Dedicated To Phil Anselmo

Verse 1:

I hope that when you die

This was on your mind

You killed an innocent man

For your goddamn addictions

I hope Satan destroys

Whatever the fuck is left of you

As you burn in hell

Verse 2:

One day death will come knockin'

On your door, he won't take excuses anymore

Suffering is all you asked for

You took something so great and

You made it disappear with out any regret

Bridge 1:

I hope these memories will kill you someday

You'll get thrown into the pit of flames

And I'll be there to watch you burn


Repeat Verse 1 & 2

Bridge 2:

Thos memories must kill him

Oh memories please kill him, NOW!

Off with his head, he's better off dead

The world would be a better fucking place

If he wouldn't of turned his back

And let the addiction get the best of him

He killed an innocent man

Who was so great at everything he did

I hope these memories will kill you someday

But wish it was today

The kingdoms of heaven and hell will never forgive you

These memories you have, need to kill you NOW!