember the girls who play

Pushing themselves every day.

They are like you

In a way.

So how would you feel

If you played

Fast pitch softball.

And lived for the game?