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Boom! Another bomb exploded, making me swerve in the opposite direction. Suddenly I ran into a boy who looked my age.

"Sorry," I yelled over the next bomb.

"Come on, we have to find a shelter," he said. I hesitated, I didn't know him should I really follow him? I guess I didn't really have any options, so I decide to follow. It was dark, but the bombs lit up. The night sky

Right now you probably are wondering what is going on and who am. Well my name Is Cole Silver, I am a fourteen year old girl. I have sandy brown hair and blue eyes. Right now the world is coming to an end. No I am not joking; I thought it was just a made up thing until today, 12-12-12 at 12:12 in the night. Things really started on the first day of 2012. At first I just ignored them they were just small things really, nothing big just seeing weird things and more UFO sightings. Today was when it got bad, that's when the aliens attacked, first they cut off all the power and everything went blank, nothing electronic worked. Soon they dropped the first bomb, and the longest they have stopped is a minute. They keep flying around in their spaceships just dropping bombs. Thousands of people are dead already.

Finally we reached a brick building, once we walked inside I noticed it was candle lit and there was nobody inside. They boy began walking to the basement so I followed. On the way down to the basement I observed the boy; he had dark brown hair and hazel eyes he was taller than me, which wasn't that big of a surprise, I am short for my age. Then I realized I didn't even know his name.

"What's your name?" I asked.

"Blake Rine, yours?" He said. I knew that name from somewhere, but where?

"Cole Silver," I answered. I know that name, I know it. When we finished going down the stairs I saw three other people, I knew none of them.

"Jade, Bailey, Nathan: meet Cole Silver. Cole meet Jade Fox, Bailey Bond, Nathan White." Blake said. Wow all those names sound so familiar. Jade had light blonde hair and was about 7. Bailey had auburn hair and was maybe a year younger than me. Nathan had dirty blonde hair and was about 2 or 3 years younger. Suddenly a man walked out of a passage from the floor. Well that's different, I thought.

"Are they all here, Blake?" He asked then continued after Blake nodded. "Okay good. You are here because you are going to be a FTA team. As an FTA, or Fight the Aliens, team you will fight the aliens to stop them from taking over the world. Your training will start in an hour, try to get some sleep we will come get you when it's time."

Whoa, this was crazy! We were supposed to fight the aliens? This guy was crazy! Then it hit me; I had had a dream about this, that's why I recognized the names! This was freaky; it was just all too much.

"This is crazy!" Nathan said, "Yet, weirdly enough, it sounds…epic,"

"True," Jade said.

"Yeah, I wonder what our training will be. Blake do you know anything about this?" Bailey said.

"No, I don't even know him. He just told me to find you, that's all." Blake replied.

"It's strange we are so calm about the world ending," I said.

"That is pretty weird…" Bailey agreed.

"Well we should probably go to sleep. Nah, who am I kidding? We're never gonna get to sleep tonight," Nathan said.

"Really? Why?" I said wryly.

"Okay guys so here's the plan," I said "later when we are starting our training refuse to change until we figure out information. Okay?" everyone nodded.

"I wonder what our training will be," Bailey said.

"It will probably just be self-defense type stuff, and maybe swords and other non-electronic weapons. Possibly some strategic classes and other skills," Blake guessed.

"Yeah, I hope this stuff is fun. I have to admit it sounds exciting," Nathan said.

"Are you crazy? We could die!" I said "It does sound awesome, and I guess we would probably be less likely to die with training. Of course doing this will make us go into more dangerous situations. So I don't know,"

"A little bit of a self-argument there?" Blake said teasingly "Of course being on the FTA team is better, I am on it. Just kidding, being on the team will be way more fun the sitting around hiding."

"Okay I guess the FTA team will be better. Not because you're on it." I decided.

After 50 minutes of waiting we were all getting anxious, there were five questions I had. What would the training be like? Who was that guy? Was the world really ending? What were the aliens like? Why were they chosen to be in part of the FTA team? It was just all so confusing!

"Five minutes," Bailey said.

In just this hour I had learned a lot about this small group. Nathan was hyper and outgoing, Blake was quite, but not shy. Bailey was a little shy, but not much. Jade was very smart and outgoing.

"It's time for your training," the man said as he came back to the room. We all sat still.

"Well come on let's go," he said.

"We aren't going anywhere until you give us some information." I said.

"Well first of all my name is Dan gnomon, if you come to the training part of it will be giving you more information, the whole training for today is going to be four hours so you will have plenty of time to figure out some information." Dan said. We were all hesitant, and then finally I gave in.

"Okay come on guys," I said as I stood up to follow Dan, then I realized something 'gnomon' was Greek for 'indicator' I don't know why I thought of this it just popped in my head, I hadn't even studied Greek words before, it must be important. Everyone stood up and we followed Dan to figure out what our first training course would be like.

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