Chapter 9: The Chomper has Return


It wasn't until a concerned teenager stared at Jubilee did she change to the radio station and cleared her throat, acting as if she wasn't singing along rather exuberantly to the children's CD.

Jubilee hummed to the sweet sound of Etta James crooning on the radio, lip-syncing the words as she turned into the preschool.

"And I hope, life will treat you unkind and you find yourself unmarried with a whole bunch of cats," she sang softly, changing the lyrics just a tad bit (exaggerated) as the thought of Gary entered her mind. With a huff, she grabbed her purse and exited the parked vehicle.

She had only come to a stall when she noticed a very irate Joyce tapping her shoe at the speed of Michael Phelps.

"Let me guess," Jubilee started, her eyes going down to a drooling Octavio. "He was in a fight…again…."

"Your sense of observation never ceases to astound me!" Joyce throws her hands up in the air as if enjoying Jubilee's small intellect. "You need to teach him a lesson! I've been working with him all day on not fighting with children! Once I think he has it, he goes back and fights with the little girl, again!"

Jubilee glanced down at Octavio who was hugging her leg. "A girl, Octavio? Come on, you gotta do better than that."

Joyce gasped incredulously. "Why, you—"

"I got it, Nurse Joy," Jubilee waved off to the fuming caretaker. "I'll do something about it."

"You best!"

Jubilee swung down and grabbed Octavio by the arms, throwing him up in the air and smiled as he giggled. She unintelligently continued with this, enjoying his laughter despite her rough day until he barfed all over her face.

Fifteen minutes and a hysterically laughing Joyce later, the Lexus was speeding down the road with an annoyed Jubilee and a squealing Octavio.

"Vasuuur! Vasuuur!" he squealed as Jubilee took the car another ten miles faster for Octavio's amusement.

The previous day, Reina and Graham had left for Milan, claiming that there was an important runway they needed to attend ASAP. Jubilee, of course, understood Reina, but she had no idea what Graham was going to do there. She doesn't even know what the man does for a living!

So, Reina left an essay of what to prepare for Octavio's breakfast, dinner, and lunch during her absence, including his activities, and his daily dose of scheduled medication for supposed growth hormone complications.

When Jubilee had come across his medicine, she stared at it suspiciously as it reminded her of Flint Stone Gummy Vitamins.

"Come on, Octavio. Sing with me." Jubilee said nonchantly, grabbing the boy by the pits and heaving him on her hip as she made her way to the grocery. "A, B, C, D, E, F, G," she started.

"Agahbagahraaaaahhh!" Octavio chimed.

"Very good." The droll tone of her voice made a nearby mother send a sharp glare towards her direction. It probably wasn't because of her monotone voice for the cute boy…it was rather what he was wearing.

Graham had a small stack of rather embarrassing shirts for Octavio to wear. And today he was wearing one that said: I was born from 50 Shades of Grey!

Goodness, she'd been getting creepy stares since he wore that!

Jubilee dumped Octavio on the cart and wheeled them around the grocery store, depositing the many items listed on Reina's essay into the cart. In less than fifteen minutes, Jubilee was half finished and the cart was already full.

"H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P,"

"Ah aee jeh keh looohhh looohhh breeeee!"

"Meh, close enough."

She continued to scavenge for the treasure, not realizing that there was a rather cute gym instructor eyeing her body like he was homeless and she was steak.

"You do yoga at the fitness center?"

Jubilee turned to the man, blinking as she took in the sight of the sex god before her. Jubilee smiled foolishly, choking on her spit before nodding. "Y-yeah," she said rather breathlessly. Her eyes ate up his brown eyes, side hair, and glistening body of sweat. The poor woman nearly orgasmed when a small bead of sweat ran down his jaw line (five o' clock shadow, ladies) like a sexy model.

And there was that glint of interest as he eyed her body.

Jubilee preened like a peacock, standing up straighter as she boasted off her tail feathers. Ever since Octavio started preschool, Jubilee had taken up yoga as some stress reliever. And it had definitely worked, showing both her patience and body.

She cleared her throat, arching her back as she showed off her rather lovely girls encased in a grey short sleeved, v-necked shirt. "I've been doing it for a while now."

"I can tell," he said, his eyes raking down her body to her gluteus.

Jubilee grinned. She knew what her yoga pants were doing to him. If there were anything in the world that would drive a man crazy it would be yoga pants. "Only about a week. The results are instantaneous." Which was a lie, but whatever.

Chad, the man who had introduced himself to her, took one glance at Octavio and grinned. "50 Shades of Grey, huh? You're that flexible?"

"You should see me in action."

Throughout the whole flirtation between the two, they didn't notice the three-year-old who had stopped his babbled ABCs and gaped at the man.

Octavio did not like the man.

Mojojojo was his! His toy, his friend! Why was this man looking at her like that! It made Octavio angry when the man started touching her arms as if she was one of his toys. She wasn't! Because Mojojojo was his! His! His, toy! His, toy!

Octavio let out a small gasp when the man dipped his head to Mojojojo's neck, thinking he was going to bite and hurt his toy.


His little fingers were wrapped around a small container of chocolate candy Jubilee allowed him to pick off from the shelf during his cart ride. And at the moment, he didn't care for the chocolate candy.

Octavio hurled the object at the man's face.

"Son of a—"

Jubilee gasped. She glanced at Octavio who had an angry face before tending to the wounded man. "I am so sorry!"

"No, no," Chad said, smiling with those gorgeous dimples of his. "It's fine. Just caught me off guard, that's all."

"Dear lord, Octavio, you're such a menace!" Jubilee chastened.

"Don't be too hard on him. He's a cute kid," Chad commented, leering over Octavio with a smile that scared the small boy. "Nice to meet you, kid," he said and reached his arm out to the boy, seeking the perfect opportunity to bond with the little kid just to lay with his very young and very attractive mother.

It was also the perfect opportunity for Octavio to sink his teeth into his inviting hand.

Word Count: 1173


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