Saturday, December 03, 2011


I remember when you were

By my side all day and night

I miss those days

I wish you were still here

Now that your gone nothings

The same

I remember when you would

Come over to see me

Those days were so nice

Sometimes you'd bring me flowers

I remember when you said

You'd always love me

When you said you wanted

Me for yours and only yours

I said I would have you

And only you, always

I remember your expression

The joy you showed when

I said I loved you

Then you said you had

Something to ask me

You wanted to know if

I would marry you

I remember feeling shock

At you asking me

But I knew I loved you

And only you

So, I had to say yes

I remember your smile

It was so strong and big

I had never seen it so big

I was happy and so were you

Please review. Alison