Chapter Nine

Thunder rolls as I stare out my window. I've taken shelter in my room for the past few hours. This thunderstorm had started as soon as my door shut. Only I and Claire know about the real journey I have to face. Now I just have to choose which one will triumph, me or the Valt. I was confused about what the battle would be for until today.

Today during training Tye was being a little more flirty than usual- I think he was trying to make up for having Molly or him staying the night with me every night since that night. During one sparing round he knocked me to the ground ending up with him on top of me. Our gaze locked then he kissed me. I was about to kiss him back but instead I pushed him off and growled at him. He took it as playing hard to get, but I knew otherwise. My worst fears had been confirmed the Valt had taken over while I was awake and with Tye. Tye came at me playfully still flirting but the Valt pushed him away and growled at him, "Don't touch me." It was me to him. He looked heartbroken just like Nathan had. With the thought distraction I was able to get control again, but it was too late so I ran.

Tye had come by soon after but I ignored him in embarrassment. I didn't want to hurt him again. I hadn't realized exactly how much he liked me until that moment. It was better to end it. That is how I landed sitting on my window seat watching the storm totally and utterly depressed. I want to go see Claire but I'm scared I'll run into him on the way. I want to get out but it's raining. If I was a wolf it wouldn't matter. I push the painful thought away.

So here I am, sitting here with nowhere to go and the hardest decision on my shoulders. How are you supposed to choose between two guys that you barely know. Claire would know. But instead of going to find Claire I call a taxi. I sneak out and luckily I don't run into anybody. Maybe the storm has everybody retreating into their own little cave.

When I get outside the rain has slowed but with the promise for more to come. The calm before the storm, great. The taxi doesn't take long to arrive and I take comfort in the warm atmosphere of the small cab.

"Where to miss?" the cabby asks in a strong northern accent.

"Andra Kafé please." I reply. I hope Mitch is there. He seems trust worthy enough. The cabby looks me over as if to ask 'why would a girl like you want to go there?' Then he shrugs and turns to the road. I look back at the building and see the flutter of a curtain on the third floor but I'm not sure.

It doesn't take long to get there, or at least it seemed shorter than before but then again I am being very spacey. I thank the cabby and pay him the fare. I hurry inside so as to not get too wet. The bell rings as the door opens and I get a few curious peeks but most of the customers have learned to ignore the ring. I walk up to the bar and wait for one of the bartenders to come up to me. A good looking man- who's actually a little pixie- walks up.

"We don't serve underage here miss." The man says sternly. I smile at him politely.

"I'm not here for a drink thanks. Is Mitch in today?" I ask sweetly praying he is. He eyes me looking curiously, probably wondering what a young girl like me wants with an old dwarf like Mitch.

"Yeah he's in his office. You're lucky he usually leaves by now so you better hurry before he does."

"Okay, thanks!" I say as I leave the bar and head for Mitch's office. I hear two male voices and stop to listen for a sec. One is definitely Mitch's but the other sounds faintly familiar. I keep walking and come up to the door. The two men are sideways to me and don't notice me at first. I knock on the door to get their attention.

"What!" They both yell in unison then look at me. My heart beats faster with joy at seeing a familiar face. A huge smile crosses my face and it's soon mirrored on his.

"Mark!" I run to him and he embraces me like a father would his daughter.

"Hey Hav how ya been?" He releases me and I get a good look at his un-shaven face.

"Alright." I rub his chin and laugh. "Looks like you're over due for a shave." We share a good laugh when the laughing stops his serious face returns.

"Hav I'm sorry 'bout your dad. He was a good man. He didn't deserve to go down like that." I smile sadly and shrug unable to form words.

"I'm glad yu've gotten to reunite, but I must ask. What're yu duin' here lassie?" Mitch's question brought me out of the clouds and back to reality.

"Well I actually came for some advice. I don't know what to do. I hope I'm not disturbing you two from anything important." I say guiltily, but I'm happy I found them both. Mark has always been a good problem solver. That's what makes him such a good Protector.

"Ooh noo, nuthin' that can't wait. Come sit and wee can talk." Mitch motions to his table.

"I can leave and let you two talk, then come back later?" Mark asks heading for the door. Mitch looks at me.

"No Mark stay. I could use as much advice as possible. We'll catch you up." I say sitting down.

"Actually that's what Mitch was doing. He was catching me up on everything my little Werewolf-Witch hybrid." Mark says ruffling my hair and taking the seat next to me. I smile shyly.

"Soo what's gotch yu all frrazzled?" Mitch dives right in.

"Well last week I had a vision." I filled them both in on the vision and how I can't go see Rinda until I start my journey. The problem at the time had been I didn't know how to start the journey. I tell them about the dream and the realization Claire had come to. I finally finish with the happenings of that morning and how I want to shut everything down between me and Tye. The two men study me with unreadable expressions.

"I gotta say I was doubting this whole 'Haven's the Valt' business but I guess there's nothing going against that. I agree with Claire though. It sounds as if it will be a battle between you and the Valt. Talk about an inner conflict." I smile a little at him then look at Mitch.

"How do yu choose between two guys yu hardly know?" My mouth nearly drops when Mitch voices the same question that has been nagging at me. "The answer to that question can only be answered by yu. I'd suggest choosing the one that yur heart chooses. Yur heart is split but one has more of yur love than the other. It'll take time though. Yu'll have to lurn a lot of patience for you to survive." I nod and look Mitch in the eye.

"Thank you." I turn my attention to Mark. "Thank you both for listening. Patience is a virtue. I'll just have to have more than usual."

"Yes. Patience will help but don't forget to listen to your heart too Haven. That is where the answer lies." I turn around to see a beautiful dark skinned woman with hip length dark brown hair. She's wearing a blue/purple dress that falls just below the knee that perfectly accents her blue, purple tinted, eyes.

"Hey Rinda, I wasn't expecting yu today." Mitch says happily. I almost faint, almost.

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