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Three girls were sat round a little table, on the table lay a board game. This was no ordinary board game though, as these girls were about to find out. It was Jessica's turn to roll the dice, but she didn't know how much this roll would change her life. She rolled the dice and it landed on six.

"Yes!" exclaimed Ann, "A six, I progress through the portal and into the kingdom beyond!"

"What does that mean?" Asked Mary.

"Who cares? I got a six! Ha!" said Ann.

"Chill out, Ann. Its just a board game!" laughed Jayne

"You're only saying that because I'm winning!" smirked Ann. Jayne rolled her eyes. Typical, she's so competitive! She shared a look with Mary who bit her lip suppressing the laugh.

They were so busy laughing at Ann they hadn't noticed that the circle in the centre of the board had started glowing.

"Erm, guys!" Said Ann, alarmed.

"We know you're winning! No need to rub it in!" Said Jayne, sounding faintly annoyed now.

"No, its not that! Its this!" She replied, pointing at the circle.

Mary and Jayne both looked at the board and their mouths fell open. It was getting wider and wider, consuming the whole table. The girls got up and started to back away, not believing what they were seeing. Soon, the circle surrounded them too and then they started falling.

They went through the blinding golden light and for a moment were disorientated by the sudden darkness. Jayne tried to reach out to the others but it seemed they were to far away. She attempted to call to them but no sound would come. Soon they hit the floor and, looking around they saw they weren't in her living room any more, Jayne picked herself up and smoothed her blonde curls, she brushed her hair out of her grey

eyes. She straightened her denim skirt. She felt around her neck for her cream scarf and saw that it was lying a few centimetres away from were she had fell. As she wound it round her neck she saw the others getting up too. Ann stood up and ran her fingers through her short brown hair, her large brown eyes taking in the surroundings. Mary's mouth was wide open as she stared around her, her light brown hair falling in front of her hazel eyes. Her jeans were covered in dust from the floor and her top was crumpled up. Ann's tights were wrinkled and her jacket was hanging off her shoulders. Ann opened her mouth to speak but no sound would come. She was too astounded at where she was.

They appeared to be in some sort of wood, although this wood wasn't quite what they knew. The leaves were bright orange and brilliant shades of bubblegum pink. The flowers below were multicoloured and appeared to hum in the breeze. This was the weirdest wood they had ever been in. They looked up and saw the strangest creatures flying above their heads and jumping from tree to tree. They were all sorts of colour, vibrant purples and deep blues. Some had for legs, others had wings. Some looked like birds but with snouts, others looked like wolves, with tusks. Some had long claws that dug into the ground when they ran. This was certainly nothing like the girls had ever seen before and they clung together for safety. This was not Pickerton, they were a long way from there, it was like they were in a different world.

"Where are we?" Asked Mary, on the point of freaking out.

"I have no idea!" Replied Jayne battling to keep her voice steady. Ann just whimpered, her eyes were huge as she clung to the others for dear life.

They carried on through the weird woods and soon came to a little fountain. It was gold and in the shape of a fairy guiding a terrified-looking girl through the enigmatic woods. Beside the fountain stood a beautiful woman in a long silk gown. She had white blonde hair that was pinned up with a few curls framing her beautiful face. She had friendly green eyes and a dazzling smile. Her elegant figure was beautifully encased in a gold silk gown and her tiny feet were laced up into golden pumps.

"Welcome girls, I am Lady Minerva, and I am here to guide you on your journey home," she spoke with a voice that sounded like a choir of angels had just started singing.

"What's going on? Are we imagining this? Has someone spiked our drinks?" Demanded Ann, finding her voice again. Lady Minerva laughed, it was like a gentle peal of bells, elegant and beautiful.

"One of you rolled a six on the board game, when you read it out loud to your friends you were transported here through the game. There is only one way to get back. Find the magical crystals that will take you safely back home." She smiled at them.

"But, how are we supposed to find the crystals?" Asked Jayne cautiously.

"Ah, that is were I shall help you, trust me to guide you home." She told them.

"But how can you help?" Asked Mary.

"Well, I am Lady Minerva, fairy of these lands, I shall make sure no harm comes to you!" Smiled Lady Minerva.

"Fairy, yeah right!" Snorted Ann, "Like we're gonna believe you're a fairy!"

"It is true!" Lady Minerva started to sound impatient now. "Now we must hurry!"

There was a flash of blinding white light, and instead of the golden silk gown, Lady Minerva was wearing a glittering silver dress, with delicate, shimmering silver wings fluttering on her back. She was holding a silver wand and was bathed in a glimmering light. She looked more beautiful than ever. She grabbed the girls hands and waved her wand and suddenly they were in a grand room. It was bare apart from the small desk in the centre of the room, a large mirror that hung on one wall and a large silver throne on a stage at the far end of the room. The floor was a checkerboard pattern of silver and gold squares. Lady Minerva released the girls and crossed to the centre of the room to the desk. The girls shifted awkwardly on the spot and moved closer in together. It was cold in the room and Jayne wrapped her arms around her body hugging herself, the cold penetrated her fine silk shirt and she wasn't wearing a jacket as it had been perfectly warm in her house. Her legs had goose bumps on them because she was only wearing ballet flats that matched her shirt and scarf. She moved closer to the others, both of whom looked cold too. They looked nervously round the room and then back to the centre were Lady Minerva was looking through one of the drawers in the desk. At last she stood up and crossed back to them, clutching what seemed to be a large map. She laid it down in front if them and smoothed it out. It showed a country and had funny labels such as Crystal Mountain and Land above peak, at the top of the map there was a palace labelled Wisdom Palace and at the bottom there was a dark castle called Trivia Castle. Lady Minerva tapped the map and four dots appeared on the map where Wisdom Palace was.

"No, we are here where the dots are and we need to get you there, unharmed, so this is the best route I think," She said pointing at the dots and tracing a line to Crystal Mountain then to Land Above Peak, "Now, it wont be easy, we will have to avoid detection which is not easy here in Bordspel. There is lookouts everywhere, Trolls and Goblins around every corner and they all report to one person, Lady Trivia!"

"Trivia, that's the roman goddess of witchcraft, and your name Minerva, roman goddess of wisdom!" Realised Mary, slowly. "Is that who you are?"

"Very clever, and no I am not the roman goddess, they copied her from me! I am the inspiration for the myths!"

"Really?" Gasped Jayne.

"Yes," smiled Lady Minerva.

"And is Lady Trivia the inspiration for those myths about her?" Asked Ann.

"Yes, but that does not matter now! What matters now is that we get you to Crystal Mountain safely so we can get you home! Now we must be off, to get to Mustille by nightfall, it is the nearest village to Wisdom Palace!"

"Right, what happens when we get to Crystal Mountain?" Asked Ann

"We get your corresponding crystals and then get to Land Above Peak." Lady Minerva informed them. "However getting to Mustille will be quite a challenge, it is a way off, over the Rising Seas and through the Drogdom Jungle, that's a very dangerous place to go through, so we must be quick through the Comlin Valley, so we can reach Mustille by nightfall. We must go now!"

Lady Minerva waved her wand and she had changed into more suitable clothes, a dark green t-shirt and black trousers with black walking boots, she had a large rucksack on her back. She looked at the girls and waved her wand, suddenly they were in the same clothes as her too. She set off out of the palace.

"Wait, Lady Minerva! I have something to ask you!" Shouted Ann.

"What is it? And quickly, we must hurry." She said, agitated.

"Well, you transported us here with magic, so why cant you do that so we can get to crystal mountain?" Ann asked.

"Not all parts of Bordspel are accessible to me and you must also prove yourselves, so that your crystals will work! If I was to transport you to it, you would not have proved yourselves enough to enable yourselves to get home! Now I must insist! No more interruptions, we need to leave now!" She answered hurriedly.

Lady Minerva ran out of the grand hall and through corridors, the others hastily pursuing her. They ran down marble steps, and at last they came to a pair of grand oak doors, Lady Minerva was stood by these waiting impatiently for the girls. When they came down the steps, Lady Minerva turned to a spectacular bird, with feathers ranging from silky blacks to shimmering sky blues, to deep plums and lucid pinks and delicate golds, it had beady eyes that seemed to change colour, perched in front of the doors. She whispered something inaudible to the bird, which gave a loud squawk and flew high above the girls heads in a swirl of colours. Lady Minerva walked up to the doors muttering an incantation under her breath, and the doors swung open revealing stunning gardens. There were bushes shaped like all sorts, with deep mauve leaves, and flowers that seemed to sing in the sunlight. There were funny little birds and insects flying around and in the middle lay a glittering pool, with a crystal statue in the centre which cast out rainbows in the dazzling sun. As the doors closed a translucent ripple fell over them, making them glow for a second then returning to their normal appearance. Lady Minerva marched ahead leaving little time for the three startled visitors to take in their surroundings.

They walked for ages until they reached a looming valley the girls took to be the aforementioned Comlin Valley. Just outside the valley lay a small lake, from which strange noises seemed to be issuing. Jayne crossed over to it to get a better look and saw tortured faces screaming and moaning from with in, she reached down to touch one but Lady Minerva grabbed her hand.

"Don't touch it!" She said.

"Why not?" asked Jayne, confused.

"That is the Lake of Twisted Souls! That is where the damned spend eternity! If you touch that you will be dragged under there to join them!" She answered.

"Oh!" Jayne said, hastily yanking her hand away from the pool, and backing away.

They skirted around the lake and into the valley beyond. The walls of the valley towered high above them, casting dark shadows on to them and blocking the sunlight. It was cold in the valley, but they carried on regardless. Soon they where at the end of the valley, but before they could get out four goblins had surrounded them. They were the most stupid looking things Mary had ever seen. They were all holding clubs, and one was using it to hit his peer over the head. His peer kept swatting at him with his own club, but the other one was just laughing stupidly. Other two were taking it in turn to ride on each others backs but they kept on dropping each other, after falling down twice one goblin picked himself up and inserted a finger up his nose, whilst the other was pulling faces at him. They were wearing grubby patched clothes and no shoes, they had lank black hair that fell to their shoulders and long, yellowing toenails.

"Uh, humans!" Said the one with the finger up his nose, pointing Mary, who squealed and hid next to Jayne. His companion grunted at him, but he ignored him.

"Who you?" Said the goblin to Ann, who grimaced.

"Who are you?" She responded.

"Me, Cronk, this Murr"- pointing to the one hitting his friend with the club, he was the smallest were Cronk was the tallest,- "And this, Clin," - He said hitting the one who had just spoke to him before, "And this, Lilmur," - pointing to Murr's target.

Cronk was easily the stupidest, Clin was the lankiest, Murr was the smallest and Lilmur was the burliest. Lady Minerva, Jayne, Ann and Mary, tried to advance, but the goblins closed in on them, all swinging their clubs, even Murr had stopped hitting Lilmur.

"You go nowhere!" Said Cronk, and his friends grunted in agreement, he seemed to be the only one that could talk any English at all.

"Yeah, we are!" Protested Ann.

"No, you go to Lady Trivia!" replied Cronk, thickly.

"Lady Trivia!" The other goblins shouted in unison.

"No, they don't go to Lady Trivia, they will stay with me!" Called Lady Minerva, she looked up to the heavens and cried "Lady Trivia, you shall never take these girls!"

She drew her wand, like a sword and slashed it around, the air surrounding it whistling as it sliced smoothly through the air. The goblins stared, dumbfounded for a minute and then disappeared into thin air, with a pop.

"Right lets get out of here!" Said Lady Minerva, safely stowing her wand back in her pocket and hurrying on ahead.

Soon they were back out in the sunshine and walked swiftly down the rocky path. They had been walking for a short while when Lady Minerva stopped and announced it was time for something to eat. They ate quickly and then set off again. Soon there was bushes on either side of them and a little way along there was a gap in the shining silver leaves, where a small, dusty path had been cut. Lady Minerva turned down here and then the path steepened as the start their descent down a mountain. As they neared the bottom of the mountain, where they faced an almost vertical drop, they could see a vibrant jungle, the trees reached high up into the sky, some seemed never ending, reaching all the way up to the heavens. Even from where they were stood, they could see that the leaves were brilliant shades of fuchsia, purple and blue. Twisting and weaving around the trees were giant birds of prey, well at least they seemed like that to Mary. They carried on down to the drop and Lady Minerva stopped, Jayne glanced down and gulped, she was getting pretty worried how they were going to get past this obstacle. The drop was about 10 feet, but then the ground they were going to land on looked uneven and Jayne was not sure how they were going to do this without injuring themselves. Then again, thought Jayne, we do have a fairy with us so it might not be so bad. Lady Minerva looked at her and nodded for her to jump first. Jayne held her breath and jumped.

The fall wasn't as bad as Jayne expected it to be, even so she still didn't particularly like it. She moved aside as Ann jumped after her, as Ann hit the floor she keeled over, face down. She picked herself up, wiping dust and dirt of her face. Mary was stood at the top laughing but quickly shut up when she was informed it was her time to jump. She leapt of the edge and came tumbling down, as she landed she fell sideways, and yelling in pain, she crumpled to the ground as her ankle gave way beneath her. She tried to pick herself up, but her ankle couldn't support her. Ann and Jayne ran to help her, lifting her up off the ground. They moved her to one side as Lady Minerva landed gracefully near to them. She ran over to Mary and waved her wand, silently. She hadn't talked much since the incident in the valley. Ann wondered why, and who Lady Trivia really was. She decided it was time the found out. So gathering all her courage she asked.

"Lady Minerva," Her voice trembled, "Who exactly is Lady Trivia ?"

"She is the evil ruler of the Lower Lands, she seeks to make the Upper Lands hers. You must now this if you are to survive and I should of told you back at wisdom palace but you did not need to know then. To fully understand this I must tell you the history of Bordspel. Once there was a king, he was happy with his gorgeous wife and adorable little girls. One day, his wife was killed during a siege on the castle and he urged his daughters to run. So they did, but before their guardians came to them and transferred their powers into them, then the guardians too went off to fight. The girls fled the kingdom to a safe place near the Land Above. When the siege was over they returned only to find their castle in ruins, and their father and guardians dead. They wept over their loss, and later decided who should take the throne. The eldest girl became Queen but she was twisted by the loss of nearly everyone she loved. She trapped Bordspel in a board game and sent it to the Land Above. Her younger sister protested but was locked away. However before the board game was sent Above, the younger sister put an enchantment on the game. She made it so that whoever found the game could be sucked in if they reached the magic portal with a six, in hopes that they freed it from the evil Queens grip. Soon, the evil Queen was dethroned by her sister and the rebellion army. She was banished to the Lower Lands and her sister became Queen. Soon however the evil sister tamed the wild Lower Lands and gained control over it. When the news reached the good sisters ears she made sure that her sister was to be sealed in the Lower Lands. However the evil sister found her way around this, sending spies out to the Upper Lands to find out how to free herself. She soon learnt of the enchantment on the board game and realised that the only way she could be free again was to capture the people who had come through the board game. She waited many years but I fear her wait may soon be over, if she catches you she shall be free to set her terrible evil upon the Lands, and this time we may never escape from them."

The girls listened intently to this, soaking up every detail. Ann was listening with her mouth hanging open and Jayne's eyes were wide. Mary was spread out on the ground with her chin resting on her hand, absorbing every detail. They looked at Lady Minerva in awed silence as she finished telling her story. Lady Minerva looked at them and told them they had better get a move on through Drogdom Jungle. They stood up and followed in Lady Minerva's wake, still too stunned to say anything. They entered the jungle and were stunned even more. What Mary had taken to be giant birds of prey were in fact…

"DRAGONS!" Screamed Mary.

"Quiet, you will draw attention to us and they may attack!" warned Lady Minerva, Mary fell silent.

They carried on walking as quietly as possible past the dragons and through the jungle. As they neared the dragons they saw just how powerful they were. The nearest one to them was easily the dominant male and had shiny black scales and strong wings. It had burning red eyes and clenched talons, just visible underneath its great head. They edged round it and it looked up when they approached but otherwise ignored them. It was going so well until Ann accidentally trod on its massive tail. It immediately was on the offence, it reared up, smoke billowing from its nostrils and flew up, drawing back, ready to strike. Lady Minerva pushed the girls out of the way and drew her wand once more. The dragon's eyes narrowed and it dived at the fairy. She drew her wand and snapped it like a whip. The dragon squealed but still tried again. Flashes suddenly filled the air as Lady Minerva trailed the wand behind her, slashing it their the air like the blade of a knife. The dragon soon had angry red marks on its face and one of its legs was bleeding. It stopped attacking and fell down to the floor, and moved back towards the others. Dusting herself off, the Queen of the Upper Lands turned to the girls.

"Come on, before it comes back for more!" she whispered.

They ran from the dragons and only slowed to a walk once they were clear of them. They reached the end of the jungle soon and before they could get much further, they found their path blocked by a troll. It leered at them, it yellow eyes hungry for blood and it teeth sharp. It was only short but still looked deadly. It had thick thighs and arms and a hard jaw. It sausage-like fingers flexed and its wispy yellow hair fell lank around its face. It was holding a giant club and it as wearing brown rags covering its body. It swung its club at them and they ducked as it came close to them. Lady Minerva and Ann were not so quick to duck and were sent flying by the force of the club. Mary and Jayne looked at each other and tried to run but were surrounded by other trolls and were dragged away to a well which they were dropped down.

After a while falling they hit the ground. Slowly opening their eyes they saw they were in some sort of castle. The walls were black and read and there was gaps in the wall, which they could see out of to a fiery landscape. They heard footsteps coming from the hall and a woman stepped into the room. She was beautiful with dark eyes and dark flowing hair, which a delicate black crown rested on. She had heavy lidded eyes and a strong jaw. This all suited her as did the tight black dress she was wearing, which swirled around her as she walked. She was wearing a black choker necklace around her pale neck and had a number of rings. She sat down on the throne and smiled at the girls.

"Now I have finally caught you, and soon I'll she be free!" She laughed triumphantly. "I must introduce myself, I am Lady Trivia! My brat sister must have told you about me, as I know for a fact that you have been travelling with her."

She crossed over to a bowl in the centre of the room, she said a harsh spell and a picture appeared, smooth as a mirror, on the surface of the crystal water. She dragged the girls up to the bowl and made them look. They saw Lady Minerva and Ann coming round and looking for the other two. They worry on her face and anger as she realised what had happened to them. She ran to the well to try and follow but she saw that it was sealed from her. She looked scared and then she thought of something and ran off back into the jungle. Lady Trivia laughed cruelly and turned away from the bowl.

"I guess she isn't coming to save you now! I shall be able to extract all I need from you! And then once that's done I'll dispose of you and my sister!"

"NO! You can't do that! We only want to get home! Please you can't do this! Please!" Cried Jayne.

"Silence child!" And Jayne fell silent. "I don't care about your problems, once I'm finished with you , you shall have even bigger problems!" She laughed mercilessly and called her security guards.

They seized the girls by their arms and forced them over to a strange alter. Lady Trivia grasped their hands painfully, her hands were like ice, like acid, and she held them in place, smiling maliciously. She said a harsh incantation and a gold sphere began to rise above them. She chanted faster and faster, and the sphere grew and grew. The girls were starting to feel faint, as if all their energy was being sapped from them. Draining every last drop, until their knees began to buckle. She laughed cruelly, a dark glint in her eye. The sphere rose and rose, high up. She started to chant faster, she knew her time to be free was coming, she knew it was time to say goodbye to the holds of her castle. At last she would be confined no longer. As the sphere rose and grew, it filled the room, and rose high up into the ceiling. Higher still, higher, higher, the chanting got faster until, until…

It all went horribly wrong for Lady Trivia. Just as the sphere was about to rise through the roof, Lady Minerva and Ann flew through the window. Literally flew. On the back of a dragon. Lady Trivia let out a piercing scream as the sphere shrunk and she released the girls hands. They fell to the floor and Lady Trivia transformed into something more, more evil than her. Her beautiful features contorted with mingled fury and agony as she grew and warped. Her sister rose to her feet, and like her sister she began to transform. The was a blinding flash and where the two sisters had stood there now stood two giant creatures, Lady Minerva was white and still looked beautiful but Lady Trivia was black and transformed with fury at her sister. They were huge, almost reaching the high, vaulted ceiling, with claws and powerful legs. They had giant wings and long tails and manes that glimmered in the sun outside in the baron wasteland of the Lower Lands. Lady Trivia let out a fearsome roar and charged at her sister, who seized her by the arms and threw her backwards. She trapped Lady Trivia in the alter, shielding the girls from her. They fought each other, both obtaining scratches and bites. It was impossible to see who was winning. Soon Lady Minerva sent Lady Trivia crashing to floor, she leaned over her and snapped the greatt beast neck. They both shrank back into their normal figures, Lady Trivia looked helpless sprawled on the floor, but no one felt sorry for her, she deserved everything she had got. Lady Minerva ran to the stirring girls and Ann, who was crouched next to them looking for signs of life. They opened their eyes and were immediately pulled into a hug by their ecstatic best friend. Once Ann released them they looked around the room and saw Lady Trivia's helpless figure. Lady Minerva assured them she was dead and would cause them no more trouble.

They got on the dragon once more and were taken to a small village. It was quaint and sweet. It had small cottages with high sloping roofs and had delicate flowers in the gardens. There was a little market in the main square with lots of things on sale. There was an inn outside the main square called the White Sister. It had a picture of a woman with white blonde hair swirling around her, Ann guessed this was Lady Minerva. Lady Minerva lead the way into the inn, supporting Jayne, who was still weak, Ann was supporting Mary and helped her along to the inn. Outside it was sweet like the rest of the houses, with whitewashed walls and dark timber showing through and inside it was warm and cramped, but the atmosphere was friendly. There was a young woman standing behind the bar and Lady Minerva spoke quickly to her, indicating to Jayne and Mary. The lady nodded and Lady Minerva beckoned Ann to follow her. The woman, whose name was Ancelin , showed them to there rooms. They laid the other two down on the beds, which were shiny mahogany and got changed. Clothes had been provided in the dark mahogany wardrobes and Ann selected a loose fitting cream dress and cream pumps that complimented her hair colour and drew the light pink silk curtains and looked around at the room. It was quaint with mahogany floors and furniture and floral pink walls and matching bed sheets. There was brushes and mirrors and little trinkets on the dressing table, with a little stool in front. Mary and Jayne soon woke up and got changed. Jayne into a pink silk dress with a tight fitting bodice and delicate pink and tied her blonde girls back with a pink ribbon. Mary went for a more subtle look with a deep blue dress, that fell loosely around her figure, pinching her in round her tiny waist and blue sandals and tied her hair back in a bun with a blue ribbon.

Once they were ready they went downstairs to meet Lady Minerva who had a separate room, she was wearing a long tight fitting, white dress and white heeled pumps. She smiled softly as the girls walked in.

"You were brilliant today. I couldn't have defeated my sister if it wasn't for you," she said gently, when the girls sat down.

"How did we help? We were unconscious for the whole of it," asked Mary, confused.

"Yeah, and I didn't fight with you!" said Ann.

"Ah, but you lead me to her, and if it wasn't for you coming here my sister would still be ruling the Lower Lands," she replied, smiling.

"Oh, okay then. Good enough for me!" said Jayne.

"But how did we help? It could have been anyone," protested Mary.

"Honestly, Mary! Just accept the compliment will you?" Said Jayne, exasperated.

"Okay, okay fine!" Replied Mary.

"You were all wonderful! And once we rest here, I will transport you straight to crystal mountain and back home. I feel you have proved yourselves worthy to use the crystals," smiled Lady Minerva.

They ate a hearty meal and then retired to bed, where they slept soundly for the night. When they awoke in the morning the got dressed and had a large breakfast downstairs.

"Are you ready to go home?" asked Lady Minerva, once they'd finished.

"Yes, please," replied Jayne, "My mums gonna be worried sick, I've been missing for a day!"

"Ah, well no actually you haven't. One hour in this world is equivalent to one minute in your world, so actually you have been missing around 20 minutes. I think you can make something up," she smiled, her white teeth glittering.

They held onto Lady Minerva and after a brief spell of black they arrived on top of a mountain. They were at the foot of a glittering cave. In the centre there was an Alexandrite, a Ruby and a Zircon. They were the girls birthstones. Each girl picked up their corresponding birthstone, Ruby for Ann, Zircon for Jayne and Alexandrite for Mary. Lady Minerva then took them to Land Above peak. The gems glowed in their hands and they said the incantation Lady Minerva had told them to say. They were surrounded by golden light again and they landed with a bump back in Jayne's living room. They sat up and opened their hands, glowing on their palms was their birthstones and they smiled as they looked at them, remembering their time in Bordspel. Jayne's parents then walked through the door make them jump.

"Hello," called Jayne's mum, "Girls, where are you?"

"We're in here mum!" called Jayne.

"How was your day, sweetheart?" she asked.

"Fun," she replied, grinning at the others.

"Okay then," she smiled and went into the kitchen.

Jayne decided not to tell her mum what really happened, so did the others. They put their gems on chains and wore them round their necks for the rest of their lives. They stayed friends for a long time, after experiencing something that big, it could only bring you closer. They told their story to their children, who told it to their children, who told it to theirs and down the generations. As for Bordspel, without the evil Lady Trivia, Lady - or should that be Queen- Minerva ruled over the Lands for centuries. Everybody was happy again and Lady Trivia's servants was no longer needed. They lived in harmony and it was all quiet again. The board game, well the enchantment that had been put on it had worn of, but the Lands still lived inside. It was looked after for a long time and nobody ever went into Bordspel again.

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