I knocked on the door softly, half hoping I wouldn't be heard. But the door popped open almost immediately and was met by my father who was dressed in a tux identical to mine.

"Speak of the devil!" He exclaimed, "I know you two haven't spoken in a while so I'll leave you to it. Just don't take too long, you wouldn't want to keep your bride waiting." He patted his eldest son on the back and walked past me with an encouraging smile.

I looked toward my brother who was staring at me through my reflection in the mirror. I could see only half of his face, and the half I saw had the look I'd come to know on it, the look I'd come to fear and hate, and yet crave so deeply. All I needed was that look and I was already hungry for it.

"I knew you'd find a way to get me Luis, the only question was when. I never would have thought you'd cut it this close though. Are you really going to try to stop me from marrying the woman of my dreams?"

I took a deep breath in. "On the contrary, I came to congratulate you." I said "And, to give you my blessing. She's a beautiful woman." I said leaning back and locking the door.

He turned around at the words, genuine surprise written on his face.

I smiled with as much warmth as I could muster, trying to show I was sincere about it. "I also wanted to give you a gift." I said as I moved closer and leaned forward to place a testing kiss to my brother's unflinching mouth.

His eyes narrowed and I could see him calculating again. I'd expected this, expected him to go on lock down. I even anticipated that I might be hit again for it. What I didn't expect was for him to place his hands atop my shoulders and press me down.

Though I'd never dreamed he'd be willing, I had dreamed of doing it, so at the wordless offer I nearly fell to my knees in my eagerness to oblige.

My mind was wonderfully detached from my actions, there was no doubt or judgment from my normally noisy conscience. All that there was, was my goal and the obstacles between us. I felt his fingers lacing in my hair as I undid the buttons and zipper of his pants clumsily, pulling down the waistband of his silky black boxers to reveal my prize.

What the fuck? It was a monster. He wasn't even hard yet and it was fucking huge! Sure I'd felt it before, against my thigh during our heated kisses or that first time when it was locked between his hard, thrusting body and my open shaking palm. But now I got to see the object of my desire, to touch it and watch its clean cut form swell and twitch and turn a hot shade of red. It made my mouth water as I ran my fist over it, pumping and worshiping Erich's beautiful cock. Making it hard for our pleasure.

It wasn't long before I felt my brother's hand pulling me forward, invitingly. I'd never done anything like this but as I said, I'd thought about it. A lot. And I knew what I would want in a blow job. So with best intent I chose to go it slow. I just barely parted my lips and brushed them teasingly over his tip, spreading the slight bit of moister there over them like a makeshift gloss. That light, hot touch sent pinpricks through my body and I couldn't keep the smile from my face, defeating my own pleasure. In its place I stuck my tongue out, flat to cup the bottom of his head and rocking my head from side to side as I built up the momentum, like a rollercoaster, before twirling my tongue around and around him playfully.

"Uhn—hehe. What are you doing?" He asked, his husky voice tainted with amusement.

I looked up into his eyes without removing my mouth and relaxing my jaw I slowly sank down, taking inch after inch of his massive dick into my mouth, doing my best to massage what I could with my tongue, until I hit my limit. I couldn't take him all the way, hell, I don't think he was even in halfway, but it was the best I could do for now. So I began sucking lightly around the stiff organ, closing my eyes as I pumped the remainder with my right fist.

Erich made encouraging sounds and began working his hips slowly. I was pleasantly surprised that he hadn't chosen to play the bastard I expect him to and shove his cock into the deep parts of my throat against my will. Then again, that could have been nice….

I bobbed my head forward testing out my limits and found the more into it I was the more of him I could take. I began playing again, scrapping my teeth over his rigid flesh, pulling back and laving him with my tongue quickly before sinking back down and taking in yet another inch. I tuned out everything except the idea of his satisfaction and forced my gag reflex to relax. It worked for a moment but with a particularly loud moan Erich thrust forward hard and I felt his tip touch the very back wall of my throat, sending the muscles there spamming wildly and I had to pull all the way back and breathe for a moment to stop from being ill.

Feeling a little frustrated I glanced up with the intent to scold him but was met with a look I'd yet to see on my dear brother's face. His whole face was flushed and his lips were parted as he panted and moaned, his eyes were staring down at me with a look of pure lust and need.

"Mnh…fuck!" I whimpered lost for a moment in that sultry look.

Erich jerked my head to tilt back by the grip of hair he had and I yelped a bit. His dick was covered in my saliva and it dripped down my chin, leaving a cool, slick trail. It should have been disgusting but instead it caused my left hand to leave its ignored spot on my brother's leg to reach for my own raging erection.

"Fucking whore, you want it that bad?" The tyrant asked. Igniting my need that much more as it always did when he called me those beautiful, nasty names.

I tried to nod but he tightened the grip on my hair and I knew immediately he wanted my voice, "Yes! Yes, Erich."

He grabbed a hold of his dripping cock and stroked it a few times, the shinning wetness making it easy for him.

He moaned.

So did I.

"It doesn't seem like a fair present, giving me something you want more than I do. And what about my bride?"

"I got her a toaster."

"Heh, she'll like that better I think." He let go of my hair in order to walk to the table beside the door, "Take your shirt off." He said, over his shoulder.

Immediately my hand shot up to removed my jacket, Erich barely had time to remind me to not rip the buttons of the undershirt.

As I gazed at him he reached past a random, lost looking bouquet to procure one of those deposable wedding cameras, "There's one of these at every table in the reception hall, but as I said, I was expecting you."

Suddenly I felt a little used and cold, but maybe it was just because I was half naked and on my knees.

He came back towards me, only this time he stood to my right so that I had to turn a little, and I realized we were now parallel to the full length mirror that had previously been behind him. He pointed the 35mm right at me taking a snap shot, "Well? Get back to work."

I couldn't help but smile as I reached for his hard cock once more, my drying saliva now cool and I heard the little click of the camera again. I went down again, quicker this time, redoubling my efforts, wanting him so badly and feeling turned on by the new toy.

"Undo your pants. I want shots of you touching yourself, baby brother."

I moaned at the thought and did as told, hearing click after click of the camera. Occasionally I would see a brighter flash and I assumed it was him photographing our reflection.

These pictures were going in a scrapbook. The sexiest scrapbook ever known to mankind. Briefly I mused, what if his wife found the photos (in my wonderful scrapbook) on their honeymoon? But the resulting fantasy was cut off by Erich's guff voice.

"Uhn! Shit, Luis… T-take the…" I understood his meaning as he pulled his throbbing cock out of my eager mouth and so I grabbed the camera from his left hand as he began stroking himself quickly with his right.

He came a few moments later, the white liquid shooting out in short streams and landing all over my face and chest. I took pictures of it from a similar angle to where my brothers eyes were, making sure to get his cock in the shot too. Then I made sure to take one for myself of that devastatingly dark look he had.

When he finished I stood and that's when I heard it. More than half naked and covered in my brother's semen, a knock at the door. "Erich are you done? We're gonna start." Came a mystery voice.

"Give it five more minutes and then start, I'll be ready." He spoke clearly.

I smiled, and handed him back the camera, "Be sure you get me doubles of this stuff."

"Me? You're the one who's gonna develop my film rolls. That seems like a much better present."

All I could do was role my eyes, I couldn't be mad while covered in cum. He pushed me back a little and took a head to toe shot of my sticky state.

"I have five minutes to relieve this," I pointed to my still raging hard-on, "clean off, and get out there, before they notice the best man is gone. Can you help?"

"What are brothers for?" He asked with a sly smile.

Sometimes he could be a real smart ass.

He took my hand by the wrist and brushed it over my own face. I followed his lead and, cupping my hand, scrapped the jizz off most of my face and chest before he led my hand down to my erection and I grasped it in my fist. He wrapped his hand on the outside of mine and together we applied pressure. The magic camera with its un-ending stream of film was back and he was taking pictures of my face as I moaned and gasped, thrusting into the friction he offered.

"Say my name." He demanded.

"Uhn, Erich!"


"Look at the camera."

I did.


He was directing me, in his little still-shot film, I was his whore and I loved it. I wanted more. "Kiss me." I begged through my ragged breathes.

"Did you have a test today?"

I tried to groan but it came out a moan.

Erich leaned in to my side, pressing is lips right up to my ear, "I want to fuck you, Luis." He whispered, sending lightning bolts of ecstasy though my body. "Make no mistake," he continued, "if this wasn't my wedding day I'd be forced to turn you around right now and shove my cock so deep up your ass you'd taste it." He squeezed his hand around mine as he spoke the words and I began to shake, and I turned my head to look at him imploringly, I wanted what he threatened me with so badly.

"Please, Eri—nnh! Please, big brother?"

"Come on, baby, can you taste me?" Looking into his eyes as he asked that question sent me straight over the edge.

"Oh, God!"

His hand left mine to cover my mouth roughly as I rode intense waves of pleasure, "Hush, Luis, we're in a church."

He stepped back quickly and took shot of me coming. "Beautiful Luis," He cooed.

I was on a high of bliss, adrenalin, and endorphins. Feeling satiated yet still filled with need. Always there was need. It was embedded within me. I wanted him.

I looked to Erich but he was fixing himself, tucking in his shirt and zipping his fly. In a moment all traces of what we had done would be gone, and I'd be left with that same dream sense, that question: was it real?

"Hurry up Luis," my reverie broke, "I'll never forgive you if you hold up my wedding."

I couldn't stop myself, even though I'd come so far as to give him my blessings. "I love you. If you marry her, no more of this. No more sex."

"Hmn, I'll never have sex again if I marry. From what I hear from my married friends that sounds about right."

"I'm not kidding. I like Angela, I don't want to hurt her."

"I'm glad you like her," He stated, stopping his redressing briefly to fix his cold gaze on me, "because I'm marring her today. And tonight," he stepped forward, closing in on me once again, "I'll fuck her. The way you've been craving all this time, and she feel what you want so badly." His voice was just above a whisper and I couldn't help my body's reaction: it was like it was never enough.

He could tell, "If you want to pretend like you don't want it, it's none of my business. Hell, I'll be glad to see you move on, grow up a little. But somehow I get the feeling tonight you'll be imaging that you're her and that we're on a honeymoon and when I shove this," he grabbed my clean hand and placed it to him, "thick cock into her tight, wet pussy, you'll be crying out a thousand miles away."

I couldn't look at him. I was so angry, but my hard breathing was only from his vicinity.

"You're graduating in three months, and from what I hear along the chain FSU's knocking down your door." He released my hand but pushed the camera into my palm once more, "So, use these photos to get your fix in the mean time and I'll see you in the spring."

With that he turned around and walked confidently towards the door, opening it and slipping out, making my prediction come true. Had this all just happened?

I rushed towards the door, locking it and proceeded to fall apart.