I never got to tell you

Didn't get the chance to say

That I've always loved you, always

I should've told you everyday.

I never really knew you

Not until it was too late

Now I'll never get to tell you

That you were truly great.

You're picture's on my wall

When you were young and so in love

But you're picture's on the table

Are you watching from above?

I don't want their pity

But she said I have your eyes

I look down on you and start to cry

For I know everything dies

When I was small and foolish

You would teach me how to sew

You would give us treats and games

We would help you make the dough.

I don't want their comfort

I only want you back

Three years of not a word

If I speak, my voice will crack

The daughter you never had

I meant everything to you

When you were sick and lost

I was sorry I never knew.

I never got to know you

Not until the day you died

Grandmother please forgive me,

For all my wasted time.