Chapter 1, Arc 1; Take Over The Stakes

East District Shopping Center, Piedmont, California, 2:55 AM

A young man dressed in a black suit walks out of the door, holding a brand-new touchphone. A BMW 7-Series pulls in to pick him up. The driver rolls down his windows and says;

"Sir, how are you today."

"Pretty good," the young man replied. "Ah…yes…remind me to raise your salary sometime this weekend."

The driver let out a smile…

Then suddenly…

There was a bang…

The driver fell over…

…And a pool of blood came out of the window.

The young man stood in the rain, silently, in shock. Then he ran and screamed, "Call an ambulance! Call an ambulance!"…

…And there was another bang.

…And another.

…The young man fell over…in a pool of blood…with several other dead bodies on the corner of the sidewalk.

A flatbed tow truck came, and two men in masks walked out. One of them looked at the car and said, "Hmm, a brand-new Beemer 7-Series. Hey, check the car for traces of blood. We got a big fish here today."

"All right," the other man replied. "By the way, what do you think this baby is worth? 20 thousand? 30 thousand?"

"Probably 50-something. I mean, look at the mileage. Has only been driven 400 miles. Take out the corpse, swap out the VIN, and we got ourselves some easy money."

The two men then dumped the driver's body, took off the license plates and threw them in the trash, and loaded the new Beemer onto the flatbed. The truck slowly backed up and then went forward, crushing the pile of bodies near the sidewalk as it went.

Nowhereland (for the lack of a better name), Alabama, 3:00 AM

Well, I been sitting in front of the TV watching reruns of Clannad on Adult Swim while packing my bags for the taxicab that's going to arrive at 5AM in the morning. By the time they started showing the second part of the last episode of After Story, I was as bored as hell. I think the blue haired guy's daughter died or something, then that guy fell over, then something about a girl and robots happened, then he time travels back 5 years or something. I'm not sure, I haven't really been paying attention. Anyways, enough about that, where's my toothbrush…hmm, it's not here or there…I should have put it…ow!

Yep, you guessed it; I stepped on the toothbrush and fell over on the floor. That apparently woke up my mom who headed to the living room. "Cody? What are you doi-"

I replied with a sigh, and "I'm packing, mom. Can't you see that?"

"Oh, you're packing up for er Piedmont big city, why you want to break me heart and move there, that place is so Asian and so crowded and so liberal and so African…why you watching them Jap cartoons possessed by the devil…"

Yeah, my mom is a racist, stupid, drunk, douchebag. I shouted out on the top of my lungs, "JUST GO BACK TO BED, MOM!"

She got up and crawled back to bed. Sure, I'll miss her, but that sure doesn't mean I'll miss this backwards hick-town. Alabama as a whole is a great state, just not this place. Hell, I can safely say that this place is dragging the reputation of the state down. Finally I can say goodbye to this place, where the only thing to do for me is to watch TV (mostly anime on Adult Swim, street racing on SPEED and maybe some news on BBC/California Channel.)

Hmm, that reminds me, I probably should see what the weather is like in Piedmont…I picked up the remote and turned to the California Channel.

What I saw…shocked me to say the very least.

"Breaking news! Breaking news! 27 people found dead at East District Shopping center…there is a pool of blood nearby…the cameras were disabled…"

Man, does this girl even know the proper way to report news? But I continued watching.

"Sheriff James Berkley, is this one of the worst incidents that happened here?"

"I'm afraid to say it, but yes, Marcy. We have 27 people killed-some rather violently and painfully, as we could tell by the stabbing wounds from some of the bodies. There is a huge amount of blood on the ground that emergency crews are cleaning up. What is interesting that none of these victims were killed using the same weapons from what we have found-different size and model bullets, different size blade knifes, etc. And another thing we found was a trash bag full of license plates, which may mean that the murderers were after the victims'cars-"

My mom came back, and said, "Oh look, another incident in Piedmont. I told you-"

I screamed again. "SHUT UP AND GO BACK TO BED!"

"And now the weather reports…it's very hot and sunny in Piedmont with temps reaching 90 degrees…whew! The spring heatwave is coming, I tell ya!"

Yip, wear a T-Shirt and shorts. Got it. Hm, I have everything I need now…oh yeah, except the laptop…I'll sign in to the chat for one more time before I leave town.

*Welcome to VirtualChatWorld 3.0 Beta. You are now logged in as birdie109. 30 people are in the chat.*
birdie109: hello

eyeofthetiger: yo


Camryfan1191: hiya

Shana-chan: Cody-chan! Whats up!

birdie109: departing for Piedmont in ½ hr

birdie109: u


birdie109: uh, yeah…

*ALLIGATOR has joined the chat.*

*The Doctor has joined the chat.*

*ponycutiegirl1199 has joined the chat.*

eyeofthetiger: wow

eyeofthetiger: so many n00bs

TheSubieMaster: pwned

eyeofthetiger: who knows something about cars here

eyeofthetiger: especially Subarus

TheSubieMaster: *looks at username and raises hand*

eyeofthetiger: right

eyeofthetiger: so here's my problem

eyeofthetiger: I have a 97 Legacy

eyeofthetiger: I need a new transmission

eyeofthetiger: manual or automatic

TheSubieMaster: ….

*birdie109 has left the chat.*

TheSubieMaster: er

TheSubieMaster: Cody?

Yeah, time to pack up and head out. I only have 15 minutes until the taxi arrives anyway.