My name is Cody Hendrick. I have been living in this bland, boring and slow countryside in the middle of the "great" (see my sarcasm there?) state of Alabama. I always dreamed of moving into a big city like Springfield, Texas or Piedmont, California. Preferably Piedmont, since I love cars. Ohh yes, I love cars. I love their power, I love their speed, I love their sound and the smell of their oil. However, due to the fact there isn't a car dealer near a 100-mile radius here, I haven't been able to get a vehicle, even though I passed my driving test with flying colors. Besides, one reason I love cars is the racing scene, but there isn't anything near good car racing here. There isn't a racetrack anywhere near us, and there's nobody to street race with. Hell, everyone in this town drives a old, boring Ford pickup. I remember when the principal of my school bought a Chevy Cavalier and every kid drooled all over it. Piedmont, if you don't know yet, is the street racing paradise of the country; better yet, it's perfectly legal in certain areas near the city, especially the district of South Paradise near downtown. How awesome is that?

Well, today I'm happy to announce that is all changing tomorrow.

You see, it started one day while I was chatting online with my childhood friend Kenny. Kenny used to live in the same town as me, but now he lives in South Paradise, CA in the smack middle of the street racing scene in Piedmont. He owns a shiny red Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution that makes 400hp on the dyno test. I dreamed of driving that car since 3 years ago, when Kenny got his license and he bought that car by using his dad's, using the salary from his car repair job.

Then an invitation came. At first I wasn't even thinking of going to college outside of my state. However, Kenny sent me an invite to enter Piedmont University. That will give me a chance to finally live my dream in Piedmont, California. Even better, the housing in South Paradise is dirt cheap, Kenny's boss has a job spot for me at the repair/tuning shop that he works at. Meanwhile, I can use my heavy savings to pay off 6 months of rent, 2 years of college and a car. Well, it does help when your parents earn $300000 a year...

So, before I depart, lemme check that online chat room that Kenny and I are a part of...hmm.

*Welcome to VirtualChatWorld 3.0 Beta. You are now logged in as birdie109.*
birdie109: hello
EvoSpeedster: Yo Cody
EvoSpeedster: Lol you departing tomorrow
birdie109: Yes sir lol
*YellowKnife has joined the chat.*
YellowKnife: hey gaiz
EvoSpeedster: hey YK
EvoSpeedster:our friend birdie is moving to South Paradise tomorrow
YellowKnife: Oh rly lol
congrats man, got ur own place and all
your parents dont like this tho im guessing
birdie109: yeah lol
birdie109: going against my parents wishes
birdie109: they are frickin rednecks
birdie109: what's the top thing in the racing scene nowdays?
YellowKnife: lol
YellowKnife: right now there's several
YellowKnife: rite now everyone is talking about the Midnight Kids
birdie109: who r they
YellowKnife: thats what everyone wants to know lol, they are basically shadows...we know of several of the cars they have, but none of them have license plates and the drivers never show their faces, and look at the shit they have
YellowKnife: Skylines, Camrys, Bluebirds, RX7s, NSXs, Corollas, Civics, Celsiors, Z cars, old Bugs, Miatas, Stangs, Vettes, M3s, 911s, Rivas, Trabants, and that's just a short list
YellowKnife: You name it, they have at least one
birdie109: holy shit, thats quite a mix
YellowKnife: Most of them suck, its the bigshots that really pull the attention
YellowKnife: tho its amazing how they manage to stay anonymous with this big of a group
YellowKnife: oh yeah, cant forget about the ghost
birdie109: ?
YellowKnife: ever heard of the Dart's Shadow?
birdie109: wtf is that
YellowKnife: there is a Dodge Dart around here that wins every race it enters
YellowKnife: strange thing is tho, the car doesnt have a driver, it drives itself
YellowKnife: legend says, there was a guy who jumped a Dart into a river and drowned, and his car became a legendary ghost, idk
YellowKnife: wtf is Kenny asleep?

*to be continued*