Hello guys this is The Blizzard: The return of the nightmare (Part 1)... My Best Friend Made me do this lol.

This takes place 2 months after that fathful day. No one knew what would happen they didn't even know this was gonna happen again. The school does prepare just in case, but last time was a close call. This time someone could be dead.

Ally's POV

It has been two months since that faithful day of the blizzard I made. I did get into trouble, but not as much as normal. I learned my lesson, but I can feel something like that will happen again! I really hope it doesn't happen again. I promised myself I wouldn't let it, but if it does me and my otherself have to go into one again.

Abby's POV

I wish we'd get a snow day already. Not like that blizzard that was just horrible! It was like a nightmare! Wait is that snow? Do not tell me that is snow! Don't tell me it's snow!

Ally: *Looks out the window* No do not tell me that is snow outside!

Kayla: *Looks out the window also* No no no no no! Not again! What should we do it's gonna get cold in here?

Marius: Just don't worry Kayla we'll be fine! *Hugs Kayla*

Allie: I always knew you guys would end up together! *Laughs*

Kayla: *Slaps Allie* Shut up it's not like i'm making jokes of you and Jared! Oh here he comes *Evil Smile*

Allie: Shut up Kayla... Oh... Hi Jared *Blushes*

Jared: Oh...Hey. Since my sister isn't here today I can talk to you without making her mad. So are you free tonight?

*All the boys look at him surprsingly*

Allie: *Blushes* Are are you seriously asking me out? What about your sister?

Jared: *Holds Allie's hand* I don't care what she thinks. I love you Allie. I can deal with her.

Kayla: *Smacks Allies arm* Allie get up! Allie! Allie!

Allie: Stop smacking me i'm up. Was i daydreaming again? *Holds her head*

Kayla: Yes, and you totally missed what he asked.

Allie: Did he ask me out? *Smiles happily*

Kayla: No... He asked why you read books backwards... Also him, and the boys were laughing at you for just standing there weirdly.

Allie: Can I hit my head on the wall?

Kayla: Allie don't even think about it!

Allie: Ok fine, but what about that hug he gave me. He told me he was worried. We haven't talked that much since. I...I just want him to talk to me, or at least give me a sign if he wants me gone...

Kayla: Allie don't do what I think you're gonna do.

Abby: *Comes over* What are we gonna do its snowing like crazy!

Ally: Come on Abby it's just snow. It's not gonna kill ya.

Abby: Allie do something!

Allie: Ally that was totally uncalled for!

Ally: Come on I didn't do it, so it can't be that bad right?

Ally's POV

I knew it was bad, but I didn't want to worry them. Since they are my friends. I guess i'm gonna have to lead Allie to the bathroom so we can fuse together again.

Ally: Yo Allie come to the bathroom with me I need to tell you something in private!

Allie: Sure I guess. Guys i'll be right back.

*They go to the bathroom*

Ally: I think it's time we fused together again.

Allie: But why?

Ally: Because the Blizzard is coming back.

Allie: Ally! Did you do it?

Ally: No I didn't, but I think we'll be stronger if we fuse.

Allie: No! I can't loose you.


Jared's POV

I decided to follow Allie. Only reason: I'm worried about her. Maybe they'll do it. I can talk to Ally no problem, but Allie she's something else. If they do...

Ally: We have to!

Allie: No I won't!

Ally: You're already weird enough as it is!

Allie: You see this is why I need you. You know why I need you? Because you're the only one besides Abby who understands me.

Ally: Ok we won't fuse...yet.

Jared: *To himself* Crap they're coming act normal!

Allie: So I was telling Kayla the other day-... Jared why are you here?

Ally: Seriously Jared if you want to talk to Allie privately I know a secret door in the girl's bathroom in the basement that cannot be opened from the inside...

Allie: So you didn't tell me because...

Ally: Because you'd go in there and get stuck. Remember the classroom that you can go through the teacher teaches every period, so you couldn't leave you'd be trapped...

Allie: Oh ok, but you're telling me now?

Ally: Yea. I know Jared likes you, and I know you like him now just follow me!

*Ally Drags Allie, and Jared down the steps*

Allie, and Jared: *Blushes*

They get to the bathroom downstairs in the basement.

Ally: Ok i'll go in to see if the door is unlocked.

Allie: So...

Jared: So...

Ally: Guys the door is unlocked!

Jared: I don't know about this... I never been in the girl's bathroom before.

Allie: What are you a wimp?

Jared: No...

Allie: Ok then let's go then.

*Jared and Allie go into the secret door*

Ally: Ok i'll just leave you here-

*Ally gets pushed in and the door closes*

Ally: Oh no!

Allie: Oh no!

Jared: Oh no!

*Koolaid guy Jumps in*

Koolaid Guy: OH YEA!

Allie: Please don't tell me i was the only one who saw that...

Jared: You didn't...

Allie: Thank God... I'm freezing!

Jared: Yea it's starting to get really cold!

*In the classroom*

Abby: Um where's Allie, Ally, and Jared?

Kayla: You know Abby i have no idea...

Marius: I thought those two went to the bathroom, and Jared...I think he followed them...

Abby & Kayla: HE WHAT?

Marius: Yea he told me a few days ago that he liked her...

Mrs R: Abby where is Ally, Allie, and Jared?

Abby: That's what we wanna know!

Kayla: It's getting colder!

Abby: You're right it is! I gotta find Ally, Allie, and Jared. Wait I know where they are i'll be right back...

*in the secret room*

Allie: Nice job the door is locked!

Ally: It isn't my fault!

Allie: Yea it is!

Ally: I was pushed and someone pulled the door closed!

Jared: I don't see how your dad puts up with this Allie. I really don't!

Ally: I'm gonna try to find a way out of here. You guys just keep each other warm... *Ally goes in search of an exit*

*In the classroom*

Mrs E: Kayla could you go and see if Mrs M has blankets?

Kayla: Can Marius come?

Mrs E: Yes.

Marius: Yay!

*They go to Mrs M's room*

Kayla: Hey Mrs M we need blankets. Do you have any?

Mrs M: Sorry I don't have any. I gave the last one I had to this girl named Abby.

Kayla: Abby from my grade?

Mrs M: Yea.

Kayla: Do you know where she went?

Mrs M: She said she was going into the basement's bathroom I think.

Kayla: Thanks let's go Marius.

Mrs M: Kayla! Wait.

Kayla: What?

Mrs M: Does this have to do with Allie?

*With Abby*

Abby's POV

Let's see Allie should be in the secret room in the bathroom down here. I guess, but I don't know. Although it's freezing down here i'm checking.

*In the secret room*

Allie: I'm so freezing!

Jared: Here. *Hands Allie his hoodie* Wear this.

Allie: *Puts it on* What about you?

Jared: Don't worry about me. *Hugs Allie*

Allie: Oh so we're hugging for warmth?

Jared: Yep.

Allie: You won't mention this to any of the guys will you?

Jared: I won't. Cross my heart and hope to die!

Allie: Also don't tell Maddie either...

Jared: I won't.

Allie: Tell me why have you been ignoring me since the last Blizzard?

*Back at Mrs M's classroom*

Kayla: What are you talking about?

Mrs M: Does this have to do with Allie?

Kayla: She said no.

Mrs M: Where is she?


Mrs M: Kayla Answer me! Where is Allie?

Kayla: We...we don't know.

Mrs M: Go.

Kayla: As in leave?

Mrs M: Yes, but tell your teachers Allie is missing...

Kayla: Ok. Let's go Marius!

Marius: Wait...

Kayla: What?

Marius: Before we go back I want to tell you something...

Kayla: What?

Mrs M: Hey you guys can flirt somewhere else Allie's in trouble! Young teens and their love stories...

Marius: Never mind it can wait.

*In the classroom*

Nikki: This is not happening again!

Cassy: Yea it is. Last time I fainted.

Peter: Yea let's hope that won't happen again. I was really worried!

Alexis: You know 2 months has gone so by so fast I just remembered about the Blizzard. Man that was a wacked out day.

Cassy: Well I was out for most of it!

Alexis: Oh yea that's right.

Ryan: Hey try not to faint like last time Cassy. Hahaha.

Cassy: I'm so close of hitting them with a rock...

Peter: Cassy don't...

Cassy: Ok fine...

Mrs R: Everyone settle down! Get in a seat and stay in it. We're not paying you to goof off!

Ryan: Um Mrs R you aren't paying us at all.

Mrs R:... Be quiet Ryan...

*Classroom gets noisy again*

Maddie: Hey where's Jared?

Alexis: When did you get here?

Maddie: I've been here remember.

Alexis: Oh yea...

Maddie: Oh no!

Alexis: What?

Maddie: Nothing I just remembered something-

*Maddie Passes out*

Alexis: Maddie! Someone get a teacher!

*Back to Allie, and Jared*

Allie: I'm so freezing...

Jared: As long as we're like this we shouldn't die...

Allie: Yea...

Jared: So how long have you liked me?

Allie: Well...


It's the 2nd month of the school year, and Allie, Jared, Alexis, and Matt are packing up for classes.

*Allie gets finish packing*

Jared: (To Allie) I don't know where to go could you wait for me?

Allie: Um...Sure! *Blushes*

*End of Flashback*

Allie: Well from the beginning of the school year I guess...

Jared: Ok...go on...

Allie: When you always asked me to wait for you. I thought you liked me back then, and I waited for you.

Jared: Oh...ok. Back then I did like you, and that's why I told you to wait. I did want to make a move, but Maddie didn't like it.


Jared is at home in his room, and Maddie comes in.

Jared: Maddie...I...I think I like Allie...

Maddie: YOU WHAT?

Jared: Yea I think I like her...

Maddie: Don't even think about asking her out!

Jared: But...but...

Maddie: I don't like her, so you shouldn't either!

Jared: Maddie why?

Maddie: She's just so weird! It's like...like-

Jared: Me?

Maddie: Yes! I can barely deal with you! I don't need two of you! Also she's friends with Abby. Ewww

Jared:...Ok fine...

*End of Flashback*

Jared: Yea Maddie doesn't like you, because you're kinda like me. Also you're friends with Abby...

Allie: Is there something wrong with that?

Jared: No there isn't. I only make fun of both of you to keep my popularity status up. Since we are alone I don't have to be mean to you.

Allie: Oh...ok.

Jared: Yea.

Allie: Oh...

Jared: Allie we'll be fine!

Allie: You didn't answer my question...

Jared: What question?

Allie: Why have you been ignoring me since the last blizzard?

Jared: Well...


After his parents picked Jared, and Maddie up from the day of the blizzard Jared couldn't think straight.

Jared: (Calls Ryan)

Ryan: (Pickes up) Hello?

Jared: Hey Ryan.

Ryan: Oh it's Jared! Hey Jared what's up?

Jared: What would you do if someone liked Allie?

Ryan: Well I would make fun of them for all time why?

Jared: Oh just wondering. (Hangs up) Well this is great...

Maddie: What's great?

Jared: Oh Ryan won't be on xbox live today.

Maddie: Oh ok.

*End of Flashback*

Jared: Because if Ryan knew I liked you back he'd make fun of me for all time...

Allie: Oh... You've got to tell people...

Jared: Why?

Allie: Because I don't like it when you lie...

*Back with Kayla, and Marius*

Marius: Wait Kayla...

Kayla: What?

Marius: I...I want to tell you something...

Kayla: What?

Marius: I...I.. *Passes out*

Kayla: Marius!

*Back to Abby*

Abby: (To herself) Hmm Let's see. Aha! *Goes into the bathroom* *Tries to open the door* Allie! Allie are you in there?

Allie: Abby?

Abby: Allie! I can't get the door open. It's frozen shut! Want me to get a teacher?

Allie: *Looks at Jared*

Jared: *Nods his head*

Allie: Abby... part of me wants to get out, but another part wants me to stay here with Jared...

Abby: I know you love Jared...Wait he's in there too?

Jared: Hey Abby.

Abby: Who's idea was this?

Allie: Guess...

Abby: Ok never mind that. You want me to get a teacher or- *Passes Out*

Allie: Abby? Abby? Abby! She fainted... There goes our only chance to get out of here.

Jared: *Gets up* *Yells* She would've been ok if you didn't stall!

Allie: *Gets up* *Yells* I was doing us a favor! You wanted to be with me right?

Ally: You two fight like a married couple *Laughs*

Allie & Jared: *Looks at Ally* *Both still yelling* SHUT UP!

Jared: Maybe if you didn't like me this wouldn't of happened!

Allie: Me? You were the one who followed us to the bathroom!

Jared: Maybe if you weren't such a freak I would date you!

Allie: If you didn't tell my secret everyone wouldn't of known about me liking you!

Jared: At least I live with my mom!

Allie: What does that have to do with anything? At least my sisters not a freaking brat!

Jared: Least I got a sister!

Allie: *Stops yelling* Um I got a sister, and 2 brothers all older than me... Nice try pretty boy. I won this time.

Jared: *Stops Yelling* So that's how you can put up with me.

Ally: Hey I'm your sister also!

Allie: Nah you're me...

Jared: Ally did you find an exit?


Jared: Damn it Ally we're gonna be stuck in here forever!

Allie: Jared! *Smacks Jared*

Jared: What was that for?

Allie: *Eyes turn red* You know what.

Jared: Um Allie are you ok...

Ally: Goddamn it Jared! Nice job when her eyes turn red she turns evil! You of all people should've known that!

Allie: You should've never brought me in here Ally!

Ally: Oh crap what should we do?

Jared: How should I know you're her!

Ally: I have to do it...

Jared: Wait what?

Ally: I gotta fuse with her.

Jared: But she'll need you, and I can talk to you easily...

Ally: But...but...Ok...

Allie: You want to fight me Jared?

Jared: No...

Allie: Hehe Wrong answer! *Punches Jared*

Ally: *Pushes Jared* *Takes the punch* Hehe nice try. You're not killing him on my watch!

*At the Classroom*

Alexis: I wonder where Abby, Kayla, and Marius are.

Cassy: I don't know.

Peter: Maybe something happened to them.

Ryan: Or maybe they got lost! Hahaha.

Cassy: Oh knock it off Ryan. Last time I checked Jared wasn't here.

Ryan: He's not!

Cassy: Idiot...

*Back with Allie Vs Ally*

Ally: I've been wating for this day!

Allie: You think you're gonna win? Ha what a joke.

Ally: Remember you are me, and I am you. We have the same strength you idiot.

Allie: *eyes grow redder* What did you say punk?

Ally: Um Allie...

Jared: *Knocks Allie out* Sorry I had to do that, but you were pissing me off...

Ally: Um Jared...

Jared: Oh... You heard that?

Ally: Yea...

Jared: *Pins Ally to the wall* You tell anyone I said that and I will kill you!

Ally: Ok I won't!

Jared: *Sits down* I think we're gonna die i we don't get out...

Ally: *Sits down by him* How?

Jared: No food, and No water...

Ally: Oh...

Jared: *Kisses Ally*

Ally: *Kisses Jared*

Jared: That's a present for you.

Ally: But why me?

Jared: You really think i'm gonna do it to her while she's out? Tell her that I did it as a sorry present.

Ally: *Blushes* We have to find away to get out of here, and fast...

Jared: How?

Ally: You got your cell on ya?

Jared: Yea...Oh ok! *Throws Ally his Cell*

Ally: *Calls Kayla*

Kayla: *Picks up* Hello?

Ally: Yo Ally here we're in the basements bathroom bring a teacher!

Kayla: Oh Ok.. *hangs up* *Goes to Mrs R* Hey I know where Ally is!

Mrs R: Where?

Kayla: In the Basement's bathroom.

Mrs R: Are they alright?

Kayla: Idk! Let's hurry up and go and see.

Mrs R: We'll take the elevator.

*At the elevator*

Mrs R: Do you know where Jared is?

Kayla: Um... He's in there also...

Mrs R: What?

Kayla: Yea... Hehe

*They get down to the basement, and go into the girl's bathroom*

Kayla: I'm freezing down here- ABBY!

Mrs R: Ally are you in there?

Ally: Mrs R? Yea we're in here!

Jared: Hey i'm here also!

Kayla: We'll get you guys out!

Ally: It was stuck when Abby tried to open it! Allie was stalling so she could stay in here with Jared. It's my fault I brought them down, but it wasn't suppose to be like this! I was gonna stay out there, but someone pushed me in here! *Starts to cry* I-I basicly didn't know what to do...

Kayla: We'll get you out of there Al just hold on. *Tries to pull the door open* This is stuck!

Ally: See that's what I told you...

Kayla: Shut it...

Mrs R: *Pulls the door* Man this is stuck...

Kayla: *Shivers* I'm freezing...

Ally: Let me try something. *Makes her hands hot* Stand back guys the door might burn a little. *Puts her hand on the door* Ok try now.

Kayla: You sure?

Ally: Yes! Try now it won't last!

Kayla: Ok fine! *Pulls the door open*

Ally: Yay! *Hugs Kayla*

Kayla: *Hugs Ally back*

Mrs R: Where's Allie?

Jared: *Carrying Allie* I'm holding her.

Mrs R: So why are you in here...

Ally: Long story no time let's get her upstairs in a warm room.

Kayla: Why?

Ally: JUST DO IT! You really want to explain what will happen if she dies?

Kayla: No...

Ally: Good now let's get her upstairs!

*They get upstairs*

*They lie Allie down*

Ally: Ok let's see if I got enough power to do this. *Makes her hands hot* *Puts it on Allie* Yea it's working...or not... Damn i'm out of juice.

Kayla: Oh No!

Jared: Oh No!

Ally: Oh No!

*Koolaid guy Jumps in*

Koolaid Guy: OH YEA!

Ally: We have got to stop doing that...

Kayla: Did did... *Passes out*

Ally: Kayla! Oh-

Jared: Don't even say it...

Mrs R: Ok now you are going to explain why you 3 were in that room!

Ally: Um... Well Jared followed me and Allie to the bathroom. I dragged both of them down there. My plan was me standing guard, and not going in. Someone pushed me in there. I didn't want to go in there because I knew the door would lock!

Jared: Yea what she said...

Mrs R: Oh... You guys are in so much trouble!

Ally: Please come on! We didn't do anything!

*Allie wakes up*

Allie: Ow what happened? Did Jared hit me?

Ally: Yes...

Mrs R: Are you ok Allie?

Allie: Yea i'm fine just a gigantic headache that Jared caused.

Jared: *Yells* Hey you brought that on yourself! You turned evil, and were just about to kill us! I'm going back to the classroom don't bother following. We're through!

Allie: *In her head* When did we ever start?

Ally: He's just ticked off... Just let him blow off the steam...

Allie: No i'm going.

Mrs R: Your head hurts? You better stay here.

Allie: I'm going and you can't stop me. *Runs after Jared*


Yea I know I left a cliffhanger! xD Well my friend wants this uploaded. Don't worry the next Chapter will be up in about 4-7 days (Maybe) Took me 4-5 days to type this long. What will happen? Will Allie get to Jared or will she faint? If she faints will Jared help? Find out in the next chapter!