If love made sense
And didn't hurt like fuck,
My mind wouldn't be
Like a swimming duck.

On top I would be crazy
And calm beneath,
I would float on the current
Like a long lost leaf.

I'd go with the flow
And not give a shit,
I'd do what I wanted
And use my wit.

I wouldn't be scared
Or feel exposed,
But rather like flirting
Is all I've known.

I'd flirt over here
And flirt over there,
Heck, you could say
That I'd flirt anywhere.

But if that were true,
I wouldn't find
That special someone
I have in mind.

I wouldn't be me
And that's a shame
Because no two people
Are exactly the same.

My brother would be alone
And my best friend too,
So that's my silver lining
With which I make do.

Maybe one day
I'll have my knight,
But for now I'm content
With what's in sight.

I have a family
And a home,
A secret place
To call my own.

I have my mind,
Or at least I hope,
And I'm not pregnant
Or smoking dope.

So things are good,
They could be worse,
I could be riding
in the back of a hearse.

Now build a bridge,
I'm here to stay,
Things have just
Worked out that way.