Chapter 37

We appeared in front of the palace in the upper level of the city; all around us people were celebrating and cheering. I dragged Aziza up the stairs to the entrance doors but I wasn't strong enough. My body was fully healed but I was mentally shattered, every step hurt as if I was walking on top of hundreds of spear heads. Half way up the stairs Aziza stood up and looked towards the horizon. I looked at the river which was now flowing at full speed. It seemed that the city was a safe haven for now.

We kept walking up the stairs until Sophia and Hatshepsut walked out of the doors, Sophia ran towards me as Aziza and I fell onto the stairs. Hatshepsut ordered for us to be carried to the healer immediately. As the guards started to come towards us Sophia asked me, "Where's Augustus?" when she finished saying his name Aziza started to cry again.

Sophia looked back at me and I said, "He was taken to Tartarus, there was nothing I could do. He just disappeared." Sophia backed away from me and just stared.

The guards ran around us and lifted us onto their shoulders, the guards walked for what seemed like an eternity to what was really just the other side of the palace. They placed each of us down on a bed. As my back hit the cold stone all my tension went away. I looked up and saw that the guards were gone I watched Sekhmet walked into my view, behind her Aziza was already getting up, she seemed normal except that her eyes were full of sorrow. Sekhmet walked up to me and placed a hand of my chest, a faint glow appeared as my body started to feel better and stronger. She took her hand off me and said, "Nobody except your self can heal your mind."

She bent down and kissed my forehead and disappeared. I sat up and looked at Aziza, she was about to walk through the door but I wanted to talk to her, "Aziza wait for me."

Aziza turned towards me and smiled, I walked up to her and we walked through the empty halls of the palace. I didn't want to make eye contact at the moment, "I am so sorry, I didn't mean to... I didn't know that would happen."

Aziza looked towards me and laughed, she said in a light hearted voice, "We will save him, Sekhmet has told me he still lives but it our path that will lead to his freedom."

We walked into the throne room and I noticed that in the middle of the room there was a large table with a map stretching from one side to the other. On the map it showed the Greek Empire, the Roman Empire, and the Egyptian Empire. In 9 different spots of the map there were small clay figures, each of which I figured was a titan. I looked to the side of the table and saw the small clay figure of Helios. I looked on the map once more, there was Oceanus was placed outside of Athens, Hyperion was placed outside of Rome, Coeus and Atlas were both sited at the western part of Greece, in Sparta there was Prometheus and Epimetheus, At Mt. Olympus there was Kronos, Iapetus and Perses each one was at a different side of the mountain.

Aziza looked at the map, "Is this what we have to go against? There is no way we could win against this." With every word her voice seemed to get sadder.

Behind us the door flew open. Inside walked Hatshepsut, Sophia and fourteen people all wearing different headdress's that looked like crowns walked into the room. From beside me I saw Aziza bow down to the gods, I copied her movements, when we both stood back up the gods were all bowing back at us. Aziza and I watched the gods stand back up and walk to the table behind us.

I turned to see what we were facing again. The gods looked at the battle plan but all of them shook their heads. Horus pointed towards Olympus and said, "This is the most important sight for the Greek gods, but they are also weakened by the capture of Rome. We have to be careful the leader of the titans Kronos is attacking the site but we can keep them distracted for long enough."

All of the gods, nodded as we watched Horus point out different spots on the map. "We must go to Olympus to help the gods while they regain their power over the cities." I looked at Aziza and Sophia; they were both as confused as I was. "How are the gods regaining their power?" I asked.

"You and your friends must go to each of these cities and capture the titans. The only thing that it seems is that you will not be able to survive without the missing member of your party." As Horus said those last words I thought I saw sadness appear in his eyes as if saying Augustus' name would have been too much for him. "You must travel to the underworld to save him then return to the living so that humanity shall live."

The meeting lasted for several hours each of which the clay pieces moved closer and closer to their destinations. I looked at the door which had been left wide open and saw the sun setting over the sand dunes making the world light a bright red.

I looked back to the gods and they were all looking at me. As each god passed me they bowed down then disappeared into thin air. The finally as Anubis the last god walked past me he had a wrapped coffin in his hand. I looked at the coffin that was about my arms length, it was too small for any human but as Anubis walked past me he said to me, "These are the gifts I give to you." With that he opened the coffin and inside I saw a sword that had black hieroglyphics written to the flat of each side of the blade, the blade was a stunning white. "What does the hieroglyphics mean." I asked

"Death Bringer. Keep the weapon safe for it is the weapon I used against the titans during our fight." I put the weapon in my hands and it disappeared into thin air. I looked back at the coffin inside there was two more gifts, the first was two more arm bands, they both were shining gold, "These are to fuel you with my power no matter where you are, you are a son of death it is time for you to use your powers like an immortal."

The last item was the most shocking gift, I reached into the coffin and pulled out a gladius , carved on the bottom of the blade was the name Augustus. "Return his sword to him when he is free."

The god then disappeared leaving me with a weapon, power and a goal. I turned around to face Sophia and Aziza, both of which had coffins of their own. I looked the sun falling into the horizon. I knew we would need training but we were going to save Augustus.