A Snowflake's Memory

Hands that felt like velvet came to caress me; warm and loving like the sweet smile of the summer's light. The soft blue-gray eyes that looked down on my delicate features are like the colors of the moonbeams saying hello into my fragile soul. Fingers of pale snowy white trailed the vividness of my crystalline surface, shaping the unique features that made me special from the other. I know I am majestic to her eyes as seen by the brightness of her porcelain face. She looked through me like I am one of her precious jewelries; priceless and eminent. And though I can feel my body melting back to water, I couldn't help but to feel happy that the single memory of my existence is left in that person's eyes. I'll be forever gone, but I will always be a memory in her mind.

I am a snowflake; a mere substance of pure ice and snow. I drift into the winter wind and melt on the ground. Though my life is short, I've lived a wonderful yet fulfilling life.