Chapter 10: The Dinner from Hell

"Take those shoes off!"

Octavio plopped on his bum and immediately his small hands worked on his Spiderman shoes. The Velcro ripped through the air twice and the shoes were off.

He jumped back to his feet and waddled after Jubilee, hopping on one foot from time to time as he swung Kitty (something he stole from the preschool inconspicuously) about. "Baa baa baaaa!" he sung, his little face scrunching up in a squeal as he raced after Jubilee on his tippy toes.

Jubilee called out to Octavio over her shoulder. "Come on, Octopus! A, B, C, D!"

"Ah buh cee deeeeee!" Octavio crowed.

"Good job, buddy." She smiled at the little tyke, watching as he dragged more of his toys into the kitchen to 'keep an eye on Jubilee', as Graham would joke. He made the engine sound of a vehicle, moving his little red Nascar on the floor as he crawled around.

Once she placed the provisions on the counter, Jubilee approached the Bible, literally that's what it was called (not to mention how thick it was), and opened it up to the first page.

The recipes contained within this manual are a family recipe passed down from generation to generation, and should anyone sell the information within the book will be sued as fit. It will not be pretty.


Jeez! It was a little overboard for the woman to be so protective of cooking recipes. Jubilee shuddered, crossing herself as she promised not to sell the recipes.

It almost felt like Reina was watching her.

Getting rid of that last creepy thought, Jubilee skimmed through the Dinner label for Octavio.

"Let's keep it busy, Octopus. Let's have some chicken, steamed carrots, and potatoes. How does that sound?"

Octavio threw his hands up in the air and gave out a whoop of joy. "Chicken!"

While there was a pot of water boiling, a fried pan sizzling with oil, and a microwave blinking, Jubilee was walking around, muttering to herself as the specific, the specific, the specific ingredients from the Bible was no where to be found. She cursed quietly, rummaging through the shelves and cabinets but it was no use.

She couldn't find the freaking basil.

Jubilee growled lowly, too distracted by the search for gold when suddenly her small shoe stepped on a tiny toy car.

She slammed onto the ground, groaning in pain when her bum landed on a few pieces of legos. "You're going into the high chair." Jubilee all but snarled to the wide-eyed toddler.

"Nuuuu! Nuuuuuu!" he screeched and tried to run out of the kitchen, but it was too late.

Octavio's face was crush. His arms crossed over his tiny chest as he glared at Jubilee continuing to work on their dinner. His eyes peered down at the Cheerios she placed on his food tray of the high chair and threw it on the floor, making the little plastic bowl the Cheerios were within clatter on the tiled porcelain floor. "Uh oh," he said without an ounce of sympathy.

Jubilee only frowned at him as she continued to cook food for the little rascal.

He returned her frown with a defiant stare.

Feeding him…feeding him was the worst.

Jubilee had never had any difficulty feeding the child, but today, for some peculiar reason, he chose to become a little demon child and throw the food everywhere. INCLUDING HER FACE.

She wiped off the mashed potatoes from her hair and sighed. "Octavio, eat."



"A'ee wann mamaaa!"

She wanted to pull the roots of her hair out. Jubilee placed the small plate of food for Octavio off to the side and sighed. Her head was placed on her hands, the palm of her hands squishing her eyes to prevent the headache from growing into a bigger monster like the one before her.


The small plate with Octavio's food was red. Jubilee glanced up to see him reaching out for the food, the dried tears on his face shimmering in the light of the kitchen. "Rwed."

"What color is this?" she asked, testing his knowledge.

"Yehwooohh!" he cheered, clapping his tiny hands.

Soon enough, Octavio finished his mini-dinner and was sent off to bed, dreaming about the different colors of his house and his room with Jubilee sitting besides him, reading a bedtime story about some girl named Cosette and a boy named Marius.

Word Count: 739

Haha, Jubilee was reading Les Miserables to Octavio as a bedtime story xD Oh goodness how much that sucks as a child LOL. No pictures or cute storytelling for Octavio!

I have no idea how long this story will be. But what I can say is that Part I will be Octavio's childhood rearing, and Part II will be when he is an adult. When he is an adult, I will make the chapters 10+ pages and will not be updating them as frequently as I have with his childhood. I'm assuming his childhood will be around 25+ chapters, but at the same time, I can't be too sure. It's just a matter of feeling and how the story progress. Each chapter is not planned and thought of on a whim.

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