Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Poor Man

You acuse the innocent

You should be thanking him

Instead of striking him

The poor, acused man!

He should be at home

Instead of in a court room

You try him even though

there isn't any real evidence

You call him a lier

Though he tells you what

Really happened

The poor, tired man!

You acuse this poor man

And the real villian gets away!

He will die if you don't let him go

He is starving!

Poor man,

He begs for a little food

But you won't get it so he can eat

When will you believe that he didn't kill that woman?

The poor, poor man!

There he goes

He collapses right in front of you

And you still do nothing!

So died the innocent

Because you wouldn't believe him!

The poor man!

May he rest in peace!