In the…um…sky, 12:00 AM, Cody's perspective

….huh? What? Who's touching my forehead? Huh?


WAAH! Holy shit! What the…


I saw the whole back of the plane staring at me, including a mother and her baby who cried soon after. Goddamn, this is fucking embarrassing.

"Ahh, it's nothing, nothing, I was just asleep, heehee…you scared me there for a bit."

"Ahh…it's okay." She put on a pretty smile in front of me. Man, I could look at that smile all day….

I wanted to talk to her, but then I saw she was listening to music on her laptop. Probably shouldn't disturb her, I guess. Heh, let's see what's on the news in Piedmont, would love to learn a final bit of stuff before I land in Piedmont…

I changed the channel using the up/down buttons on the soft leather armrest. 61-Cooking Network. 62-Global News. 63-California Channel.

"This is breaking news from Piedmont, California. Today at 9:30 AM, a Piedmont Rapid Transit Red Line train was involved in a deadly accident between Wentworth/51st and South Point stations at the crossing between Lambert and Halifax streets."

…why is that every time I turn on the news, something ends in disaster?

"A white van suddenly appeared in front of the 75mph subway train, suddenly causing a collision which smashed the van into bits…killing 8 people."

And then the camera panned to a shot on some stores and apartments near the intersection with a dishwasher dropping from a window. Wait, what?

Wait, I see a pretty familiar face…I must be seeing things…Kenny? No, it can't be…that T-Shirt, that set of pants…I saw them on his facebook profile pic…holy shit….




Everyone on the plane stared at me again. Perfect. Ugh. Why must I lose my cool at every fucking corner?

"Uhh…it's nothing…"

A flight attendant came up to me and said, "Sir, please don't disturb the passengers, especially the elderly…"

"Understood, ma'm! I mean, heehee…"

Damn, what the hell is going on? First someone goes on a murder rampage, and several hours later a van slams into a train killing several people. What's next?

"In other news, a man is found dead after a dishwasher fell off the top floor of a building and crushed a customer from a café on the first floor…"

So much for avoiding disaster. Every time I turn on the California Channel, something horrible happens. What gives?

"And also, a group of students committed suicide one by one jumping off the New River Bridge…"

Well, that's enough. I'll change the channel now.