Sunday, October 10, 2010

Going Back (Return To The Haunted Hanson House)


He said he never wanted to go back

But he soon would

It was under different circumstances,

But he still went back

You wouldn't believe how soon afterwards

He didn't really have any reason to go back

He just sorta' did

He was sorta' pulled back

By an unseen force

That he couldn't understand

He knew he didn't want

To go anywhere near that place

And, yet there he was

He didn't even seem to see the steps

Leading to the old Hanson house

He didn't really know where

He was until he arrived inside the main hall

That is where it happened

That's where she died

Near those steps leading upstairs

Once he realized where he was

Everything came back

He couldn't understand what he was doing

In that weird, old house

Espeially when he had sworn to never return


He was about to leave

But he heard a sound

In the other room

So he decides to see who it is

Once again he searches

But can't find the one

Who made the sound

He begins to think he should give up

He feels like he's being watched

But he sees something move

It heads the way he just came

He's in a trance again

As he follows this thing

It leads him to the room that

She died in, with the stairs

When he reaches this room he comes

Out of his trance, he lookes up

And on the platform, she is standing

Looking down on him

She just smiles and stares

He can't believe his eyes

Is he dreaming, or...?

Could she really be standing there?

She begins to move down the

Stairs towards him


She doesn't walk, but floats

He is frightened, but he just stood there

He couldn't believe his eyes

Could this really be her?

He had watched her die

In his arms, but here she was

He wants to run but can't

There were many times when he

Wanted to talk to her

Without thinking he rushed

Up the remaining steps

"I am so sorry, I never

Mean't for you to get hurt!

I rushed after you, trying to

protect you, from this house,

From this horrible haunted house"

Next he knew he was in tears

Ever since that horrible night

He had tried to sort out the pain

And suffering he had felt

As he stood there he could hear it

Start to pore down rain

He knew he had to stay now

As he looks at her, he's

Surprised at what he sees

She's still standing there

But now she has blood

All over her, and the dress

She's wearing is old and white


He couldn't stand to look at her

She would never look the same

As she did that horrible night

Of her death, when there lives changed

Just thinking about it, made him sick

He felt like he was going to faint

The whole time she just stared at

Him as he thought all these thoughts


When I look back

I realize I was very foolish

To stand there, since she

Was obviously a ghost

But at that minute

All that was in my

Head was grief

There was a part of

Me tring to get under control

Then there was the

Rest of me fighting, to stay


When I looked up again

She was gone

There wasn't any trace

Of her or the blood from

Her white dress

I have no clue, as to

Where she went that night

I soon came to my scences

And left that house

I then (again) promised

Myself to never return

To the Haunted Hanson House

I did feel much better

Seeing her again

So maybe it wasn't

So bad going back

Finished parts 5 and 6

November 8, 2010