The bloodied man staggered into the throne room, throwing himself down to the red carpeted ground, bowing. He stood up once again, not setting his gaze on the young man sitting on the throne before him. The young king gazed at the bleeding man coldly.

"You bring news, I hope?" He inquired, as the man looked up slowly, as not to offend his majesty.

"Yes, your majesty. I have discovered the hideout of the Venators. One of them thought she had killed me. So when she had left, I got up, and ran to tell you the news." The dark haired prince smiled evilly. He stood up, walking slowly down, his shoes thumping on the plush scarlet carpet. He circled the man, as if he were a wolf, circling his prey, the innocent doe, except in this case, the doe was not so innocent. He watched the man with narrowed eyes, still circling his slowly.

"And what, did the girl look like?" he asked, voice low and husky.

"She had green eyes, your highness, lips red as a rose, and brown hair. Beautiful, but deadly." The young Prince nodded, as if picturing her.

"And what about the others I sent out with you?" he asked sharply.

"D-dead, sire." The man said. "Though the other one, the recently turned one,"

" Yes?" The prince said, gesturing for him to go on.

"I didn't see his body, I think they took him." The prince pouted his lower lip, and raised his eyebrows as if surprised.

"Interesting. Now, the most important question, I have for you. Where is the location of the institute?" he said softly.

"In London, near human territory." The other answered quickly."

"Interesting." The prince repeated. "Guards!" he suddenly called. Instantly, two men appeared. "Take this man, dress his wound, and put him in a room. I will be needing his assistance, in a few months time." The guards nodded, taking the man away. The young prince sat back down on his throne, his hazel eyes glowing, as he smiled maliciously.In time, he would kill the Venators in London. In time, He thought, laughing darkly to himself.

Hey guys, decided to write a short prologue. Yeah, i know, i was goign to write this after i finished His Rejected mate, but i can break my own rules, right? haha! writing the first chapter, though i decided to keep it in third person, i can describe it more like that.

as dumbledore says, au revior little biscuit!

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