Chapter 2: A limp rock

A limp rock falling into a black pit of void, never knowing what will happen until the end. Would it be crushed into tiny fragments of stone dusts or left unscathed; lifeless but whole. I ask myself this question as my whole limp body fell down the poachers' hole. There are vines sprouting from the earth soil beckoning for me to hold unto them but my hands found something more to cling into; Kai's necklace with the blue colored snowflake pendant.

That necklace is my only weapon for survival. It's the only thing keeping me alive; myair,mywater,mysoul,mylife.


I finally landed on the ground, but instead of feeling it soft underneath my rear and back, the sharp edges of the boulders underneath pierced into my freezing skin sending a jolt of pain throughout my entire body. I staggered to scream, breathed heavily until I fell into unconsciousness, my head hitting a hard rock upon final impact.

The light above me seems to flicker like faery lights; welcoming me to a vast unknown. Snowflakes begin to crawl down to me, burying me in my own grave of white snow. My fingers begin to trail the crystalline surface of my pendant and felt it hot on my skin. Hot? The only thing that meant to me that I am still alive. Could it be that I am dreaming or is it hallucination taking over me? Who cares, as long as I could see the light above my head, nothing seems to matter now.

"What were you thinking?"

A voice; a soft melodious voice that gives me the feeling of endearing happiness. So near yet so distant. The sound of it has never failed to give a smile on my face. The voice that tells me that I am all right. Kai's voice.

I found myself sitting straight up, eyes dilating as I looked around me for the owner of the voice. But I was struck out by the look of my surroundings. Just a while ago, I was falling into a pit of oblivion; to my own grave, but now, I am sitting on top the blanket of snow on a white plain. Before me, hand extended, stood the only person that could bring me back from that void. Kai. He is here; alive, breathing, mortal, smiling. He is finally here with me.

Could this be heaven?

"You fell asleep? Are you cold?"

I narrowed my eyes. This felt very nostalgic. I shook my head and found my long black hair adorned with the winter snow. I stared at his outstretched hand and circled my gloved hand on his wrist. He pulled me up and found myself staggered to meet his embrace.

His embrace was warm and welcoming; like a lit hearth in our house. It reminded me of a summer's day when the faint light from the summer sun caressed my cheeks as I find myself getting up in the morning. I buried my face to his chest, intoxicated by his smell that reminded me of an afternoon rain in May. His protective arms circled around me and finally I give in to the thought that this is just a dream, because in reality, Kai has been death for a year now.

You fell asleep? Are you cold?

My eyes widened and I looked up to see his face caressed with the afternoon glow of the sun. My snowflake is crying. Why is he crying? Then it struck me; this is a past. My past. Our past.

I wait for his mouth to open and utter the same words he had spoken to me a year ago, 'Mylittlesnowflakeburiedinthesnow.'

"My little snowflake buried in the snow." There it is. Right there. The real thing. His words a year ago.

"What is happening?" I pulled away from his embrace and found myself being surrounded by a whirl of white snow, pricking my skin like pine needles, embracing me with a winter chill. I moved away from the whirling white snow and staggered my way out of it. Kai disappeared when the whirl of snow braced around me. I looked back and I found myself back to my grave. The poachers' hole.

I winced as I pull myself up, but I limp down feeling the pain on my sprained ankle. I looked up and a flicker of snow falls down over my nose, down my freezing cheek and to my mouth and finally turning into water. I was thirsty and the taste of water on my lips felt good. I closed my eyes as my head throbbed and then nothing again. I was back to the void of my unconscious and a rush of bitter memories came charging right in again.