Halson County, California, 6:00AM: Special Enforcement Officer's prospective

Ahh…another day working as a Special Enforcement officer. Sleeping atop of my Evo now. No reports in several minutes. Fun…

Working in this field is no where near as nice as some people like to believe. Sure, the media has made us look like the heroes of the world, attracting the hottest guys and driving the hottest cars. Not to mention getting the respect of everyone on your block, from the kids to the seniors.

Yes, that is true…if you believe James Bond represents a British secret agent in real life.

The reality of this job is a dangerous but boring mess of events that you have to put together into a puzzle to get any clue what is going on, and by then it was usually too late to solve anything, the criminal is probably now dead, taking several innocent lives with it. Sure, blame us all you want for those deaths, however the fact is that we can't handle every case that comes to us. We can't stop every event of stolen tanks rolling on the Coastal Expressway, we can't stop drunk men shooting missiles from cars in most cases, and we can't stop idiots from killing people in whatever stupid way possible. Even stopping organized crime events are pretty difficult for us. Our squad only has 200 officers, far from enough needed to patrol this district, nevermind this city. Only the busiest districts get Special Enforcements-Halson County is home to Cloversfield Airport, which is why SE officers are available here.

Ah, fuck it, I'll go do some street racing. Maybe I can attract a nice guy there…Or should I go shopping at Main Street? Hmm…

Coastal Expressway-West Side Route 71, Kendall County, California: Victim's prospective

"Alvin, where should we stop for breakfast today? There's a nice French restaurant called Le Petit de Raisin."

"Mmm, French food, I love that idea. How about we pick up some stuff from the post office first though, darling?"

"Hey, that was what I was thinking!"

And we kissed.

You see, I have been in love with Natasha ever since we met on orientation day six years ago at South Halston High School. It was kinda weird really; I was walking down the boardwalk at the school, and suddenly I saw a tall girl with blonde hair and hazel eyes looking at the flowers on the opposite side. I thought, "It would be nice to get a girl like that someday…"

…and then she dropped something. A red diary, with a blue flower on it. I thought it might have been valuable in some way, so I picked it up and gave it to her.

"Um…excuse me…is this yours?"

She turned around and looked at me. "Huh…why…whaa…why do you have my diary?" Her shock was so great that she suddenly jumped at me and grabbed the diary.

"Gee…uh sorry. Well you see…" I said, nervously, as you can guess.

"Oh…I see now…" Natasha calmed down. "Hmm, you didn't read anything in there, did you?"


"Hmm, ok, sorry about earlier. You seem like a pretty sweet guy."

"Ah…it wasn't a problem. I just like helping people out."

"Oh…heehee…I see now."

And we continued talking after that. But as they say, history is history, and I don't want to try to bring up the whole event here, especially not in traffic, since I'll have to use all my energy to remember what exactly happened that day. Oh, it's at the back of my head, but I'll have to dig it out.

It's quite strange really, we had nothing in common back then-or so I thought anyways. I was the rich kid with the million dollar celebrity father, she was the middle class girl from the somehow weird parents. I lived in a mansion, she lived in an apartment. I drove a BMW M5, she drove a Honda Beat. I wasn't too big on partying, she was a party queen. And yet, her grades were great, and mine were…not so great. The only thing we had in common was popularity…well, ok, no, she was a bit more popular than I was. But we clashed together due to fate…and we were destined to be together…ok, I just ripped those words out of a storybook, but that's beside the point.

Hmm, a white van is holding up traffic up ahead. Wonder why…

Wait, why am I losing control of my car? The tires feel weird too…maybe I should roll down my windows.

…Oil slick? Oh shit.

"Alvin, what's wrong?" Natasha asked.

"The car…it's losing grip," I replied. "Craaaapppp…"

I hit the brakes on the car, and suddenly two men walked up to Natasha's side with two LAR Grizzly handguns. They opened the BMW's door and grabbed Natasha, who was kicking and screaming.

One of them took out a gas can and a mask and said "Calm down little girl, you'll be fine…heehee…" and placed the mask on her mouth. Natasha shrieked for a while then collapsed.

The other man came out and then both of them pulled her into the van, closed the door, turned the vehicle and left.

I backed up the car, turned and started following the van using a side street.


Airport, 6:30 AM: Back to Cody…again.



"Huh?" I thought, with my eyes and ears hurting. Then I looked at the back and saw a TV ad with a giant yellow chicken beating the crap out of a fat guy with a white shirt and green parts. Though the mouth actions in that ad sure doesn't match up with the sounds…

God, I'm tired.

What time is it now? Hm…6:30 AM.

Flight's delayed until 9:15. Great….