Author's note: Hey there! Again, I got inspired while I should've been studying for an exam xD. I was supposed to publish this poem yesterday, but I don't know what happened to the editing here in FictionPress ¬¬ Anyway, I hope you like the poem! Not one of my bests works, but I did enjoyed writing it. Please enjoy!

Shattered destiny

You saw me and I saw you,

Destiny made its first move.

Hard to believe we never knew,

Destiny will later disapprove.

I loved you and you did too,

Although it remained untold.

We didn't even have a clue,

Reality would be so cold.

You were there, there I was

But words were never said.

We let the right moment pass,

Left it hanging on a thread.

Our dreams came to an end,

Our hearts broke helplessly.

It never went as we planned,

It was a shattered destiny.