The Forbidden Act

This start is about an angel named Jesse and a demon named Kyoya. Jesse was the son of God heir to throne. Kyoya was also heir to throne as Hades' son of the underworld. We begin the story with Jesse.

Jesse was lounging around playing with the feathers of his rusty orange wings thinking of nothing in particular. Jesse was a teen that enjoyed the color green and had orange hair in two rusty shades same as his wings. He turns his head when hears a beautiful sound that only his barn owl could make. The owl lands next to Jesse. Jesse looks down to the owl, he then strokes it's feathers and moves it to his shoulder. He and the owl just stare down to Earth when his father comes over.

"Son, it has been over one hundred years since your last reincarnation for the humans. If you want my throne you'll have to find a mate to call you own." He says in a matter of fact tone.

~~~~~~Jesse's POV (Point of view) ~~~~~~~~

I look to my father slightly annoyed. "Father what if I don't want a mate. I am happy this way."

"There is no way you can be happy. All you do is sit around staring down at the Earth. Why not go down there and find someone?" he asks.

"Because they will be human and they all have sins, no matter how holy they think they are." I tell him.

He sighs and leaves but before he does he says: "It's either that or I give the thrown to someone else." I was worried because next in line after me was one of Hade's many sons. And Heaven can't have one of them as a ruler. So I went down to Earth and decide to do some sightseeing, just to get away from it all.

~~~~~~In the underworld _ Kyoya's POV~~~~~~~~~~~

I am sitting on a molten rock as I watch the other demons torture the unholy, sinful souls forced to live down here. I was very bored; playing with the crows' wings upon my back was getting boring. Then my father comes over and ruffles my black-green hair. I look up to him.

"Is something wrong father," I question.

"I have to tell you something son." He says.

I close my eyes, frowning for I knew what he was telling me.

"Son, you are the most capable and worthy of my children to lead the throne, but you can't take it without a mate." He tells me.

"I know. We have had this talk before." I said very annoyed.

"If you know then why don't listen. You only need her to produce heirs. It shouldn't matter who she is." He says in a slightly whiney voice.

"Because I will spend the rest of my eternal life with them and they have to be interesting," to say the least, I add on to myself.

I could tell he was annoyed; he left me to sit and think. I look up to the portal to Earth and decide to go there, hoping to get away from my father's watching eyes.

~~~~~~~~Normal POV~~~~~~~

Jesse was walking on the sidewalk in a sunny part of the world: Kansas. 'It's a beautiful place. Many churches and quiet', he thought to himself. Little did he know that Kyoya was there too.

"Ahhhh. What a nice place. Only part of the world I can go to when father is nagging me." Kyoya said to no one in particular.

Then they saw each other, they didn't think much; just another human until they accidently bump into each other. They fall back because of the force the other being was exerting. They look up with anger.

"Hey watch out," yelled Kyoya.

"I'd say the same," Jesse replied.

Then they look eye to eye. They knew instantly who was in there presence.

~~~~~~Jesse's POV~~~~~~

I look to the guy I rammed into and see Hade's son, Kyoya. I thought I should feel disgusted, but I felt bad for ramming into him. I get up and offer my hand.

"I'm sorry," I say slightly upset that I showed weakness and apologized first.

~~~~~~~~~Kyoya's POV~~~~~~~~

I was confused and it got worse when he said he was sorry. He offered a hand and I only stare. I wasn't sure if it was a trap.

"Aren't you appalled by my presence?" I question him.

He looked confused by my question. "Should I be?"

My eyes widen. "Don't you know who I am?"

"Of course. You are Kyoya Krawler, son of Hades, heir to the throne." He says nonchalantly.

I take another glance to his hand and take the offer; he helps me up.

"Sorry again for shoving you." He says. I smirk.

"Oh so you admit it," I said with a chuckle. He laughs too. I smile; his laugh was cute; it sounded like rain water.

"I forgot to introduce myself in case you don't know. My name is Jesus Christ, son of God, heir to his throne. I was born with the name Jesse. If you like you can call me that. I've grown used to it." He says.

I smile and say: "Nice to formally meet you Jesse. I have to say Jesse is a very nice name."

"Thank." He says shaking my hand. I look at him now and noticed as I did that he was very cute.

~~~~~~~~Jesse's POV~~~~~~~~~~

I look over at Kyoya thinking how beautiful he was for a demon. Then I notice our surroundings. "Hey Kyoya?"


"Why are you here anyway?" I ask him bewildered. He looks to his surroundings; I guess he forgot he was here too.

"I was trying to get away from my father. He keeps trying to get me to find a mate so I can take his throne. He says he just wants me to find one, says I don't have to love them. But if I spend eternity with them they have to be interesting." He told me sounding upset.

I then sort through all he said and tell him: "I'm here for the same reason. My father wants me to wed as well. I want a mate and I'm lonely in all, but they have to be special. I have to love them." I say sad.

"How 'bout you and I go for a walk and get an ice cream. We can eat from the top of that building." He said pointing to a high sky-scraper.

I look to him and smile. "Okay."

~~~~~~~~~~~Normal POV~~~~~~~~~

Kyoya and Jesse walk for a while talking about themselves and how much they hate their fathers nagging and whining. They go into an ice cream shop and are waiting now for it.

"I don't know how you could possible like strawberry." Kyoya says.

"I could say the same with you and black licorice. It's disgusting!" Jesse says.

~~~~~~~~~~~Kyoya POV~~~~~~~~~

I laugh, "Maybe to you but I think it's awesome." I say.

"Well that's how I feel about strawberry." He replies in a matter of fact tone.

"Here you go," says the clerk.

I take the ice cream and pay. Jesse thanks me and we start walking to the sky scraper. Before going in we admire how tall it is. We walk to the elevator and end up on the roof. I take a seat on the edge, letting my feet hang. He sits by me but on the inside. He eat and talk, when we finish we were planning on going done when I felt a gust of wind.

"Wow. That feels good," I say feeling the wind in my hair. "I know what would feel better." I said.

~~~~~~~~~Jesse's POV~~~~~~~~~~~

I stare in awe as Kyoya removes his shirt. His chest was tan and well toned; on his back was a tattoo of a pair of feathered wings. Then before my eyes they become 3-dimensional; a pair of large black crows wings. I was confused as to why he had them. He turned and saw my confused expression.

"I would have thought you were used to this," he says.

"I am, just…," I look down trying to find the right way to say it.

"Just what?" he asks confused.

"Well," now I was removing my shirt. "I thought that demons were supposed to have scaly, dragon wings. Not feathered crows wings." I said as I unfurled my wings.

"It's just the way I was born." He said, and then he smirked. "Your wings are beautiful."

I was look away; I was embarrassed that he had said that. As I look away and I could feel my cheeks heat up with my blush. He then takes my chin in his pointer and thumb and makes me look him in the eye. My blush got worst as he smiled. Then he did something I thought an angel and demon could never do. We kissed.

He was kissing me, and I was kissing back. I was enjoying it. He gently bit my bottom lip; I open my mouth and felt his tongue on mine. I was in Heaven (no pun intended). We part and stare at each other smiling.

"Well now we don't have to worry about our dads nagging us," Kyoya says.

That's when I came to realization. "Kyoya we can't be together." I said very sad.

"Why not?" he asked.

Tears were in my eyes. "Because you and I are of Heaven and Hell, light and darkness. Our parents wouldn't agree to this." My voice was shaky and my tears were flowing down my face.

He wiped my tears away. I look to him, my eyes stinging from my tears. He gave me a smile, but I could see in his eyes that he was as sad as I was. Then it happened. There was a flash of light and I found myself home. I look around bewildered.

"How could you?" I hear.

I whirl around, only to see more clouds and fog. I turn my head back and forth 'till I see him.

"Father," I tried to sound brave and stern. Truth be told I wasn't. He looked angry. First he was 10 feet away, then in a second right in front of me.

"How could you disgrace me by choosing a being of hell," he said. "And Hade's heir no less."

"Father, you said to choose a mate. You never told me who or what, and never said anything as to their realm in which they reside." I said trying sounding stern.

My father looks at me with a sad expression, then turns; he began to walk away. I fall to my knees and cry; I knew Kyoya and I would never speak again.

~~~~~~Underworld_Kyoya's POV~~~~~

I look around my home trying to find out what happened. I was so confused I ran smack into my father and fell. I was expecting him to offer his hand like always but he didn't. He looked sad and like he was in deep thought.

"Son, if finding a mate was so hard. I could have done an arranged marriage." He says in sad whiney voice.

"Father, I hate it when you whine, and I found someone I love. If it was an arranged marriage I wouldn't love them." I was worried he'd do it anyway. "Please trust my decision. If it makes me unworthy for the throne then give it to my other brothers. I don't want it if I can't love Jesus." I could feel tears in my eyes.

"Oh Kyoya," I look up. "I'm afraid this action could leave you stuck in the human realm."

"I don't care. I love him." I said. He turned and left. I watched as he left and I let my tears fall.

~~~~~~~Normal POV~~~~~~~~~

Kyoya and Jesse sit around their home, wishing they could see the other. Then their wish was granted they appear in a clouded room. When they see each other, they share a smile and run to the other.

"Kyoya," Jesse says as he wraps his arms around the teen's waist.

"Hey baby, miss me." He says kissing Jesse's forehead.

"Only a lot . . . What do you think will happen?" Jesse asks.

"We have decided." Kyoya and Jesse turn to seen their fathers side by side.

"Hades and I have decided that your happiness is more important to us then our quarrel." God says.

"We will allow you two to rule from Earth and live together." Hades adds on.

"Once your feet touch Earth you two will be gods. We will still be around to help, but it's your responsibility now."

Kyoya and Jesse look at each other then run to their fathers. "Thank you." They say. Then there's a flash, when they open their eyes they are in a house. The boys share a smile then kiss; happy to be together.

The End