She couldn't miss the last train. There was no way in Hell she was spending another night on the coach in her office. Ambrosia pushed through the crowds, vaulted the style and threw herself through the doors just as they closed. She crashed into the opposite wall and blinked as stars danced across her vision. Ambrosia dropped into a seat and rubbed her face for a moment before opening her eyes to see how many people were staring at her. Luckily, the coach was almost empty. There were only four other people on board.

One was a man sitting opposite but four seats down, a name tag declared him to be Matthew and that he was happy to help. His white shirt was stained with red splotches, a red pen sat in his front pocket and he was reading a newspaper. Directly opposite Ambrosia were two men with a woman between them. The men wore dark blue suits, their eyes darting from side to side towards the windows and doors.

The woman was wearing a red sequinned mini dress with a matching scarf; her eyes were wide and a deep sea blue. She was staring at Ambrosia but didn't really seem to be seeing her, her face was slack and her mouth was slightly open. Ambrosia shifted uncomfortably under her gaze and started to read the posters on the opposite side of the carriage. The rustle of Matthew's newspaper was the only other sound apart from the clacking of the tracks. Ambrosia dropped her eyes and found that the woman in the red dress was still staring at her.

"Take a photo" muttered Ambrosia. She twisted in her seat and stared out the window but it was pitch black outside and the window just reflected back her own face. The woman was still staring but Ambrosia refused to move to another coach, she was just rude. Ambrosia watched her in the window and suddenly she realized that the woman didn't blink. Also, one of the men had his hand behind her head, his fist twisted in her hair to hold her head upright. Ambrosia frowned; a chill was taking a leisurely stroll down her spine. Her eyes were suddenly drawn to Matthew; he had put his paper aside and was nodding his head towards the next coach.

"Can't be any weirder then what's in here" she whispered. Ambrosia got up and followed him into the next coach, it was completely empty. As soon as the door slid shut, Matthew turned to her and sighed in relief.

"I'm sorry; I had to get you out of there. I've been watching those three. The woman doesn't blink or move and one of those men is holding her upright. She's dead" he said. Ambrosia gaped at him; she spun around and peered through the glass into the next coach. After a moment, Ambrosia came to the awful conclusion that Matthew might be right.

"Are you sure?" she asked.

"I'm positive."

"How can you be positive? Maybe she's drunk and we just keep missing her blinks."

"I'm positive she's dead" replied Matthew. Ambrosia turned to look at him, she suddenly felt a little sick.

"How can you be positive?" she repeated. Before Ambrosia could even process what was happening, Matthew had pushed her to the ground and wrapped his hands around her throat.

"Because I killed her" he growled.

In the coach was a man whose name tag declared him to be Matthew and that he was happy to help. A few seats away from him sat two men and between them, were two women. Both were staring straight ahead, one with a scarf around her neck and the other with her collar pulled up to her chin. Neither spoke or moved. They didn't even blink. They just sat and stared.