My home is a quiet country setting,

Hidden in what seems like endless meadows and hay fields

Clean air and blue skies is all I know

Cowboys and horses are what I love

I can remember waking one morning to such a view out my window

Cowboys horseback in the early morning light

And one beautiful picture in my mind still awes me

One of beautiful flowers blooming in the meadow, yellow, then purple

Quiet moonlit nights left me restless

And sliding out my window, I would go for a walk

Down past the tractor barn, a stop to see a horse, then on to my favorite hiding spots

I know if I lay still, I can hear the coyotes singing in the distance

Endless adventures came every sunny summer

That first summer was the very best

Bouncing on wet trampolines and causing too much trouble

We'd break "the rules" but didn't care. Some rules, I'd say

There was my crush that first beautiful summer, making my blush

Hiding, I could watch from a distance

Every inch of my home has been memorized

Every inch of my being wants to return