Chapter 1: In which I tell you about the day I blew up glass!

Daniel Knight's Pov

You all may or may not know me as Lucky from Book 1 Secrets. You may have met me when I had fully developed powers and worked for the agency. You have no clue about my history. I had my powers for a long time before that. You're probably wondering then when I got my first power. Your mind probably wants to know what power it was. You probably think it my main power that I use in Book 1 secrets. I used only one power in that's tory and it wasn't my main power. It was actually my fifteenth power. The day I got my power was even before I was a vampire werewolf. It happened when I was six.

As mentioned in Mikecchio by Mikey I did not live on Earth. I just like the rest of the Knights. Roses and Falcons we live on Terra. It is the twentieth planet in the Milky Way galaxy and it is in between Earth and Mars. Your first reaction is if Terra the twentieth planet then earth is the nineteenth planet which makes there sixteen planets we can't see after earth. I am saying that you are wrong because Mercury is the tenth Planet there are nine planets on the other side of the sun. I am not here to give you a geography lesson or a history lesson otherwise this would be a forty page novel that I wrote. I am here to tell you about how I got my first power.

It happened in the month of December before Christmas came around. It happened on a local bus that ran through Terra. I had just turned six at the time. My little brother Steven who was only four at the time had short blond hair and stood at about three feet tall. My father was also on the bus. His name is Adam Knight. He stands about six feet tall, is strong and has dark brown hair like mine which seems black. The bus was half crowded with my father and me on one side and my little brother on the other side. Everything was fine until a group of dark hooded teens came on the bus. They were immediately recognized to me as a gang of minor assassins. They sat on the side of my brother. Everything was fine until they started to bother Steven and said "How are you little prince?" They send out a little mock laugh.

Steven responded "I a-a-a-am p-p-perfectly fine." I was started to get scared for him. He only stuttered when he was cold, nervous and scared. It sounded cute to girls but it is a horrible quality to have when bullies are around. It makes them mock you even more than they already had planned to. It was the worst thing for Steven to do. I hope they would not bully my little brother. I felt better when my father stepped up and want to go and comfort the bullies. The bad things were that assassins hated their king. Did I forget to mention my Father was king of Terra? He was the oldest of my grandfather, Terra Knight Children. Terra created the planet of Terra. He risked his life for my father and suffered the ultimate cost which was death. I knew so much about my father but I felt kind of sad at the time that my mind knew so much but yet I still had no power or legacy to continue our family.

My father approached the killer bullies. He asked "What do you think you are doing to my son?" They unleashed a sly grin which sent chills through my spine.

They responded "We're bullying him and what are you going to do about oh wise grandpa king?" They had almost gotten on my father's last nerve and they were getting on mine.

He asked them "What did you call me?"

They responded with the same sly and ugly grins and repeated what they said to him as if he were deaf "Wise grandpa king" They had finally hit my last straw and the glass exploded behind the bully. My father move really fast and grabbed my brother to safety. He touched me and I calmed down and the glass fell onto the bus floor with a loud pang. It shattered into a million little pieces. It left behind tiny fragments and some very bloody bullies. I can recall exactly what happened when the glass exploded.

When the bullies started to torture my father and repeated what they said it felt like time froze. The glass became like clay in my hands and I can mold them into any shape. The glass I pushed off and it made a loud bang. It was only the glass that I could control but the fragments. I sent the fragments up and down the bully bodies. They pierced their eyes and their lips. It also pierced their hands and their feet. I tore up their clothes and I felt a cold touch on my shoulder. I heard my voice distant saying "Daniel stop this before you kill them." I continued to manipulate the glass fragments as if the y were sand. I ignore the voice that was nagging me to stop. I ignore it like it is a useless nat. I hear it again and it says "Daniel Alexander Knight please don't lose control and kill them. I let the glass fall to the ground. It shattered to the floor leaving the pieces as even smaller fragments. I finally look at the bullies and see what I did to them. I made them scarred on their eyes and pierced their hands and mouth with scars. They lied half naked. I saw in their eyes fear of me and I actually enjoyed it. It scares me I felt that way but it was my first power and my favorite power which is to manipulate my object. I guess this where it ends and started for me.

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