Shelby County, Alabama, 9:00 AM: Cody's perspective

"Attention passengers. Pacific Southwest Airlines Flight 885 to Piedmont Cloversfield International Airport will begin boarding now. First class customers, please begin boarding. First class customers, please begin boarding."

Meh, I don't give a shit. Yes, I'm in economy class. There's only 10 passengers in the first class cabin apparently, and they can't stop me from getting into the aircraft. Row 18, Seat 8. That means I'm near the aisle. How convenient.

Walking down the aisle of this small plane was a pain in the ass. For some reason Pacific Southwest thought it was a good idea to jam 121 people in this small aircraft that flies on routes that might have 50 passengers per flight. But the seats are pretty damn nice, with leather seats and TVs in front of every seat. If this was from an Alabama run airline, it would have torn cloth seats on top of yellowed plastic. Shows how much we pay attention to detail.

I sat down in my seat, about to fall asleep. There was a menu in front of my seat, listing the services available on the plane. I was pretty bored, so I decided to check it out. Hmm, 60 cable TV channels available and movies are available for an extra fee. Not bad. Let's see, 20 different kinds of snacks, 10 different kinds of drinks and alcohol is available for a extra fee too…damn, this might be pretty nice after all.

I was reading the back of the menu when suddenly I heard a voice.

"Excuse me…"

A girl stood beside me. She was around my age, dressed in a black t-shirt and a matching short skirt. Her hair was a beautiful red and her eyes were shiny blue; simply beautiful. Her body profile was perfect; not too fat, not too thin. Wait…is she the passenger that will be sitting next to me? Holy shit, this is an awesome day.

"Uh, yes madame. How may I help you. "

"Uh…can you help me push this bag in?"

"I'll be glad to."

I stood up and went into the aisle. The red luggage bag was pretty heavy and big, but it had no problem fitting in the overhead storage areas. However, she was a pretty short and somehow weak girl, while I was as tall as the fuselage of this jet and as strong as a rock. So I can't really blame her, can I now?

"Hey, thanks."

"No problem, ma'm."

"Oh, you don't need to be so formal. My name's Kosman."

"Oh yeah, Cody here. Sorry, I'm just used to it, haha. Kinda grew up in a redneck family, you know?"

"It's ok."

I smiled and looked at her, then thought of something.

"Hey…do you happen to go to Piedmont University?"

"Ah, not yet. But I will start next year."

"Hey…me too!"

"Really? Great! That means we'll meet each other again."

I was hoping for that, really. Hey, I might have just scored myself a nice girl. Ah yes, might as well give Kenny another call before takeoff…

"Attention all passengers. We will be taking off at approximately 10 minutes. Please turn off all electric devices at this moment and fasten your seatbelts."


South Paradise, California; Kenny's perspective

"Attention. This is the Torneo-Newburge Red Line train to Boswell. South Point is the next stop. South Point is the next stop. No smoking in CAST vehicles permitted. The doors are closing."

Damn, this train is crowded. Is this what it is always like even after rush hour? I haven't ridden the goddamn Red Line in years. The trains here sure are quicker than the Green Line ones, though. I would have just driven the Evo to the rental agency, but there's no parking over there. And I sure want to impress Cody in something flashy and impressive after all these years.

So that's why I rented a Miura. Yip, you heard that right, a Miura. The rental was actually pretty cheap after taking advantage of a coupon. $39 for a hour. Yip, that's right, only 39 bucks. Not bad for renting a Lambo, right?

Then I looked down at the highway and saw a white van speeding down the road across from the ground-level subway tracks. While this might not be very strange in itself, there seem to be a pair of machine guns mounted at the rear. What's even weirder about this is that there seems to be a BMW chasing after it.

Man, this is boring.

Then there was a loud bang followed by the train shaking rapidly. The train made a sudden stop, and suddenly there were flashing lights outside.