Volume 16!

Kraken was still yammering in Levi's head. Probably because Levi had told Kraken to shut up out loud.

He had said that out loud.

"Kraken?" Troy said, swaying into Levi, giggling a little bit, "What does Kraken have to do with anything?"

Trying his damndest not to shove Troy away, Levi kept his gaze on Volt— Volt, who was just standing there, drink in hand, staring at Levi, eyes crackling with pleasure. His smile was impressive, completely triumphant. Levi had never seen him look so pleased. Any second … any second, and he would say something.

Any second, and Levi would be revealed as Leviathan to an entire room of superheroes.

Volt moved suddenly, and Levi prepared himself to transform. If he was going down, than it was as a rampaging sea monster, and he was taking a few of these garishly clad imbeciles with him. His teeth sharpened in his mouth, but then he stopped. Volt had simply lifted his drink to his mouth, and took a long sip— eyes stilled trained on Levi. When Volt moved his hand down, ice clinking in the glass, Levi let out a short breath. Volt's impossibly smug grin became even more arrogant.

"Levi," Volt said, his tone affable, "Don't you want to contact your family? They must be worried."

"That's … " Levi replied with a sharp laugh. Despite everything, he was a little shocked that Volt was playing some cat and mouse game. He even felt relieved. At least this bought him time. "There's no one," he said finally.

Volt cocked his head, raising an eyebrow. After a second, he shrugged. "I see."

There was no way … Levi narrowed his eyes, licking his lips. Was it possible that Volt hadn't figured it out? It made no sense to drag this out any further— if Volt had any brains at all, he would call on his fellow heroes, and have Levi captured immediately. Instead, he was just standing there, smiling like a cat.

Levi had to … he had to do something. With one swift movement, he ducked himself into Troy's chest, nuzzling his face against Troy's neck. "I'm sleepy," Levi mumbled, and almost sneered at how quickly Troy circled his arms around him. Turning his green eyes to Volt, he waited for a reaction, Levi was so close to Troy— close enough to tear Troy's jugular out with his teeth.

There it was. A brief tremor in Volt's hand. His grin had hardened.

He knew. He definitely knew.

Dislodging himself from Troy, Levi looked towards the door. He could try to run. He could try to fight his way out. He could go down in a blaze of glory. None of these options seemed too attractive. Glancing back at Troy, Levi thought … he could take Troy hostage, and slowly inch his way out of HQ, with all of the heroes breathing down his neck. But that wouldn't work. They would follow him, and eventually he would have to let Troy go. Then, the heroes would kill Levi.

Levi felt Troy grabbing at his hand, whining about him pushing away. He ignored it, his mind still racing.

How much time did he have? He could call on Kraken? No, that was stupid. Kraken would come storming in and get himself killed. Maybe Levi could—

"You know," Levi heard, and his thoughts came to a halt. He looked up at Volt, who smiled. Levi felt a cold dose of apprehension."You know," Volt repeated, "If you're tired, I can show you to a room."

"What?" Troy cut in, draping himself over Levi's shoulders. "He's sleeping with me, remember?"

Volt practically snarled at Troy. "Stop being so clingy," he said, his voice uncharacteristically tight, "He treats you like shit."

Both Levi and Troy froze. Levi narrowed his eyes—Volt had never sounded so angry. Whatever smug friendliness he had been exuding before was now gone, and he was glaring, glaring, at Levi. Did heroes glare?

"Hey," Troy said, his voice sobering somewhat, "Don't be a dick." His hold on Levi didn't waver.

Volt's lip curled upwards, and there was a slight, barely perceptible shake of his head. His eyes had a rueful cast as he stared at Levi, appraising the way Levi stiffly let Troy hang all over him. "Sorry," he said, "Levi, I didn't mean to … " Levi could see the way Volt's hand was clasped tight around his glass. "Still, I think it's best if you stay in separate rooms tonight."

"I'd rather be with Troy," Levi drawled. There was no way in hell he would go off anywhere alone with Volt. He tried not to grimace when Troy pulled him in closer.

"Still," Volt repeated, and there was an edge to his voice. "Tonight, you will be in your own room."

Levi felt Troy tense around him, and he wondered if this was something that was unavoidable. He hadn't ever thought about superhero hierarchy, but if there was some rule of authority, then Volt was probably above Troy. Swallowing, he shouldered away from Troy, and nodded his head.

"Wait," Troy said, grabbing Levi's arm, "Come on, that's … why would we leave Levi alone on his first night— "

"Enough," Volt cut over him, eyes flashing at the contact between Levi and Troy, "No more arguing, Triton, now let go of him."

Whatever Troy said in response was lost on Levi, when he suddenly felt a white hot wash of anger hit his brain. He grimaced, grinding his teeth. He could keep Kraken out, ignore the rapid clicks of Kraken trying to send his thoughts over, but he couldn't keep this pure emotion from soaking his mind. "Shit," he seethed, "For once, just give me a break."

He could see Volt, who was now arguing with Troy, staring at him. He had to hide the feelings— but he couldn't, not with how angry Kraken was. "I'm serious," Levi said, "This is the worst possible time for a tantrum, Kraken."

The anger stopped. Maybe Kraken had sensed something in Levi's plea, because now there were more clicks, more knocking, and they felt desperate. Levi breathed in deep, but froze when he saw how Volt was looking at him. There was this focused intensity in his eyes, not anger, but … as if he had just fully realized something. He was pushing against Troy's chest, pushing him away, and moving towards Levi.

"I've made my decision," he said, "Levi will not be sleeping with you, Troy."

And then he grabbed Levi's shoulder, and Levi felt the bone crack. "Come with me," Volt said, his voice low as he stared into Levi's eyes. "We have plenty of open rooms."

He had actually fractured Levi's shoulder. Levi was too shocked to register the pain, even as the bone began mending itself. "Right," he hissed. He hoped his fangs hadn't elongated on their own in reaction to the assault.

"But— " Troy said from behind them, but Volt was already leading Levi away.


Volt kept squeezing— breaking Levi's shoulder over, and over, and over. All Levi could do was inwardly seeth at the pain as they walked. He could feel the bone knit back together under his skin, and then immediately fracture again when Volt put on enough pressure, and Levi would see stars for a moment, a cold sweat breaking out on his forehead.

No one noticed this, Levi was able to keep a straight face. Pushing past the throng of superheroes, the swirl of spandex, Volt and Levi finally made it through the door. When Levi heard it shut behind them, he ducked out of Volt's grip, and spun around.

"If you think you can toy with me, hero— " Levi snarled without thinking, his eyes turning into serpentine slits, his claws stretching from his fingers.

Volt almost seemed mesmerized, his lips parting as he looked down at Levi. "Unbelievable," he breathed, his eyes flashing, "You're actually here." He took a step closer. "It's actually you."

Crouching in a fighting stance, Levi hissed, holding his fists up. Volt stared at this, and then his expression broke out into an amused grin. "Now, now," he said, "Every hero in HQ is standing not ten feet away from us, right inside that room. Do you really want to start something, Leviathan?"

"I will have my revenge," Levi replied, rolling his now healed shoulder.

Volt snorted, crossing his arms. "Really?"

Biting his lip, Levi closed his eyes. He really had to come up with some better lines. "Hero," he said after a moment, opening his eyes, "Will you fight me or not?"

Volt's eyebrows were knotted together, the corner of his lips tilted up. "Leviathan," he said, "Why are you acting so distant? It's not like we're strangers." He grinned fully, and Levi shuddered at the overwhelming shine and goodness.

"If you will not fight me … " Levi said, "Then allow me to leave."

"Ah," Volt replied, "No. " He chuckled. "No, that will not be happening. Not when I now have Kraken's brother right here, under my thumb— "

"You would use me to get at Kraken?" Levi said, scowling, but Volt held up his hand.

"—and not when you've been stringing along my cousin for who knows what nefarious reason. You realize, Leviathan, that he's very much invested in you? I don't care if it's puppy love, or whatever, but that you have the gall to play Triton like that … "

Volt frowned, his gaze flashing. "I won't abide by that."

Opening his mouth to respond, Levi was paralyzed by a sudden influx of clicks and feelings of concern. Perfect, he had managed to push Kraken past the point of anger, all the way to being concerned. That kind of maudlin sap coming from Kraken was never a good sign. 'It's fine.' Levi said telepathically, trying to sound as definite as possible.

"What was that?" Volt said, and Levi flinched. "That was you talking to him, wasn't it?" He took a step forward. "Kraken is out there somewhere, right now, talking to you, isn't he?"

Levi took a step back in turn, narrowing his eyes. "Why do you care?" he asked, wary of the fascination in Volt's voice.

"Does he know you're here with me?" Volt asked.

There was something … wrong. Volt should be shackling Levi's arms, or engaging him battle. Slowly, Levi's lip curled. Volt was a superhero, weren't superheroes supposed to be by the book? Why was he keeping Levi's identity to himself? It was almost calculating. Superheroes are not supposed to be calculating. Levi tilted his head, frowning. "Like I would tell him," he said, looking at Volt from the corner of his eye.

"Right," Volt chuckled, "That meathead would come in here guns a' blazing."

Yes, he would. Levi's lips thinned with displeasure. "I— " he started saying, but then paused. He just couldn't shake the odd feeling he was getting from the way Volt was looking at him.

"Would you ask him to come save you?" Volt asked.

"And get him killed? I think not." Levi replied.

Volt smiled at this, and then crossed his arms. "I honestly don't know what to do," he said, his eyes boring into Levi. "I never thought a villain could be so stupid as to walk into HQ alone." Volt's broad chest rose and fell with even breaths, and Levi felt a twinge of annoyance that he was the only one suffering from apprehension. "It makes me wonder how long you thought you could keep this ruse going, little Leviathan?"

The patronizing tone was grating. It was as if Volt was chastising him. "Just stop," Levi snarled, "Why are you prolonging this? Just take me to the cell or whatever it is that's waiting for me now."

Volt's grin lessened somewhat. "No," he said, his voice flat, "I still have some thinking to do," He licked his lips. "This opportunity is just too perfect— but I have to play it right."

Tightening his fists, Levi bowed his head, his eyes pointed up at Volt. "Play it right?" he repeated slowly. "Play what right?"

Volt 'hmm'd', his grin turning slightly more calculated. "I've always been sort of resigned to things, Levi," he said, "I mean, I took what I could— but games and teasing aren't exactly fulfilling my needs."

Ah, so Volt was crazy. "Why must I listen to your ramblings— "

"Look," Volt cut over him, with half-lidded eyes, "You can't escape. I'm not going to tell anyone who you are. The only logical course of action for you, Levi, is to just be obedient and go to bed like a good supervillain."

Volt sighed. "I need time to think."


Levi paced the room.

It looked like a hotel room, with two queen-size beds, bland furnishings, and the overall pervading color of pinkish-cream. The only thing that set the room apart was a reinforced door blockading the exit— electronic passlock beeping beside it.

This had been the only logical course of action, right? Trying to run would have been futile. Besides, giving Volt time to think meant Levi had time to think.

"Shit. Fucking— just, fuck all the crap shit. Goddamnit!"

… Or time to curse.

This was why, after all the arguing and stubbornness and insistence that he was smarter, Leviathan always submitted to Kraken's authority. Kraken had never been dumb enough to pose as a human and have sex with a superhero— Kraken had never been dumb enough to willingly walk into HQ.

Levi plopped down on the bed, allowing himself a small whine from the back of his throat. He wanted to send that whine straight to Kraken, but there was no way, he just couldn't put his brother in danger like that. Kraken would come storming over to HQ without a second thought, and Volt would kill him. Levi had to deal with this one his own.

There was a beep at the door, and immediately Levi was on his feet, body tense and ready for a fight. He watched the door slide open, and blinked when he saw Troy standing there.

"Ah," was all Levi managed to say, taking in Troy's bare chest and low slung pajama bottoms. Levi stood straighter, and crossed his arms. "You look … ready for bed," he said, cocking an eyebrow.

"I am," Troy replied, grinning goofily as he stepped inside, and the door shut behind him. He strode to Levi, and wrapped his burly arms around Levi's waist, pulling him close. Levi was stiff, his face buried against Troy's warm chest. He scowled when he felt Troy ruffle his hair. "I know Volt sounded like an asshole back there," Troy said, "but he thought he was doing what was best."

Levi was silent. If only Troy knew Volt had probably separated them so that Levi wouldn't lacerate Troy's arteries and run in the middle of the night, leaving Troy as a bloody, gurgling mess on the floor.

"Yes," Levi said finally, "I suppose he did."

"And don't worry about what he said," Troy continued, pressing his cheek against Levi's forehead. He began petting Levi's back. "I know you only act like that because you're scared."

Levi's lip curled. This imbecile. "Yes. " he said, through clenched teeth.

He was expecting more condescending platitudes, but instead he felt a hand thread into his hair, and pull his head up until he was facing Troy. Without even a moment to process what was happening, he felt a pair of warm, hungry lips on his own. Immediately, his arms were raised, pressing against Troy's chest.

Troy broke the kiss. "You're still mad," he said flatly.

"I'm still something," Levi muttered, backing away from Troy, and resuming his seat on the bed. He scratched the top of his head, wondering how the hell he was supposed to deal with this. He looked up, frowning at Troy's open, happy expression. "Troy," he said slowly.


"We're not together."

There was a slight falter to Troy's smile. "What?"

"I'm just saying," Levi continued, "We never said this was a relationship. I don't owe you anything."

He had to cement this now. Maybe not soon, but eventually, it would come out that he was Leviathan. He couldn't have Troy holding some grudge against him, or thinking Levi had betrayed him. Levi didn't go in for that kind of lingering blood feud that some villains seemed to relish. He liked things simple.

"If this is about Volt— " Troy began, but then he stopped. Looking down at the ground, he let out a strained chuckle. "Well," he said, "I'm not going to beg, Levi."

That was good. "I don't expect you to," Levi said.

Troy looked up again, and this time he was glaring. Glaring. What was with these heroes? Who taught them how to glare?

"You're not God's gift to man, Levi," Troy said, and then let out a harsh laugh. "This is ridiculous."

That was cute. Troy was showing a little bit of self-respect, finally. "I'm not playing hard to get," Levi said, his voice cold, "I'm saying no."

Levi could tell by Troy's clenched fists, and tighten jaw that he wanted to ask 'but why?' like a child, and it was slightly reassuring that he restrained himself. He was staring at Levi, his expression cloudy, and he finally opened his mouth to say, "This is because of Volt, isn't it?"

"Well— " Levi replied.

"You have a crush on Volt."

"—yes, he … " Levi trailed off. He blinked. "I have a what?"

"And he likes you too obviously, trying to separate us."

This conversation was going to a place that Levi didn't want to visit. He stood up, circled his hands around Troy's arms, and kissed him. It was a light kiss, but it was enough to shut Troy up. "If I have sex with you right now," Levi said, "Would you promise to never again imply that I have any sort of romantic feelings towards Volt?" Or him towards me, Levi thought with disgust.

Troy gawked at him. "I, uh … "

"No strings attached, of course," Levi said, lip curling He leered at Troy, running his finger down Troy's chest.

"But uh, I wanted to talk more about the training thing … if you're still upset, and I wanted to … our relationship."

Levi was pulling his shirt off, dropping it on the ground. Next, he unzipped his pants with nimble fingers, stepping out of them with one fluid movement. He turned from Troy and knelt on the bed, lying on his stomach. He grabbed a pillow, curling it in his arms, resting his chin on it, and then slid back on to his knees, his back arched down. "I mean," Levi said, adjusting himself a little more, "If you don't want to." He glanced over his shoulder, looking at Troy from the corner of his eye. "Be sure to turn the light off on your way out."

After a beat, Troy tore his gaze from Levi's ass. "I mean— I uh," he stuttered, "I only said that thing about Volt because I thought he liked someone, he's been kind of mopey about it, and then he said we couldn't sleep in the same room ..."

"Are you apologizing?" Levi replied. What was so hard about this? Getting fucked was what Levi wanted, not excuses or babbling. Heroes, honestly, were the worst saps.

Troy stared at him for a second. To Levi's surprise, he moved on to the bed, which dipped under his muscled weight. Without pausing, he took Levi's hips in his hands, and pulled Levi's ass back towards his groin. "You really do like— " he stopped, as if trying to find the right word. "Jerks."

"Because I am a jerk," Levi smirked back.

"You are," Troy replied. "It's not really good to be a superhero and a jerk."

Curling his fingers around his arms, Levi rolled his eyes and turned to bury his face in the pillow. He shivered a little as Troy ran a hand down his thigh, and then back up, cupping his ass.

"I don't want to be a superhero," Levi said, grinding himself against Troy's grip.

"That's probably for the best," Troy replied, leaning forward to nip at Levi's back.

"I want out of here," Levi said, keeping his voice coaxing and soft. "I want to go home." Despite the situation, he felt a spike of arousal when Troy placed his hand back at Levi's thigh, and started nudging Levi's legs apart.

"Yeah, yeah," Troy said with a husky voice. "Makes sense."

"Tonight, Troy."

"Yeah," Troy replied, pushing Levi to arch his back down a little more. "Tonight."















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