Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Gay Stranger Returns

There once was a gay stranger

Who came for a visit

He was so gay

No one could understand him

He would dance and laugh

He would jump and shout

Til' people had to cover there ears

He'd smile and joke

He'd put on a play

He did what ever he could

He was the gay stranger

When he was last here

I asked him what

Made him so gay

But no matter how I'd ask

Or what I'd ask

He would not tell

He used to make me

Want to dance and

Sing but not any more

Something has changed

I wish I knew

What it was

But there's no use

Asking him

I don't know whats happened

But I wish everything

Was the same

When he was last here

I just wanted him

To go, but now I

Want the old gay stranger