Her feet scuttle, padding silently over the frosty tile floor,

There's a little clang of her key locking the door.

Anticipation and regret mingle in her gut,

How did her life ever fall into this rut?

She nears the receptacle of her misery, a knife lays on the ground,

Her emotions are starting to pile up into one huge mountain of a mound.

And as she falls to her knees, she knows the end of her facade is near,

Her sorrow has emerged descending down her cheek in a single gray tear.

She has reached the climax as her fingers drum in the rim,

A simple push of pressure and her angst floods into the bin,

She coughs and splutters, her blood has run cold,

She now seems to realize her life is masked in an veil of mold.

A tinge of red lines the edge of her sight,

She fights against this feeling now with all her might.

Her fingers then start to fumble with the knife,

'Cause she knows her life will end tonight.

She beings to carve her story with the blade,

All her pain and gloom then begin to fade,

She now only knows the throbbing in her wrists,

What covers her vision now is a series of terrible mists;

She sees her sister's laughing face, a toothy grin is flashed,

Her spirits begin to plummet, her building happiness mashed.

The blonde girl at school who would give her smiles,

And then send her joy crashing down for miles.

There was also the one boy in school-the one she thought he cute,

But then he shoved her down because he found out she was mute.

She knew only then her life would not mend,

It was decided that her life would now end,

And so the knife sunk into her heart,

Sweet bitterness was on her tongue, so why did it taste so tart?

Did she want to die? Sure she knew better to sink so low,

But her heart seemed to be a fighting foe.

Perfection seemed simple enough but it was always out of her reach,

It was her pupils fault-they sucked the life from her like a leech.

The corpse fell to the floor, splashing in the bloody pool,

Why had she been treated like such a fool?

The ones she had called friends-family even-let her down,

Because they were the ones that had tried to drive her out of town.

So this is where I conclude-our story now ends,

Please if you know anyone with these thoughts try to make amends.

For my friend. May she rest in peace.