"You're still here?"
Rair had just rounded the corner, and was leaning on the wall of the shower room with a grin on his face. He wore dark clothes, except for the white T-shirt beneath his jacket. His black hair was just slightly ruffled above his brown eyes.
"We didn't beat you enough to make you go home?"

Tiem was lying on the floor in the middle of the shower room where they'd left him, feeling sorry for himself. What a pitiful bastard. No wonder he didn't have any friends.

His brown hair was a mess, but as he looked up, his face didn't have any bruises. They always made sure it didn't show. His blue shirt and dark jeans were just slightly wet from the water on the floor, and his blue eyes were red from crying, but other than that you'd never guess the bruises beneath. He always skipped swimming, so no one saw them either.

He didn't really get why Tiem even bothered coming to school. He didn't do well, he never talked to anyone, and Rair and his guys beat him up every day. If it was Rair, he would have quit long ago, but at least this way they had some entertainment.

There was something about his eyes now Rair didn't like though. Not the usual fear and self pity. It was kind of a "I don't care anymore" look. Thinks he's such a tough guy... Who does he think he is? Rair moved away from the wall and took a step forward to give him a reminding kick, but was taken by surprise as Tiem suddenly, though wincing, stood up.

Then he just stood looking at Rair for a while, before lowering his gaze awkwardly, as if he couldn't decide what to do.

"What, you want to fight me?" Rair let out a slight laugh. "I don't really think you're the kind of guy who would suit having a spine."

Tiem sighed as he raised his eyes to meet Rairs again, before slowly taking a step forward.

As he came within fighting distance, Rair clenched his fists, getting ready for the weaklings attempt at…but he didn't stop. He took another step, and came too close, and Rair could see the black of his pupils clearly. His lips were suddenly way too close, and Rair realized: this crazy guy was trying to kiss him!

He quickly backed away.

"what the hell are you.." But he was interrupted, as Tiem grabbed his arms and pinned him to the wall. He was pushed against one of the buttons, and felt the warm water from the shower as Tiem pressed his lips against his. Rair tried getting away, but though he could move his arms slightly, Tiem still kept them firmly against the wall. Was he always this strong?

He couldn't believe this. Getting kissed by a guy, and this guy out of all people. He was all soaked by now, and water ran down his head and into his face.
Tiems lips were surprisingly soft, and he was so close. Rair could feel how tense he was, with his eyes shut tightly, firmly holding his hands. Tiem was clearly nervous and probably afraid as well, both of rejection and beatings for this. The water was running into his eyes, and Rair closed his as well. He stopped struggling. Tiem relaxed just slightly then, and slowly started moving his lips.

It was probably just because of the warm water, but Rair started feeling dizzy and warm. He let out a low sigh, inaudible over the sound of the shower, and moved closer. He started returning the kiss, just going with the flow. Tiem hesitatingly let go of his hand, slowly, making sure he wasn't running away, and gently touched his cheek. Rair put his hand on Tiems shoulder, slightly touching his neck, and Tiem let go of his other hand.

Then the shower stopped and the room went silent, except for their breathing. Rair moved away, and looked Tiem into the eyes, before suddenly grabbing his shoulder harder, and making a quick movement. Tiems eyes opened wide. He gasped crouching with his hands on his stomach where Rairs fist had just struck.

"You piece of shit!" He hit him again, this time in the face, sending him straight to the ground. Rair could feel his whole mind in chaos. His face was blushed. He was so ashamed. What if the guys heard about this? They'd certainly not let some gay guy tell them what to do.

He lifted his foot for a kick, but stopped midway. He could see tears in Tiems eyes. His wet hair was sticking to his forehead, and a bruise was already appearing on his chin from where he had struck. He looked even more pitiful than usual.
Suddenly, he didn't feel like killing the guy any longer. He lowered his foot slowly, before hesitantly turning around and starting towards the door.

"Sorry", he heard Tiem whispering sobbingly behind him, and he stopped by the door.

"Don't tell anyone else about this" he said before walking out, slamming the door behind him and leaving Tiem on the floor by himself.

Rair was still slightly breathless as he walked into the evening chill. The air was cold through his soaked clothes, and he could still feel the tinge of softness on his lips and the touch on his cheek. He could feel tears welling up in his eyes.
What if the shower hadn't stopped?

He knew things wouldn't be the same again.